Volume 16 | April 1, 2020
Today's News from Denise and Tammy

Dear Parents,

Rabbi Earne and Morah Ronit led a wonderful Seder today for Nursery, Parpar and Tzipor students and look forward to our Gamal, Arieh and Gesher Seder tomorrow! If you have a younger student who missed today's Seder, or one who wants to enjoy it again, you are most welcome to join us tomorrow. Additionally, you may also invite friends and family members to join too.

Gamal, Arieh & Gesher - Thursday, 4/2 @10am
Zoom meeting ID 502 771 051

Below you will find links to all of our Seder songs that Morah Ronit has recorded for the children to learn at home. This will help them enjoy and participate in our virtual Seder, as well as your home Seder. Additionally, you may click on this hagaddah link to access our ECC Hagaddah. Please print at least one copy for your child in preparation for our virtual Seder.

Please note that individual class meetings will not take place on the day of your child's Seder.

Please join Rabbi Earne and your teachers for a shared LIVE Shabbat celebration through Zoom, scheduled for Friday at 10am. Please use the following Zoom login info:
Meeting ID: 767 623 158

Please keep safe and healthy and we look forward to being all together again soon!

Warm regards,
Denise and Tammy
From Morah Ronit
"Avadim Hayinu"
"Bang Bang Bang"
"Building Cities"
"Baby Moshe"
A Seder medley of songs
"Leshana Habaa"
Nursery Notes
Construction with Morah Amber
Morah BeLinda teaches us "Lotsa Lotsa Matzah"
Morah Diana reads "Where's Spot?"
Parpar Points
Morah Romy leads us in a math and movement game. Click here to print the corresponding sheet.
Make a saltwater cup with Morah Lexi
Tzipor Teasers
Morah Leigh teaches us "The Sharing Song". Click here for lyrics .
Morah Tessa leads us in a matzah pizza cooking activity.
Supplies needed:
Matzah, marinara sauce, cheese.
Morah Lexa leads us in a photo challenge. Click here for challenge List.
Gamal Goals

Morah Karen reads "Let My People Go!"
Morah Ale leads us in a
´╗┐science/sensory activity
Arieh/Gesher Activities
Arieh/Gesher Calendar Circle Time for 4/2 (Circle time will be led by a different teacher each week)
Arieh/Gesher Tefillah Circle Time to be used daily (Tefillah will be led by a different teacher each week)
Morah Becky teaches us Passover songs.
Click on the following link for song lyrics: Dumam Shata & B'nai Israel Were Building Cities
Red/Yellow Arieh letter W lesson.
Click here for the corresponding worksheet.
Blue Arieh/Gesher reading colors.
Click here for the corresponding worksheet.
Baby Shark Hand Washing Video 
Please continue emailing us your children's photos and comments to share on our social media accounts for the children to see their friends!
IG: @bethamearlychildhoodcenter
Please note that all of these emails are available on our website for you to refer to as needed: The Beth Am ECC Virtual Playroom Newsletters