Volume 7 | March 22, 2020
Today's News from Denise and Tammy

Dear Parents,

We hope that you all had a great weekend! As each day's email contains videos and curriculum to be used the following day, your Monday classes are contained in this Sunday edition of the Beth Am ECC Virtual Playroom.

By now many of our classes have had virtual Zoom play-dates! Please use the class email list that we sent last week to create future Zoom play-dates. Additionally, all of our Gamal, Arieh and Gesher classes have also had live Zoom circle times. As of next week all classes will "get together" by Zoom daily. We look forward to hearing from you how you and your children are enjoying the experience.

Please continue emailing us your wonderful children's photos for sharing on our social media accounts for all to enjoy. The children in particular will gain a lot from seeing their friends' doing the same thing they are doing at home.
Instagram: @bethamearlychildhoodcenter

Sign in information to join Rabbi Earne for this Friday's ECC Shabbat service will be included in a later edition of the newsletter this week.

Please keep safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing all of the children's smiling faces soon!

Warm regards,
Denise and Tammy

Please note that all of these emails are available on our website for you to refer to as needed: The Beth Am ECC Virtual Playroom Newsletters
Nursery Notes
Let's go on a stroller walk with Green Nursery
Read with Morah Fran
"Chika Chika Boom Boom"
Read with Morah Danielle
"Never Touch a Dinosaur"
A Sensory/Art Activity: Dinosaur Tracks
Parpar Points

Please print the following book. We will be working on it together over the next two weeks: Passover Book

An Art Activity: Create Your Own Frog
Morah Romy reading "Company's Coming"
Morah Lexi reading "What I Like About Passover"
Morah Romy playing a Passover game..."What's Missing?"
Tzipor Teasers
A Passover felt story told by Morah Elena
Music and Movement with Morah Leigh
Passover sing-a-long with Morah Margo
An Art Activity:
Gamal Goals
Letter S worksheet attached: Click Here
Morah Anne telling the story of
"Moti the Mouse"
Morah Anne leads us in a Mitzvah Box art project
Morah Kerryn reading
"Sammy Spider's 1st Passover"
Morah Kerryn leads us in an
Afikoman Bag Craft
Arieh/Gesher Activities
Arieh/Gesher Calendar Circle Time for 3/23
(Circle time will be led by a different teacher each week)
Arieh/Gesher Tefillah Circle Time to be used daily (Tefillah will be led by a different teacher each week)
Morah Andrea reading "What Color Is Your Underwear?"
Morah Shiri teaching about Passover, Part 1
Red and Yellow Arieh review of letter U
Blue Arieh/Gesher review of letter W
Click here to print the words to "Willy Worm"
Red/Yellow Arieh introduction of letter V
(Handwriting video and worksheet will be emailed tomorrow)
Blue Arieh/Gesher introduction of Letter X
Click here to print the corresponding worksheet
Scholastic Learn at Home  
Scholastic active learning journeys are available on any device and will provide your child with up to three hours’ worth of exciting learning experiences per day. They can go on virtual field trips, meet best-selling authors, or dig deep into a topic they love.