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UR3 Robot in Great Demand
Industry wants table top robots

The demand for the new little robot UR3 far exceeds expectations because floor space is very tight for manufacturers.
With a small footprint and an approximate 20inch reach, the UR3 fits well for repetitive applications that use comparatively lightweight tools for placing and torqueing screws; and precise dispensing of glue for assembly tasks. The compact and ergonomically efficient table-top design of the UR3 maximizes productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort for repetitive tasks.
Ethernet Servo Drive/Controller
Parker Logo
Intelligent Parker Amplifier

The new Intelligent Parker Amplifier or IPA, is a 1.5 axis servo drive/controller based on the ACR control platform. Available in two power levels, 400W and 1500W, the IPA can drive a wide range of rotary and linear motors and supports a number of industry standard feedback protocols.

The IPA provides a dual port Ethernet interface which gives the machine builder the flexibility needed to create cost effective motion control solutions.
Robot Accessories
Adding value and making things simple

Olympus Controls Value Add Services offers a range of Robot Accessories that make integrating our UR collaborative robots even simpler.

Robot Cable Management
Cable management system for UR robots that allow for easy cable management in a flexible package.

Robot Adapter Donut & Brackets
Allows users to mount various cameras, displacement lasers, other small equipment, to the UR or Denso robot end joint easily. 

Robot Pedestals
Introducing our new line of Robot Pedestals designed for applications requiring a limited footprint. 

Rotary Union 
Mounts directly to all UR robot models with 2 pneumatic pass through and 4 channel electrical pass through for use with grippers, cameras, lights and other accessories that need to freely rotate continuously.