Volume 33 | April 27, 2020
Today's News from Denise and Tammy

Dear Parents,

Looking forward to this exciting week of celebrating Israel, we have a few opportunities for our families:
  1. Mora Ronit's music classes will focus on Israel and the Hebrew language.
  2. We will hold an ECC Yom Haatzmaut celebration, via Zoom, on Wednesday at 10am with Rabbi Earne and Morah Ronit. (Please note that this will replace your class Zoom that day.)
  3. JNF's global celebration on Wednesday at 11am via Facebook LIVE (see details at the bottom of this email)
  4. Throughout the week, items in the "Something for Everyone" section of this email, will be focused on Israel.

Last night's Zoom email for the week included login information for our weekly virtual Music, PE and Hebrew classes. We have chosen to hold the majority of these classes in the afternoon as we do not want to conflict with any of the class Zoom times, and we thought that you may enjoy a daily afternoon activity, too. We welcome your feedback once the classes begin.

Please keep safe and healthy and we look forward to being all together again soon!

Warm Regards,
Denise and Tammy
Nursery Notes
Morah Amber reads "What Does Baby Do?"
Block building with Morah Fran
Parpar Points
Morah Karla reads "Little Blue Truck"
Making Israeli Salad with Morah Claudia
Tzipor Teasers
Sing "How Many Fingers" with Morah Diana
Make a barn with Morah Leigh. Link for puppets .
Morah Margo leads us in an
a kibbutz art activity
Gamal Goals
Shapes and shaving cream with Morah Ale
My land of Israel tour with Morah Anne
Arieh/Gesher Activities

Arieh/Gesher Calendar Circle Time for 4/28 (Calendar will be led by a different teacher each week)
Arieh/Gesher Tefillah Circle Time to be used daily (Tefillah will be led by a different teacher each week)
Red and Yellow letter Z handwriting
Morah Becky reads "Ella's Trip to Israel"
Blue Arieh/Gesher number 2 lesson


Join JNF LIVE to celebrate Israel with music, celebrity performances, interactive activities, the Platt Brothers, and more!
Also featuring the Government of Israel’s official Independence Day ceremony with an introduction by Jewish National Fund
President Dr. Sol Lizerbram and his wife, Lauren.
When: April 29th @ 11:00am (PST)
Where: Facebook Live
Register now at jfeds.org/YomHaatzmaut .
This event is in partnership with Jewish Federations of North America.
Please continue emailing us your children's photos and comments to share on our social media accounts for the children to see their friends!
IG: @bethamearlychildhoodcenter
Please note that all of these emails are available on our website for you to refer to as needed: The Beth Am ECC Virtual Playroom Newsletters