It's Tuesday. Giving Tuesday.
December 3rd, 2019 marks the 7th year of the GivingTuesday campaign in Canada. This time we have decided to join the movement. Keep an eye on your inbox and social media for more information. And get ready to share!

We All Come From Somewhere

We all want to be heard and understood. We all want to feel welcomed. We are all newcomers at one point in our life. And every new beginning brings the potential of growth and positive change.

That's a wrap!

Our newest bike programs have enabled us to reach more newcomers outside of the City of Toronto. One rider at the time, we are helping build cycling culture, from Markham to Mississauga, and beyond!

Summer's over but Nai continues

The Summer Musical Storytelling Adventure at Eatonville Library led to a more permanent location in the same neighborhood. Nai will now offer music programming from Eatonville Care Centre.

PA Day at the ROM

What are kids to do during PA Days? For one group of high school students, the answer was: visit the ROM. This was made possible by one of our SWIS workers, and thanks to our partnership with ROMCAN.

First Time Canoeing

Canoeing doesn't only allow youth to socialize in a team environment and build motor skills, it also keeps them away from their phones for a while. Start paddling!

Cybersecurity Training Program

From Canadian career development to preparation for the CSX designation, with many opportunities to connect industry leaders in between.

Workshops, Training Programs, Networking Sessions and other Events updated weekly.