2018 Project of the Year Finalists Named
ABC Biogas Industry Awards and Dinner | October 16
Today, the American Biogas Council announced the 2018 finalists for the biogas industry's Project of the Year Awards. These finalists each offer a unique example of how innovative approaches, technologies, or partnerships with biogas systems can create new investments and jobs while protecting our air, water and soil and producing renewable energy and soil products. Winners will be announced at the ABC Biogas Industry Awards & Dinner Tuesday, October 16 at BioCycle REFOR18 in Raleigh, NC. A few tickets are still available. 
CR&R Anaerobic Digester Facility | Perris, CA
ABC Members: CR&R Incorporated, Eisenmann, Greenlane Biogas
The CR&R Anaerobic Digestion Facility was born out of a vision for CR&R to comprehensively solve the organics recycling needs of its some 3.5 million residential municipal solid waste customers in Southern California. The facility anaerobically digests the yard waste and food scraps from its contracted residential collection routes which produces Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and high quality soil products. The project’s first two phases are fully operational and producing RNG that fuels CR&R’s collection fleet of about 450 CNG vehicles. The project produces and injects 99 percent plus, pure Biomethane into the SoCalGas pipeline that enables optimal RNG fuel portability. View Project Profile <<

Edaleen Cow Power | Lynden, WA
ABC Members: Regenis, DVO, Inc., Dresser-Rand/Guascor
Edaleen Dairy is an 1,800 wet-cow dairy in Northwest Washington State. Their scraped-manure is pumped to a DVO mesophilic mixed plug-flow digester that practices limited co-digestion with off-farm organics (<5% volume). Effluent is sent to a GEA/Houle separator and then a DVO modified DAF separator for recovery of coarse and fine solids and production of a thin tea-liquid. Coarse fiber is used as cow bedding/soil amendment, DAF solids and teas water are field applied. Biogas is utilized in a Dresser-Rand Guascor engine/generator set packaged by Martin Energy Group for production of grid electricity. Regenis supplied construction and on-going operations. View Project Profile <<

FPE Renewables | Lynden, WA
ABC Members: Regenis, DVO, Inc., Dresser-Rand/Guascor
The FPE Renewables project was installed in 2004 and was the first farm-based anaerobic digester in Washington State and one of the first US farm-based digesters to secure carbon credits as well as successfully demonstrate a notable co-digestion, tipping-fee model. The facility has had a notable partnership with Washington State University, producing multiple publications, extension documents, transparent financial/business plans, and field days. It has also served as a test-bed for numerous emerging technologies like ammonia stripping and value-added upgrading of fiber to peat moss replacement. Now entering its 14th year of operation, the project is a poster-child for successful US farm-based AD, having had a 13-year historical 100% digester run time until just this last year when upgrades to its roof were completed. Engine up-time during the last 5-years, with the newly installed larger engine set is at an impressive 97.7%. View Project Profile <<

LGVSD Biogas Recovery System | San Rafael, CA
ABC Members: Tetra Tech, Unison Solutions
The Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District developed a Biogas Energy Recovery system (BERS) facility at the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District (LGVSD) wastewater treatment plant, located in San Rafael, California. The District requested the design for the pre-commercial BERS to recover 100 percent of the methane produced from anaerobic digestion of wastewater sludge and condition it for on-site combined heat and power (CHP) generation and transportation fuel use. The system design includes the integration of a BioCNG gas conditioning system, microburbines, hydronic boiler, and renewable natural gas fueling station to achieve 100 percent utilization of the conditioned digester gas, and to generate power for the WWTP, as well as provide a heating source for the digester sludge. The District received several grants through the California Energy Commission and the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority. This included receiving $999,000 in California Energy Commission funding for the project. View Project Profile <<

LimeLakes | Barberton, OH
ABC Member: quasar energy group
The LimeLakes digester, built at the PPG LimeLakes Reclaimation Project; supports the land reclamation work which has been on-going by PPG for many years to bring glass making spoils back to a condition where the soil can support ground covers (grass, trees, etc.) PPG glass making spoils had resulted in hundreds of acres of land adjacent to their plant as non-arable. To bring the soil back to support grasses, biosolids are blended into the soils. With the digester, this process was able to be accelerated. View Project Profile <<

Opequon Water Reclamation Plant - Green Energy Facility | Winchester, VA
ABC Member: Unison Solutions
Frederick Winchester Service Authority is a utility serving the City of Winchester and Frederick County, VA. The green energy facility was completed in January 2017 to anaerobically digest municipal biosolids and trucked in organic waste. The Authority hired ESG to design and construct the facility under a performance contract which included guarantees for energy savings and new revenue. Additional work included aeration and dewatering improvements, and a struvite recovery process to reduce phosphors in the effluent and produce a renewable fertilizer. The plant is net-zero 80% of the year. View Project Profile <<

Optima KV | Kenansville, NC
ABC Members: Cavanaugh & Associates, Unison Solutions
In May 2016, Optima KV obtained an agreement with Duke Energy who will use the gas generated at 5 contiguous swine farms (directed biogas) at existing combined cycle plants, which will help Duke Energy satisfy the agricultural RPS requirement in the state. North Carolina is one of many states in the U.S. with a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, but the only one with a specific requirement for a portion of the renewable energy requirement dedicated to the derivation of energy from swine farming and poultry farming wastes. View Project Profile <<

Warrior Project | Dodge City, KS
ABC Member: City of Dodge City
The City's WWTP has been producing raw biogas since the plant went on line in 1982. In the mid 1990's the anaerobic lagoons were covered and any raw gas produced was flared. Proposals were requested to utilize the gas in 2014. In March 2016, two years after first requesting proposals for biogas reuse, the City of Dodge City selected Eco-Engineers to spearhead the project. During that same month Jacobs agreed to operate the Warrior Biogas Reuse Project. Unfortunately, a final agreement could not be made with Eco-Engineers due to guarantee issues the City cut ties and decided to take on the project on its own. The City selected the team above to construct and operate the Warrior Biogas Project. The raw gas is cleaned to pipeline quality and injected into a northern Natural Gas Pipeline. View Project Profile <<

Zanesville Energy | Maysville, OH
ABC Member: quasar energy group
This rural merchant digester was built on the site of an abandoned cement plant, serves as a regional alternative waste management technology, currently constructing medical marijuana growing and processing facility on the same site, the new facility will be using electricity produced by the digester to provide some of the load required by the plant (this is the only growing facility we know of who has a renewable energy source for electricity. View Project Profile <<
Of these eight projects, four will receive a Project of the Year Award at the ABC Biogas Industry Awards Dinner . Along with the Project of the Year awards, one technology will be awarded an Innovation of the Year award and projects that have been in continuous operation for 5+ and 10+ years will receive a certificate and award, respectively. New this year, the judges have decided to recognize projects that have helped grow the industry by opening their doors to legislators and fellow industry members for the purpose of education with the Hospitality Award.
The winners will be announced at the ABC Biogas Industry Awards Dinner. Make sure to buy your tickets now >>
ABC Biogas Industry Awards Dinner
Tuesday, October 16,
6:30 - 9:30 PM