Let's Talk About Your Plan
One of the best gifts you can give this season…

The holiday season is upon us and everyone is overwhelmed with buying the perfect gift for one another. Traditionally not many people associate the holidays with Estate Planning but, as you get older, you realize that the best gifts are the ones that are genuine in nature. Creating an Estate Plan, or updating documents you all ready have , and sharing it with loved ones is a truly selfless gift. A good Estate Plan could decrease your family’s stress not only through the holidays but throughout the year. 
So proud of our community youth.
There are many wonderful fundraisers for charities throughout the year.
Christmas By the Sea is one of those special moments that we can see what the area youth are raising money for. There are service and exchange trips, civil rights groups, athletic groups, food bank and humane society collections. There is a new group at the High School, the Women's Student Organization. My daughter, Hope Bifulco is in this group. They are fundraising for New Hope for Women . The group has adopted a family for Christmas and is raising money to purchase a wish list of items.
We are so proud that the school encourages our youth to engage in community outreach.
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