The Cambridge Compact Community Footprint
The Community Footprint is a bi-weekly briefing of relevant sustainability news, events and initiatives curated especially for Cambridge Compact members.
Sustainability News
LEED Zero certificate program recognizes net zero efforts
The U.S. Green Business Council (USGBC) has launched a new certificate program called LEED Zero. To receive the LEED Zero certification, building projects need to achieve net zero in one of the following areas: emissions, water use, energy use or waste. The certificate is open to those buildings that have already achieved or are pursuing certification under a select group of LEED rating systems. The goal of the LEED Zero program is to allow projects to build on the existing LEED certification framework and achieve that next level of leadership in building energy and health.

LA driving towards carbon-neutral city by installing EV charging stations on streetlights
In an effort to help them reach carbon neutrality by 2050, as part of their Green New Deal, L.A. is hoping to encourage more people to drive electric vehicles. They have recently installed more than 130 EV charging stations on streetlights, with hundreds more planned. Charging stations address the needs of renters who can't charge at home, while also keeping sidewalks clear. L.A. hopes this will push them towards their goal of 100,000 more electrical vehicles on the road by 2025.

MassCEC awards funding for passive multifamily rental buildings as part of Passive House Design Challenge
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) has awarded a total of $1.73B to various affordable housing projects through their Passive House Design Challenge. This challenge seeks to incentivize developers to build energy efficient multifamily rental buildings. Passive houses cut energy consumption by 60-70%, and multifamily buildings are well-suited due to the insulated design of the interior units. The ultimate goal of the challenge is to show that building resilient homes for low to moderate income families is economically viable, not just beneficial for the families that live there.

Member Spotlight
MIT recognized at 2019 Go Beyond Awards
At the 2019 International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (ISL) annual conference, MIT's MIT.nano received a Go Beyond Award for their LEED Platinum facility. Go Beyond Awards recognize projects, products or organizations that demonstrate a commitment to high-performing, sustainable labs. MIT.nano went beyond by encompassing principles of energy efficiency resiliency and wellness into their facility.

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