June 26, 2017 - Issue 17-26

Good Morning.

As I write this week's letter, I'm sitting in my son's sunroom in Merrimack, NH, having just arrived here for a six-week visit on Tuesday. Seeing family and friends is wonderful! Summer's nice, even though our winter in Argentina is very pleasant. Having all the conveniences of North American life is nice. Nonetheless, I'll be glad to return to my haven of personal liberty in rural Argentina. Check out   www.lec.com.ar if you'd like to try to understand why I feel that way. And, if you're a traveler, I'd love to show you around the area when you visit - please call or email a few days or weeks in advance (I can help with travel and lodging arrangements). As enticing as the website is, you need to visit to understand fully what's there.

Now, to the point of this week's discussion. 

Benno Dorer, CEO of Clorox Company, and  the featured leader in an article we discuss this week by John Eades, says: " ideas need to come from the lunch room, not the boardroom". 

Ever heard of Benno Dorer? 

I'll bet, for most of you, the answer is no. This is a common trait of true leaders - no ego, no desire to be in the limelight, no need for recognition. They just very quietly lead their companies to do great things, while leading from the shadows. I'll get into his ideas a bit more in this week's letter.


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The Best Ideas Come from the Lunch Room, 
not the Board Room!

This is an important point I've noticed throughout my career, that the people doing the work very often have the best ideas about how to do it better. They see what's actually happening every day as they do their work. As a result, their ideas are likely to work in the real world. Their ideas are always worth listening to. Occasionally some factor unknown to the worker makes her idea impractical - even so it will almost always have the seed of a concept that fits reality. Besides that, listening - TRULY listening - to your employees is one of the best things you can do to give them a sense that they are part of something bigger than themselves - a powerful motivator!

Of course, good ideas can come from leadership as well. When such an idea comes up, often it's possible to ask enough questions of an employee or an employee team that they hit on the idea during the discussion. If you can make that happen, the idea will be far more readily accepted by the employees than if they have the sense that it's being imposed on them by the leaders. 

The most important thing in any exchange is to be sure the employee feels empowered, not oppressed. An oppressed employee is shorn of her self-esteem - made to feel like a slave, rather than a valued contributor to the company's results. In that condition he'll almost surely contribute little and, if he has any "gumption" at all, he'll probably move on to some place where his talents are appreciated.

When - not How!

One of Dorer's statements is " I engage with my people in the 'when' but I leave it up to them on 'how' they accomplish what we want to accomplish".

This is a tremendously important concept. Telling people how to do what needs to be done is a poor approach for at least two reasons.
  • It leaves them with the sense that the boss doesn't trust them, and it takes away from their commitment to the result of the project and their sense of accomplishment in their work,.
  • It's like giving a man a fish, as opposed to teaching him to fish. Give him a fish and he eats for a day. Help him learn to fish and he eats for a lifetime. You see the parallel!

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Put My Experience to Work for You...

My career includes several recent years as a business coach, and before that, I worked in various operations management roles for over 40 years, practicing and studying leadership and teamwork. With that background, I'm uniquely qualified to explain the benefits you offer to your clients and prospects. I love writing about this work and I'd love to talk with you about how we can promote your business most effectively. Please let me hear from you!

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