Volume 50 | May 17, 2020
Today's News from Denise and Tammy

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a great weekend! We look forward to seeing our students at the various specialty classes and our weekly Shabbat celebration this week.

We also look forward to sharing more information regarding summer camp this week. We ask that if you intend on enrolling your child in summer camp, please complete your form as soon as you receive it by email. As you know our students' and staff's health and safety remain our top priority and in this ever changing situation, we will share camp dates and protocols as soon as we are able to.

Thank you to those of you who replied to our survey . If you have not, please do so by tonight. Your answers are very important for our planning and do not constitute a commitment. Even if you do not plan on enrolling in camp, we would still like to know.

Please keep safe and healthy and we look forward to being all together again soon!

Warm Regards,
Denise and Tammy
Nursery Notes
Counting with a nesting ball with Morah Amber
Morah Danielle reads "Little Blue Truck's Springtime"
Parpar Points
Morah Karla recites a poem, "Five Little Turtles"
Sensory bin fishing with Morah Claudia
Tzipor Teasers
Sing a "Five Senses Song" with Morah Diana
A dinosaur movement activity with Morah Leigh
Excavate dinosaur bones with Morah Lexa
Gamal Goals
A number painting activity with Morah Ale
Morah Lisa reads "Miss Nelson Is Missing"
Arieh/Gesher Activities

Arieh/Gesher Calendar Circle Time for 5/18 Calendar will be led by a different teacher each week)
Arieh/Gesher Tefillah Circle Time to be used daily (Tefillah will be led by a different teacher each week)
Red/Yellow Arieh number 5 lesson
Blue Arieh/Gesher introduction to money
Books By the Bushel

Please continue emailing us your children's photos and comments to share on our social media accounts for the children to see their friends!
IG: @bethamearlychildhoodcenter
Please note that all of these emails are available on our website for you to refer to as needed: The Beth Am ECC Virtual Playroom Newsletters