November 10, 2021
The Beehive
Issue 15

From The Principal's Desk 
Dear Blossom Hill Families:

A big thanks goes out to Mr. Joanides and our enthusiastic students and staff for participating in the official Guinness World Record Great Kindness Challenge and contributing to the creation of a 100+ mile paperchain of loving links.  These precious links are decorated with individual student messages highlighting the power of love, hope, curiosity, bucket filling, and kindness.  The cardboard links used for the chain were cut from our families’ recycled cereal boxes and then creatively illustrated by students in grades TK-5 using sharpies, crayons, and colored markers/pencils. As you can see, this activity beautifully aligns with our district and school-wide focus on spreading joy and building empathy.
Our loving links were mailed this past weekend to Carlsbad, CA where they will be added to the Guinness World Record paper chain. Not only are we excited about contributing to a world record, but best of all our love links will live on in hospitals, senior centers, and schools memorializing that love and kindness connect us all.
On another note of kindness and generosity, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to the following Super Moms for organizing and serving as volunteers during our first COVID Vaccination Clinic at Blossom Hill.  Great appreciation goes to: Melissa Crow, Ting Engelman, Jennifer Shapiro, Carolina Guerra-Torres, Britany Evans, Irene Wong, Jean Choi, Christy Kersten, Michelle Avlas, and Rachel Pandipati. Our volunteers make our BH world go round.
With joy,
Lisa Reynolds
Principal, Blossom Hill Elementary
Phone: 408.335.2100



  • 11/11 - Veterans Day - No School

  • 11/14 - "Los Gatos United Against Hate" Walk, 2pm (Fisher Middle School to Civic Center)*

  • 11/17 - Kinder Pedestrian Training Classes

  • 11/18 - Make Up Picture Day

  • 11/22-11/26 - Thanksgiving Break - No School
*Scroll down for more details on these events.
**See details above "From the Principal's Desk"


Office Hours: 
7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Thank you One Community LG Supporters!
One Community LG, on behalf of the Blossom Hill Home & School Club and LGEF, thanks the families who have donated to our One Community LG Campaign for the 2021-2022 school year. 

63% of Blossom Hill families have contributed to the One Community LG Campaign, funding school supplies, the principal’s site fund, technology, STEAM programs and supplies, student enrichment, and community building events from the BH Home & School Club and funding counselors as well as art, music, library and PE teachers at Blossom Hill through LGEF.
If you have not yet contributed, please consider contributing at any level as all contributions are welcomed and appreciated. Our goal is 100% parent participation.  You can pledge now if you wish to defer your contribution to a later date, or choose a monthly payment plan.  Also, many companies will match your contribution.  Double the Match lists companies that generously offer matching programs.  

To contribute, please visit One Community LG.  Thank you again for helping to continue our amazing programs and level of excellence at Blossom Hill.  
Blossom Hill Donors to One Community LG
(as of November 7, 2021)
Alipour Family
Amirkhani Family
Amirkhas Family
Anderson Family
Anonymous (21)
Anumula/Battula Family
Ardakani Family
Atout Family
Avlas Family
Bakota Family
Baldueza Family
Bandala Family
Banerjee/Chakravarty Family
Barkhatov Family
Ben and Susan Carter
Bernstein Family
Bertsch Family
Bettcher Family
Billingsley Family
Binkley Family
Blaine Family
Bluestone Family
Borland Familly
Borrelli Family
Bottoms Family
Brahmankar/Deshmukh Family
Brown Family
Carlisle Family
Caruso Family
Cassidy Family
Cates Family
Chan Family
Chang Family
Chase Family
Chen Family
Chen Family
Chen Family
Chen/Li Family
Chintalapoodi Family
Choi Family
Crow Family
Culbert Family
Cummings Family
Dabiri Family
Dahlke Family
Dahlke Family
Davis Family
Decoin Family
Del Prado Garcia Family
Dibble Family
Djordjev Family
Drabkin Family
Duke Family
Dunmire Family
Endweiss Family
Engelman Family
Eric and DeeDee Dunstan
Errecart Family
Escobar Family
Fador Famiy
Fang Family
Farwell Family
Feichtmeir Family
Felice A. Miller
Fletcher Family
Frantz Family
Freed Family
Friberg Family
Fu Family
Gang Li
Garcia Family
Goel Family
Goldenthal Family
Goldsmith Family
Gomez Family
Gomez Family
Gregor Family
Hamsioglu Family
Hancir Family
Hasegawa Family
Helwick Family
Hodjat Family
Howard Famiy
Hsia Family
Hsu Family
Hu Family
Huang Family
Huo Family
Hutchinson Family
Ielceanu Family
Irene and Grant Wong
Isaac Family
Jacob Kok
Jayasinha Family
Jeevunjee Family
Jog Family
Kanungo Family
Kelly Family
Kersten Family
Khazaal Family
Khorshid/Wong Family
Kim & Cortez Family
Kim & Kwon Family
Kim Family
Kiselev Family
Koo Family
Kosior Family
Kumar Family
Kursawe Family
Kwong Family
Lal Family
Law Family
Lee Family
Lee Family
Leitch Family
Lenz Family
Lessley Family
Liang Family
Lin Family
Liu Family
Liu Family
Liu/Chiu Family
Luo Family
Luren Family
Madduri Family
Malhotra Family
Margolis Family
Mayworm Family
Meeske Family
Merz Family
Milivojevic Family
Mohan Family
Moodalbail Family
Moseley Family
Mroczek Family
Muino Family
Murthy Family
Mutlu Family
Nagel-Mermel Family
Nathan Family
Nevill Family
Newman/Wang Family
Nikam Family
Nyland Family
Oh Family
Okuyucu Family
Orozco Family
Pandipati Family
Pang/Torres Family
Park Family
Parrinello Family
Peake Family
Peng Family
Perugini Family
Ping Family
Poulsen Family
Quesada Family
Radityo Family
Rawal Family
Reaugh Family
Rhine Family
Rofer Family
Ross Family
Saban Family
Sagoo/Dhillon Family
Salzer-Swartz Family
Saunders Family
Schmidt Family
Scott & Libby Trevathan
Seeman Family
Shah Family
Shamain & Gudal Family
Shapiro Family
Shaqir Family
Shikano Family
Simondi Family
Smita & Haresh Kripalani
Sommerstad Family
Stefan Family
Stephens Family
Stickle Family
Su Family
Subramanian Family
Suryadarmita Family
Tai Family
Tal Family
Tan Family
Tejada Family
The Paiges
Thompson Family
Thomson Family
Thyen Family
Tiller Family
Tran & Nguyen Family
Tregoning Family
Tseng Family
Tucey Family
Tuuyen Tran
Vieceli Family
Wagadarikar Family
Wang Family
Wei Family
Whitebread Family
Wiersema Family
Willerer Family
Winoto Family
Winslow Family
Wissolik Family
Wodrich Family
Wong Family
Wu Family
Xu Family
Xue Family
Yamini Ghadge
Yang Family
Yang Family
Yap Family
Yip Family
Yoo/Valentine Family
Yu/Zollinger Family
Zafar Family
Zeman Family
Zenteno Family
Zhang Family
Zhu Family
A Successful Chipotle Give Back Night!
Great appreciation goes out to the Blossom Hill families who enjoyed delicious meals from Chipotle on October 20th as part of our Give Back Day. We received $251.74 from Chipotle. Every dollar makes a difference! Thank you to Chipotle for sponsoring this program to benefit our community.
"Hive" Five for Scholastic Book Fair
Our first in-person book fair in 2 years was a huge success thanks to all of you. We achieved our ultimate goal of fostering a love of reading and putting real books in children’s hands. Due to our amazing sales, Mrs. Grespan has already purchased books to replenish and enhance our library. In fact, during the Book Fair, she was often heard discussing books with students and asking what they wanted to find on our shelves. We are also excited to be able to help support classroom collections as well. 
Thank you to all our volunteers: Gloria Acerboni, Jess Arya, Michelle Avlas, Missy Bottoms, Jean Choi, Melissa Crow, Tova Davis, Nicole Duke, Rebecca Escobar, Britany Evans, Ellen Feichtmeir, Cortney Frantz, Savannah French, Kataneh Friberg, Sandy Fu, Galit Goldenthal, Amy Gregor, Kristin Hutchinson, Jennifer Shapiro, Aki Shikano, Jacquie Thyen, Cindy Wang, Kristen Willerer, and Caroline Zamansky! We couldn’t do this without you!
The Home & School Club would also like to thank our Book Fair Co-Chairs, Ting Engelman and Francine Shore, as well as Amy Grespan, for a wonderful Book Fair. We are deeply appreciative of all of the careful planning and preparation that went into providing our families with this treasured event.
"Hive" Fives from the Staff Appreciation Committee
We had a delicious time celebrating our Blossom Hill Staff last week with restaurant-catered luncheons, coffee and treats. Special thanks to Thalia & Tanatcha Swangchaeng, a Blossom Hill family who own Coup de Thai in downtown Los Gatos. They gave us a great deal with a tasty Thai lunch.   
Star bakers, Amanda Caruso and Jean Choi, brought homemade cookies for several days that were enjoyed by all. Food was also enjoyed from local restaurants Pho Spot, Baja Fresh, Buca di Beppo in Campbell, Chick Fil-A and Maple Leaf Donuts. Free coffee from Starbucks, along with free pastries and bagels from Panera Bread and fresh fruit donated by Lunardi’s rounded out the week.
Thank you to all the parents who donated. Those we missed in last week’s Beehive include: Charlotte Fang and the Hamsa Family. We look forward to another week of meals during March conferences.
The Staff Appreciation team, led by Elke Billingsley, Brenda Chiu, and Suzanne Errecart, were out of this world with their decorations and coordination of all of the snacks and lunches. Many, many thanks to these talented moms!
Blossom Hill Kindness Challenge 2021
This year, as part of our Kindness Challenge, we're participating in a Guinness Book of World Record attempt - the Kindness Unites Paperchain.

We are having each child on campus create a simple, quick, yet thoughtful and meaningful "kindness strip" that will be mailed down to Carlsbad, CA for the organizers of this event to assemble. 

But wait, there's more! We don't want to only decorate Carlsbad with kindness. So, each child on campus is making another strip for our Team Kindness to assemble and hang in the MPR as well. The BHS chain should be assembled & hung before the end of the year. We want to make sure and hang it properly, so that it can stay up for the entire year for all to see. 
Support Our Beehive as a Community Sponsor!
Your company can make an incredible difference at Blossom Hill! Join us as a Community Sponsor to fund essential school supplies, teacher supplies, art supplies, technology, instruments, lunchtime programs, assemblies, social and emotional learning, community events, spirit days, enrichment programs and much more. 

Community Sponsors are highlighted throughout the school year. Recognition opportunities include your company logo featured in the Beehive, at The Hive and online through our website and social media - along with many other touch points! 

For more information please visit our website or contact our Community Sponsors Coordinator Trista Bernstein.  

Together we can help our Hive thrive
"Los Gatos Stands United Against Hate" Walk
Eighteen organizations in Los Gatos, with more adding daily, are partnering with the town to host Los Gatos Stands UNITED Against Hate Walk on Sunday, November 14 at 2pm. The walk begins at Fisher Middle School and ends at the Civic Center lawn. All are invited to create posters, and to discuss with classmates, neighbors and coworkers why they are participating and how their participation is part of creating an inclusive, respectful community in Los Gatos. When we work together against discrimination and hateful words, we can restore civil discourse and embrace the strength of our diversity. Posters and additional information can be found online at and also at the Chamber of Commerce at 10 Station Way, Los Gatos. Spread the word, and plan to participate--rain or shine!
Safe Routes 2 School Opportunity
Community Sponsor Spotlight
The Home & School would like to thank this week's Spotlight Community Sponsor, Kumon Math & Reading Center Los Gatos. We are greatly appreciative of Kumon's continued support of our community. If you would like to become a Community Sponsor, please contact Trista Bernstein at
Blossom Hill Vision Statement 
(Abilities and skills we expect our students to acquire and take-out into the world) 
All students will have the necessary skills to become enthusiastic, life-long learners and productive, empathetic, respectful members of society. 
Blossom Hill Mission Statement 
(What we need to do as a school community to ensure this happens) 
The Blossom Hill School community takes pride in providing an enriched standards-based curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment. We strive to appreciate an awareness of students’ developmental needs to help them progress towards independence. 
Blossom Hill Elementary School
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Blossom Hill Home & School Club
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