Volume 3 | March 17, 2020
A Note from Denise and Tammy
Dear Parents,

We hope you found yesterday's email helpful and that you continue to use these resources daily. Our teachers will continue working diligently preparing daily activities for our students to enjoy and learn from at home. Remember that this is new to all of us and we will get better each day!

Several parents have let us know that establishing a daily schedule that works for your family is helpful for both children and parents, and helps facilitate a calmer day, as children know what to anticipate next. Involving older preschoolers in making the schedule is a great activity too! Additionally involving your children in meal preparation and activities as much as possible will keep them engaged and learning.

Rabbi Earne is planning a shared LIVE Shabbat celebration through Zoom, scheduled for Friday at 10am, our usual preschool Shabbat time. Stay tuned for info on how to join the session!

In an effort to keep our community connected, we encourage you to send us photos of your children engaging in some of these activities or other successful ideas. We will post submissions on Facebook and Instagram for the children to enjoy seeing each other.

Remember that each afternoon's email contains activities and videos for you to implement and share with your children on the following day. We value your input and welcome feedback regarding this newsletter communication.

Please keep safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing all of the children's smiling faces soon!

Warm regards,
Denise and Tammy
Nursery Notes
´╗┐Nature Activity:

Art Activity:
Sing Along with Morah Danielle
Parpar Points

(Other animals may be used in lieu of bugs)
Parpar Morning Circle with Morah Lexi
Parpar Story Time with Morah Lexi
Tzipor Teasers
Join Morah Margo for a Tzipor Morning Circle Time
Click on the link to access a Firefly Activity

Supplies needed for upcoming cooking classes with Morah Lexa:
3/19 celery, peanut/sun butter, raisins
4/1 matzah, marinara sauce, shredded cheese
Gamal Goals
Art and Alphabet Activity:
A morning Tefillah video, watch and sing along daily
Arieh/Gesher Activities
Arieh/Gesher Calendar Circle Time for 3/18
Red and Yellow Arieh Letter of the week: U
Click here to print the corresponding worksheet
Blue Arieh/Gesher Letter of the Week: W
Click here to print the corresponding worksheet