March Newsletter from Lovejoy Travel Agency
5 Reasons Why An Escorted Tour is the Best Way to Experience Europe
I have traveled Europe a number of different ways, and I have to say that an escorted tour is one of my favorite ways to do it! Here is just a few of the reasons why you should consider it the next time you make the trip.
You get to see more of the land

When I am on an escorted tour, I enjoy being able to sit back and take in the sites as we travel from place to place. It definitely beats navigating maps or having to pay attention to driving (which is on the opposite side of the road). Not to mention the dreaded parking! 

You get so much more history

I am an AVID reader, and tend to read about history and culture. I feel well-prepared and informed when I travel, yet the tour guides always provide me with facts or perspectives that are new and continue to stick with me! For those who don’t read as much and don’t have a tour guide, you are missing so much of the experience.
Skip the lines
When you book a tour with excursions, you aren’t wasting your precious time standing in line for attractions. The tour guides also help you decide which tours are worth it and which tours you can probably end up skipping.

If you were to price out all that you get, you will find that there is great value in an escorted tour. The transportation alone is a big deal, not to mention all the hotels, meals, attractions, behind-the-scenes knowledge, and safety in numbers are all important when traveling abroad.
Free Time

Some people turn down tour groups because they don’t want to travel with other people. However, these other people have the same interests as you and you will most likely hit it off right away. If you still aren’t sold on strangers, there is so much opportunity to venture off and find your own activities within a destination. You are absolutely not obligated to be attached at the hip, just don’t miss your transportation to the next town.