Volume 40 | May 5, 2020
Today's News from Denise and Tammy

Dear Parents,

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Although we are not all at school, we know you all join us in appreciation of our faculty from afar. Throughout the week we have a few virtual surprises for each of the teachers.

It was wonderful to see so many friends at Coach Ben's PE class today! We hope to see you all back for Morah Ronit's Music class tomorrow at 11:30am.

In support of more vulnerable members of our community, we invite you to participate in making pictures and writing messages to residents of a local retirement home. Many of our classes have learned about doing a mitzvah and this is a wonderful opportunity for the children to put their knowledge into practice. Simply have your child draw a picture/write a message, take a photo of it (with or without your child) and email the photo to us. Morah Kerryn will compile and send the photos to the residents.

As we mentioned yesterday, we are currently immersed in the process of planning for the reopening of our school. Although the date is still unknown, we feel that a practical and safe plan is vital. This process involves collaborating with the Beth Am Re-Opening Task Force (which includes medical professionals), as well as local and national early childhood directors on various platforms. Some of the broader items on our agenda are staying current on COVID-19 licensing and health requirements, restocking essential supplies, developing current protocols and planning various possible scenarios for our school. We will share further information and a parent survey in the near future.

Please keep safe and healthy and we look forward to being all together again soon!

Warm Regards,
Denise and Tammy
Nursery Notes
Morah BeLinda reads
"There's a Wocket in My Pocket"
Morah Fran's touch and feel sensory box
Parpar Points
Morah Karla sings songs for mommy
Morah Romy leads us in making a
´╗┐Mother's Day gift
Tzipor Teasers
Morah Tessa making a "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" craft
Morah Leigh sings "Five Green Bottles"
Morah Lexa leads us in an "I'm a Little Teapot" color activity
Gamal Goals
Morah Ale reads "The Tiny Seed"
Morah Lisa reads "Are You My Mother?"
Arieh/Gesher Activities

Arieh/Gesher Calendar Circle Time for 5/6 Calendar will be led by a different teacher each week)
Arieh/Gesher Tefillah Circle Time to be used daily (Tefillah will be led by a different teacher each week)
Red and Yellow number 2 lesson
Blue Arieh/Gesher AN ryhming family
A Parent Lecture Tonight

The American Jewish University will offer a parent lecture tonight at 7pm. As this may be short notice or an inconvenient time for many parents, a recording will be available later on their website. To register, pleases use the link above.

Physical distancing and global crisis put tremendous stress on our relationships, challenge parents in unprecedented ways, and stir up feelings of grief, anxiety, and panic while taking away the routines that we rely on. Join us for a wide-ranging conversation between Alison Shlomi, LCSW, and Rabbi Adam Greenwald, Vice-President for Jewish Engagement at AJU on developing the psychological and spiritual tools to navigate these uncertain times.
Please continue emailing us your children's photos and comments to share on our social media accounts for the children to see their friends!
IG: @bethamearlychildhoodcenter
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