The Benefits of an Anabolic Culture
Marty McCarthy, CPA, CCIFP
Focused on You. Dedicated to Your Success.
June 25, 2018

An anabolic (constructive, rejuvenating, and sustainable) company has clearly stated values that employees buy into and understand at a personal level. Employees know their purpose, value, and how their work contributes to the success of the business.

Company leaders know that open and frequent communication provides clarity, reduces uncertainty and confusion, and provides assurance and confidence to employees. An anabolic organization presumes that great ideas and solutions can come from anywhere in the company, regardless of an employee’s role or experience. Leaders encourage participation in decision making, challenges to status quo, and taking the initiative to make recommendations. Leaders in an anabolic company know that they must adapt and change to be competitive.

In an anabolic culture, everyone works together to:
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Intuitively listen to deliver appropriate solutions
  • Seek innovation in service offerings
  • Pay attention to details (desire for excellence)
  • Commit to completing assignments (going the extra mile)
  • Communicate willingly and effectively with others
  • Demonstrate personal/professional improvement
  • Proactively problem-solve and/or resolve conflict
  • Look forward to coming to work every day (contagious energy)

Transformation requires a conscious change in accountability, collaboration, motivation and, most of all, employee engagement. When all these elements align, your company will be operating at an anabolic level and living for its core values.

Engaged leaders and employees are passionate about their contribution to the overall success of the company. Employees understand how to align their personal goals with the company’s purpose, vision, and mission. Teams discover the power of collaboration. Everyone works together for the success of the team instead of themselves. As a result, both your company and employees will benefit. Profitability, productivity, quality, as well as employee and customer satisfaction, will dramatically improve.
Martin C. McCarthy, CPA, CCIFP
Managing Partner
McCarthy & Company, PC

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