Ideally, breakfast should blend of all three macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats.

Top 4 Reasons You NEED a Personal Trainer

In our country, lucky for us, exercise is a lot like eating.  When you decide you're ready to do it, there are a ton of options at your disposal.  DIY at home, or pay to do it elsewhere?  Fast or leisurely?  Asian or American?  Comfortable or challenging?  Calm and mellow, or spicy with a kick?  

And with exercise, sometimes the fact that there are so many options can be our downfall; between Pilates, yoga, running, weight-lifting, or dancing, it can be really, really hard to know just which type is the best for you.  In the end you could not decide on anything, and thus not exercising.

At Fitness Together, we believe that working with one of our personal trainers is the best way to fast-track yourself to workout success.  It truly is the one-method-fits-all approach to good health.  How can we make such a bold claim?  Aside from the success stories of our clients, studies that discuss the benefits of using a personal trainer, and our own passion and knowledge, we have an additional four very good
reasons, in case you're still on the fence.
  1. Be there or be square.  You've told us you'll be here, you're paying to be here, and gosh darn it, you'll be here.  You're likely to feel a higher sense of accountability when working with a trainer than when you promise yourself that you'll exercise more often, or your buddy that you two will "go for an evening jog sometime."  Not only that, but if you have a trainer checking in on your progress, you're more likely to get in those workouts in between appointments, too. 
  2. Finicky fitness.  At Fitness Together, we get the quandary of not knowing which exercise to pursue.  We also understand that even if you decide one day that you're a fan of swimming, one day in the near future might find you longing for dry-land exercise.  This mind-changing is not only common, it's also perfectly acceptable.  After all - how can you know what YOUR favorite exercise is going to be unless you try out a few?  Your FT trainer can help you get conditioned and strengthened for whatever activity is lighting your fire at the moment.  Want to run a 10k?  Go to a yoga retreat?  Finally beat your brother at a game of one-on-one?  Clue in your trainer, and get ready to get READY.
  4. The outcome, minus the ouch.  Sure, you can lift and sweat on your own, but one wrong technique, compounded by months of repetition, can lead to serious strain or injury.  Already struggling with a bad knee or shoulder?  Your trainer might be able to identify ways to strengthen various areas to alleviate or relieve your pain.  They can spot incorrect techniques or imbalances in posture, and work with you to correct them.
  5. The mystery revealed.  Is it just us, or does the definition of "healthy" seem to fluctuate faster than the stock market?  With food and exercise, there are endless theories and opinions and studies that flood the news and social media, leaving a wannabe health nut confused and frustrated.  Working with a Fitness Together trainer can help take the guesswork out of your health.  By simply letting us know your goals, we can work with you to
     develop a personalized exercise and eating plan.  This, by the way, gives you a much higher chance of success than reading up on the latest diet trends and fads online.  Really.

Our  Trainers  are here to help!  Our Philosophy
Time to put one in...You deserve a high five!

Terry Rice, FT Blog
The Beginner's Guide to Clean Eating 
BY    Kristen Domonell

"Don't eat anything your great-great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food," writer and activist Michael Pollan has famously advised. This guideline is the basic premise for clean eating, one of the most talked about diets right now. But the diet, which is all about choosing foods raised, grown and sold with minimal processing, is less about dieting, and more about going back to the basics, in an effort to stave off disease and promote a healthy weight. Here are four ways you can make your great-great-grandma proud.

1. Choose whole foods.

The most important principle of clean eating is to eat foods in their most natural state. That means opting for sprouted wheat over white bread, oranges over orange juice (fresh-squeezed is OK). And meat that lists "mechanically separated chicken" on its shrink-wrapped label? That's unsurprisingly out, too.

The hunt for whole foods has a proven upside, though. Research shows diets high in fiber from foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains can reduce inflammation linked to a slew of chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, all while helping regulate your weight.

2. Keep it local.

Processed food in the U.S. often travels more than 1,300 miles to reach consumers, and produce can sometime travel up to 1,500 miles, or more. This means your food could be on a truck for up to two weeks before it reaches your plate. Buying local produce not only reduces your carbon footprint, it helps ensure you're getting the most nutritional bang for your buck. All that extra time food spends on a truck can cause nutrients, like vitamin C, to oxidize and diminish.

One study found that after four weeks, the level of vitamin C in orange juice went from 27 to 65 mg/c (milligrams per cup) down to just 0 to 25 mg/c, and researchers believe the same applies for whole fruits and vegetables. Plus, buying locally grown produce ensures you're getting foods that are in season, which tend to taste fresher. When your food tastes better naturally, you don't have to manipulate it with all that salt, sugar and fat.

3. Read labels.

Let's face it, when you're busier than ever, the vending machine is sometimes the only option to keep your stomach from grumbling over your boss' voice. But when it comes to convenience foods, always read nutrition labels to ensure what you're buying is made with natural ingredients, not chemicals. Zero in on (and do your best to avoid!) packaged foods that contain added sugars, artificial food coloring, preservatives and chemicals. And don't overlook artificial sweeteners. New research suggests they can disrupt your metabolism. The artificial stuff might also affect your body's ability to process real sugars, which could set your weight loss goals off track.

4. Conquer the kitchen.

Think eating clean is too costly or labor-intensive? If you have your kitchen properly stocked with ingredients, you can whip up a healthy meal in the time it would take to order takeout. You'll probably save money, too. Not to mention, you're more likely to be eating over-processed, higher-calorie foods if you eat out.

While preparing your own clean meals might take some getting used to, all you need is a little knowledge up front about nutrition and finding the right foods. 
Workout of the week 30 seconds of work 
15 seconds rest

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1. Greek yogurt parfaits

3. Snack bar
4. Paleo crackers and nut butter 

5. Bananas (or other fruit)

6. Nuts
7. Crackers and hummus

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