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The Best Television of 2021

And now for something completely different….

I preach, and sometimes actually practice, the act of working less and relaxing more. (I don’t believe in the principle of work-life balance; it means something different to everyone).

One function of the pandemic has been that I've been watching a lot of television (before things like travel and sports took up most of that time). To my surprise, we’re in the golden age of TV. What is good or not is no longer determined by three or four networks.

I summarized my twelve best shows from 2020 last year. Now…announcing the best shows from 2021.

(Note: to make my list – the show needs to be original, with great writing and acting. I want to be challenged!). 

And I’d love to hear your suggestions as well.

The Best Television of 2021 (Eric’s Leadership Blog)

Shameless Plug For My Partner’s Book


Tony Rose is my longtime friend and partner. In a meeting this week, he excoriated me for not putting his books on my Best Leadership Books list. As we do, we had an argument, with me saying his books are about business, not leadership; and he responded with words that can’t be printed in a family newsletter.

But – not for nothing – he’s been a highly successful accountant and entrepreneur for more than 40 years, and he’s just come out with his third book – Go Beyond Numbers:

Surprising Discoveries About Successful Businesses. It’s now available in Kindle and paperback if you’d like to take a look!

Go Beyond Numbers by Tony Rose (Amazon)

Big Skills


Morgan Housel, who ranks among today’s very best thinkers, casts doubt about people having “superpowers.” Instead, he posits – “most things that look like superpowers are just a bunch of ordinary skills mixed together at the right time.”

So don’t worry about a candidate who isn’t brilliant – think about a few little things that are easy to ignore yet work wonders when combined together.

Big Skills (Collaborative Fund)

Things I Read That Interested Me

Health Flags That You’re Overworking (Fast Company)

The Value of Kindness at Work (James Rhee – TEDTalk)

What are “Bespoke Perks?” (HR Daily Advisor)

Astronomy’s Most Dazzling Era Is About to Begin (MSN)

Workers Care More About Flexible Hours Than Remote Work (WSJ)

End Quote:

“It's not inequality which is the real misfortune, it's dependence.”


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