Volume 1 | Issue 1 | April 2019
We are so excited to keep you informed with our new quarterly newsletter. Our goal is to share with you, our community, how we are fulfilling our mission of providing access to opportunity , connection to community and hope for the future for children in Northeast Ohio. For more on what community means to us, please check out our Dream Support Specialist, Paula’s insights on community.
On Behalf of our Dreamers, Staff, and Board,
THANK YOU for all your support!
Katie C. Eichenauer, MSSA, LISW-S
Executive Director
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Insights on the Dream Community
by Paula Vocila, Dream Support Specialist

After a year working for Believe in Dreams, I find one persistent theme: community.

I used to think of "community" as the town where I grew up, the neighbors who shared tomatoes and peppers from their gardens, the studio where I took dance lessons or the playground where my best friend broke her arm. As I grew up, however, I became less involved with my "community", although it was always there to revisit if I felt nostalgic.

This past year my definition of community evolved. It is not necessarily a place, but more of a feeling of belonging to a group, much like Believe in Dreams, with infinite sources of support on many levels. Our fundraising events feel like celebratory family gatherings. Our presentations with potential nominating providers are like catching up with my favorite high school teachers or counselors. Working with our Executive Director, Katie Eichenauer (pictured above, with me at last year's golf outing), is like learning from a big sister. Tasks or projects that I feel are out of my comfort zone become manageable when the words "I believe in you" are stamped on the post-it notes sitting on my desk.

You are our Believe in Dreams Community. A sense of community is something we strive to deliver to the children we serve, our "Dreamers". The greatest gift we can give each dreamer is the intuitive feeling of belonging and support. After a Dreamer's trip to an amusement park or baseball game, or the completion of horseback riding lessons or gymnastics classes, we hope joyful memories remain, but more impactfully, the realization that there is a community of support to help build them up. We couldn’t do it without all of your support.

Thank you for being a part of our community and making our foundation stronger.
Suzanne Singerman, Dream Shopper

What made you decide to become a volunteer for Believe in Dreams?
In short, the mission of the organization! I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in some of the fundraisers and events for Believe In Dreams. During that time, I approached Eddie about volunteering. He shared that there was a need for a volunteer to help purchase items for the children's dreams. I was thrilled and honored to be a volunteer "dream shopper"! I can contribute to fulfilling a child's dream, and I get to shop!

What do you like best about volunteering as a Dream Shopper?
The small part that I play in helping to create an impactful dream! I am given a shopping list based on the children's dreams, and I have the ability to enhance the dreams with a bit extra. This is sometimes with something as simple as gift wrapping, just to make the presentation more special!

Do you have any advice for someone considering volunteering?
Yes, just do it! Find the time to volunteer! And as it relates to Believe In Dreams, there are many ways to get involved. This organization touches the lives of children in unbelievable and impactful ways. It is one of the most satisfying and meaningful things that I do with my time!
Did you know Believe in Dreams provides up to 5 community partner dreams each year?

Believe in Dreams has worked with over 25 amazing nominating partner organizations and we are adding more all the time. Our nominating partners are the first link in the Dream Fulfillment process by connecting the resilient children they work with to a Dream experience. We are so grateful to partner with these local organizations and schools working to build up the youth of Northeast Ohio. One of our priorities is to assist these community partners in filling gaps that their traditional program funding may not cover. One of these wonderful organizations who were recipients of a 2018 community partner dream is Esperanza. To learn more about Esperanza, visit their website at www.esperanzainc.org .

If your organization is interested in becoming a nominating community partner, please contact katie@believeindreams.org .
A special thank you to all who attended the Night of Dreams
Gala & Auction
On February 2, 2019, Believe in Dreams held its first Gala & Auction at The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland. Thank you to all our guests and volunteers who supported Believe in Dreams at this event. Your generosity will help us make so many dreams come true.
4th Annual Golf Outing, Dinner,
Live & Silent Auction
Barrington Golf Club
5k Race in Memory of Stacy DiJulius & Annual Dreamer Alumni Event
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Event Details Coming Soon!
Adatasol, The DiJulius Group, Insivia, John Robert's Spa

Alicat Fishing Team-Tom & Alison Beckmeyer, Coit Cleaning & Restoration Services,
Dan Richards, Dave Potts Sr. & Family, Eddie & Kathy Cheyfitz, Gene Roberts & Family,
John R. DiJulius III, Marc Blaushild-Famous Enterprises, Mastrantoni Family Foundation, Talent Launch

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