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15 November, 2020

The Best Salespeople Are The Best Storytellers
People remember stories!
I bet you were lulled to sleep as a child with a great story told by your parents. Or maybe you now read and tell stories to your children. As storytellers, we join a long line of people who have received acclaim from their tribes because of their ability to pass down tribal history through stories. They kept legends alive. They inspired new generations. Stories are golden!

We can inspire people also. A big part of our job as salespeople is to manage risk and stack value for our prospects. This ability is especially important today as uncertainty reigns. People will not buy from us until they perceive that the probability of reward is greater than the risk. Telling success stories about other clients is a big part of removing risk.

What's the science behind this? The left side of the brain helps us to think logically. The right side of the brain helps us recall memories and experience emotion. Both sides are linked together by the Neocortex. When we tell stories, both sides of the brain are stimulated and work together. We see the whole picture. we connect to the person telling the stories.

Oxytocin is the "trust hormone". It is released when we listen to stories. Oxytocin signals the brain that everything is OK, and it is safe to approach others. Being trusted builds our credibility, a necessary ingredient if a prospect is gong to buy from us.

Get your stories ready. Learn to paint "word pictures" with your language. People will remember your stories long after they have forgotten your facts!

P.S. I do a 60 minute webinar on learning to craft great stories. If you'd like information on scheduling one for your team, give me a call 918.810.3068 or email me at
The Client's Corner
Words to Live By ......
“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.”
Jonathan Gottschall, The Storytelling Animal
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“If I was going to write a sales book, this is what I would want to have written. I’ve studied radio sales for 50 years, and this brings all that wisdom into one place-a real resource for new and experienced radio salespeople”

Glenn Smith
Managing Director, Radio Bay of Plenty – Whakatane, New Zealand

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