The Best Fly Fishing Book in Years- The announcement from the ANGLING TRADE MAGAZINE. May-21-2020

Is called “Jungle Blues” and it’s written by Stu Tripney, owner of Stu’s Superior Flies in Athol, New Zealand. Stu needs help getting the project to the finish line and has asked us to share  this kickstarter link.  
I’ve read the book, and I think it’s some of the most compelling “adventure angling” writing out there—and that’s been my bailiwick for years. I think this fresh perspective will transcend to American anglers, especially if you help get it in front of them.

Hi Guys
Recently I received some of the biggest and most humbling words about my book Jungle Blues Vol-3 from the Angling Trade Magazine which basically floored me, big time.

So I have included it in this news letter and also on the funding page I have been doing up dates with interesting stories that are not in the book ,though all happened in the adventure. I have also included them in this news letter. If you want to keep up with the updates visit the updates section on the crowd funding page to keep up with insights and fun.

We are so close thanks to all that have helped so far. If crowd funding is not your thing, I do understand and if you wish a copy of this book.
You will be able to purchase a copy from my web site only and only after all the people that have backed it have received their special copies and promised rewards.

The reason I am doing this the self publishing route and also the hard way as such, is that every publisher I talked too, either did not reply, not interested or wanted to control everything from the cover and content etc.
I quickly realized that the process and book would not be as creative as I wished, plus this book is not for financial gain, and I wanted to work with the creative people that I wished. So rather than give up, onward I marched with my hand picked team and they are all awesome creative folks.

Just like my fly designs,services I wanted top quality and something cool and that I would be proud of and all the people that i know and support me. I don't ask for much. eh!

Stu & Trigger

To write the book and capture the adventure I spent three months in the area. This is not a went for a day or week or two story. You can see the steep banking's of the surrounding Jungle once, In the boat you were pretty much stuck on the water. In this photo I'm sheltering from the midday heat and writing what would become JUNGLE BLUES vol-3.
 I knew I had to write it, as it all unfolded, writing from memory would not capture the real adventure, It was now or never. This was my home/office, you can also see that I'm unwashed, surround by random plastic containers filled with fuel, with plastic bags helping seal them. Maybe! not the safest office in the extreme heat.
Thank you all so far for getting the funding this far, keep spreading the word, let's do it.
I'll keep all you amazing backers updated with some interesting facts and stuff, that are not in the book, that have been edited out or forgotten.
Thank you all for pledging.
Stu & Trigger :)

Here are some more stories for all you kind lovely backers, that are not found in JUNGLE BLUES Vol-3.  In the past when I have gone away for months over the years to be creative, many people don't know how it works, think it's all glitz and glamor. To be honest it's all about being able to survive as long as possible on what we say "an oily rag".
When we were on the lake there was no shops. All the fuel and food had to be brought along and, that would most of time, limit how long we could stay out for. One other factor in the stopping of the adventure was mechanical breakdowns and sickness. 
 Right near the end of the trip when I was there on my own for a few weeks. I got very seriously sick and was stuck, laying like a corpse in my hammock on an island for three days and nights and did not even have the energy to get into the boat to get help as I knew no one in the world actually knew where I was, Paul was in the UK.
 The sickness was so bad, It became all about just concentrating on staying alive and then getting help. Luckily I had water from the lake, though could not boil it as I had no energy to even start a fire let alone strike a match. On the forth morning I managed to drag my camping gear into the boat, get out of there, get help. For reason's this was not of interest to the editor's of JUNGLE BLUES which just shows how much get material they have had to work with, near death becomes irrelevant.
More to come for you all soon. Share it all on your social media please, it all helps. :)
Stu & Trigger

No fish or animals died in the writing of JUNGLE BLUES Vol-3

 Here is some more interesting bits that are not in the book, have been forgotten about or edited out. Just think what in it ! :)
Tropical storms nearly every week would arrive, sometimes it got pretty dangerous being stuck out there on such a fast lake and net work of channels. I would seek shelter if possible and other times would just sit there in the boat for hours bailing it out with a cut down old plastic bottle, doing my best to keep it floating. In a heavy tropical storm the boat could fill up very quickly with water and that would be the end of the adventure if the boat sank.
One time I decided to escape, set sail, find shelter and got myself lost and it was getting dark. Eventually I found the only resort on the lake way up north 20 klm from where I had been and managed to sleep on top of the pool table in the closed bar area though got eaten alive by mosquitoes. It was way better feeling safe and not drowning.
 I also lost my expensive camera to the storm water and at the same time my laptop everything got soaked even the inside of dry bags!. It was a costly storm for me and I had to replace my electronics to record the adventure properly. I had to borrow some more funds from my bank, replace the camera body and luckily get the laptop half fixed in the nearest city three hours away. I say half fixed, because as soon as I got back to New Zealand the laptop sadly died.
Thank you all for the support getting closer to the goal, though please keep spreading the word. :)
More updates for you backers to come :)
Stu & Trigger