Rocky Bay Equine Newsletter, December 2017
The Gift of a Lifetime

One gift that is not always planned and takes a lifetime to appreciate is the gift of companionship. No one knows this better than Dr. Weeks and company. Rocky Bay Equine is all about honoring the human-animal bond, especially when it’s time to facilitate difficult transitions. As a result, Robin says “I have the distinct privilege of hearing your stories when I paint small keepsake portraits of animal friends who have passed on. My job is to paint a memory as much as a likeness of your companions and so I pepper you with questions. I want to know what’s not in the snapshots you send. I want to know what is special about the gift of companionship you have with your animals. The paintings may look more or less like the friends you knew but the most important thing is that they reinforce the gift of memory.”

Here’s just one of the many client stories that demonstrates how lasting and profound the relationship is with our animal companions;

I received “Nike” when I was 16 years old, he was almost 3. He lived at the Arabian breeding farm where I worked and was a favorite, but he was sold and I knew I’d better not get too attached. Later, on a Christmas morning, tucked into a pile of presents I found an envelope with my name on it. Inside was a photo of Nike and a note; “Will you promise to love me for ever and ever and ever?” He was mine! Over the next years we trained and worked together at shows and 4H and FFA events, learning as a team. He was my best friend. Life moved on with other responsibilities including the next generation of children. Nike loved my kids. He would rock their car seats while I cleaned his stall. Eventually my girls could ride him on their own, they were always safe with him. Later, Nike was diagnosed with Cushings disease. We controlled his symptoms with medication, but knew that each day with him was precious. He continued to befriend everyone, helping people build confidence with horses and bringing joy to the children. Eventually his health and quality of life deteriorated and it was time to do him one last favor for all the times he’d been there for me. He was an amazing horse that will never be forgotten.  

They say that “memories are like roses in winter”. May you enjoy a bouquet of good memories gifted by your animal companions during this season of remembrance. Best wishes for a blessed new year from everyone at Rocky Bay Equine!



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