April 28, 2021
The Beehive
Issue 34

From the Principal's Desk 
Dear Blossom Hill Families,

It has been a wonderful week on campus and many 1st grade students have enjoyed the extended lunch and play time, along with a surprise visit by our mascot Bumble.  

Grade 2-5 Parents, please mark your calendars now! The lunch period will run from 12:30 to 1:15 P.M. and ALL Roomers and Zoomers are invited to participate. Each classroom cohort will be assigned a space to eat (socially distanced) and play. Cohorts will not mix at all during this time.

Below are the dates for the remaining extended day lunch periods:

Grade 1
April 29 & 30
First grade Electives will begin at 1:45 on these dates.
There is not a lunch date on Wednesday, April 28th.                

Grade 2
May 3, 4, 6, 7
Second grade Electives will begin at 1:45 on these dates.
There is not a lunch date on Wednesday, May 5th. 
Grade 3
May 10, 11, 13, 14
Third grade Electives will begin at 1:45 on these dates. 
There is not a lunch date on Wednesday, May 12th. 
Grade 4
May 17, 18, 20, 21
Fourth grade Electives will begin at 1:45 on these dates. 
There is a not a lunch date on Wednesday, May 19th.
Grade 5
May 24, 25, 27, 28
Fifth grade Electives will begin at 1:45 on these dates. 
There is not a lunch date on Wednesday, May 26th. 
An invitation to participate in this special lunchtime opportunity will be emailed to you the Friday prior to the week’s event by Mrs. Sheehan.

For Zoomers who would like to participate, please plan to enter the campus at 12:30 through the main office gate where you can complete the Student Health Check form and have your temperature taken.  

At the conclusion of the lunch period, you may pick up your student at their designated grade level gate at 1:15.  

If you have any questions, please let me know.

I would also like to remind you of the Student Internet Use Contract that is agreed to by families each school year. It is very important that students follow these guidelines when utilizing Internet resources to help keep students safe and focused on school activities. Please review the Student Internet Use Contract to help build clarity about the expected student behaviors while on the Internet. Together, we can help our students make good decisions and build an understanding of digital citizenship.
In education together, 
Lisa Reynolds
Principal, Blossom Hill School
Phone: 408.335.2100



  • 4/28 - Panda Express Give Back Day*

  • 4/29 - School Site Council (SSC), 2:45-3:45pm (online)

  • 4/29 - Interactive Parent Conversations , 5:30-6:30pm (online)*

  • 5/4 - Firenza Give Back Day (details to come)

  • 5/5 - H&SC Board Meeting, 9-10:30am (online)

  • 5/5 - Bike to School Day*

  • 5/6 - Firenza Give Back Day

  • 5/6 - Interactive Parent Conversations , 5:30-6:30pm (online)*
*Scroll down for more details on these events.
**See details above "From the Principal's Desk"


Office Hours: 
7:30 am - 4 pm

Blossom Hill Good News
Need some good news? Each week, check out the Wednesday morning announcements (found in your child's Google Classroom). Enjoy Mrs. Adams' special Blossom Hill song, fifth-graders leading the Pledge and telling the "buzz" at Blossom Hill, important messages from Mrs. Reynolds, and funny jokes from our friends. The Blossom Hill Good News will put a smile on your face.
Panda Express Give Back Day is Today!
Get Involved!
The Blossom Hill Home & School Club is looking for adult volunteers who can share their talents and skills with our community. Sharing your time and talents will enhance student education, strengthen our community, and help bring activities and events to life during the 2021-2022 school year. Volunteer opportunities can fit your schedule and can be performed at home or on campus. Take our adult volunteer survey here and we’ll help you find the best opportunity for your schedule and interests. Please also feel free to email Melissa Crow at [email protected] to learn more.
Willow Street and Main Street Burger Give Back Day
Great appreciation goes out to the Blossom Hill families who enjoyed delicious meals from Willow Street and Main Street Burgers on March 31st as part of our Give Back Day. We received $96.83 from Willow Street and $28.47 from Main Street Burger for a total of $125.30. Every dollar makes a difference! Thank you to Willow Street and Main Street Burger for running this program to benefit our community.
No-Cost Giving Update
Thank you to all of the Blossom Hill families who have taken advantage of our No-Cost Giving opportunities, and thank you to the companies who support the Blossom Hill Home & School Club.

This quarter we have received:
$52.70 from Box Tops for Education
$149.00 from Farm Fresh to You
$379.13 from Amazon Smile

This school year, the Home & School Club has earned $1967.30 through No-Cost Giving programs.
Student COVID Testing Schedule
Beginning April 19 through May 21, random student clinics will be held at each site for at least one class per site per week (with three classes-one per grade-at Fisher). 
The selected classes will be notified the week prior to their testing time to allow for families to plan for this opportunity. 
Food Service Reminders - Grab-n-Go Lunches
1) Grab-n-Go lunches are available for all students (Roomers and Zoomers) at each Blossom Hill campus exit gate from 12:15-12:45 pm Monday to Friday. The tables are marked by menu item and students can grab a breakfast/snack/lunch to eat at home. These meals are complimentary for all students.  

2) Complimentary meals are also available for drive-through pick up at Fisher. The hours for the drive-thru have changed slightly and will be open from 11:30 am-1:00 pm daily Monday to Friday.

3) For any special dietary needs contact Lupe Pena directly at [email protected].

4) We will publish the menu and meal schedule weekly on Wednesdays so that you may plan ahead.
New Student Registration 2021-2022
Spread the Word!
Student registration for the 2021-2022 school year is now open online for grades TK-5. Please go to lgusd.org and click on the Registration link for full instructions.
If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].
Project Cornerstone
Lesson #5 - The Dot
Theme: Try Something New—
Give Yourself Room to Grow 

Social and Emotional Learning (Self-Awareness) 
This book focuses on the development of a growth mindset. Frustrated Vashti gains confidence when encouraged by her teacher to dare to try to draw. By the end of the story, her newly developed confidence empowers her to speak up and support her fellow classmate to have a growth mindset

Youth may need encouragement and practice at engaging in new experiences. Vashti’s story reminds us that youth will listen and participate when we initiate the conversation to experience something new. 
The goals for this lesson are to:
  • Use a growth mindset to discover and explore new things
  • Empower students to provide support and encouragement to their peers, family, and community.
  • Help students discover and explore their interests, dreams, passions, etc.

The following questions go along with the Cornerstone video:

Pause 1: 
1. Look at Vashti’s face. How is she feeling? (really frustrated that she can’t draw, not going to try)
2. Why do you think the teacher said, “Ah, a polar bear in a snowstorm?” (She wanted to help Vashti calm down, lighten up, not take it so seriously.)
3. Why do you think Vashti’s not willing to try? (She thinks she can’t draw, she doesn’t want to fail, she’s afraid to try.)
4. Notice that Vashti’s statement, “I just can’t draw,” is a fixed mindset.  

Pause 2: 
5. Why do you think the teacher had Vashti sign her dot paper? (She was trying to encourage her, she wanted her to see that she can draw something.)
6. How do you think Vashti felt when she saw her art on display? Why? (Surprised, embarrassed, proud, questioning; student reasons will vary.) 

Pause 3: 
7. What does Vashti say that makes you think she might change her mindset about her art? (When she says, “Hmmph! I can make a better dot than THAT!”) 
8. How do you think Vashti’s feeling about her art now? Why? (Determined, proud, successful; she’s experimenting/trying new things, etc.
Pause 4: 
9. What does Vashti say that lets you know her fixed mindset is now a growth mindset? (“I bet you can.”
10. What do you think she is going to tell the little boy? (Predictions will vary, help students to understand that Vashti’s growth mindset will enable her to become the encourager.) 
Jokes Needed for Blossom Hill Good News
Does your child have a funny (or punny) joke that he/she would like to share with the Blossom Hill community in the Wednesday morning announcements? If they do, please share your jokes with Mrs. Sheehan on her padlet:
Blossom Hill Masks for Sale
Need more masks for in person instruction? We've got you covered. Please be sure to write your child's name and classroom number on the label inside the mask, as all masks do look alike. Let's all "bee" safe and "bee" healthy.
Blossom Hill Vision Statement 
(Abilities and skills we expect our students to acquire and take-out into the world) 
All students will have the necessary skills to become enthusiastic, life-long learners and productive, empathetic, respectful members of society. 
Blossom Hill Mission Statement 
(What we need to do as a school community to ensure this happens) 
The Blossom Hill School community takes pride in providing an enriched standards-based curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment. We strive to appreciate an awareness of students’ developmental needs to help them progress towards independence. 
Blossom Hill Elementary School
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Blossom Hill Home & School Club
Jennifer Shapiro, President | [email protected]  
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