The Cambridge Compact Community Footprint
The Community Footprint is a bi-weekly briefing of relevant sustainability news, events and initiatives curated especially for Cambridge Compact members.
Sustainability News
Utility Dive releases energy policy tracker for federal bills
Want to keep track of important energy-related bills making their way through Congress? Utility Dive has created a legislative tracker divided into ten different categories. This tracker, which will be updated regularly, is a great resource for staying on top of legislative action related to federal climate goals. Areas of focus include energy storage, electric vehicles and carbon capture.

U.S. cities, institutions, businesses and more reaffirm dedication to fighting climate change in light of Paris Climate Agreement withdrawal
This week the Trump Administration began the official proceedings to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. In response, over 2800 signatories are now part of the We Are In coalition, a commitment to continue the fight against climate change. Signatories include Cambridge Compact members City of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Akamai, Google and Boston Properties. The declaration states that in the absence of government leadership, they will continue to pursue aggressive climate goals.

Massachusetts DOER and utility companies make final selection for off-shore wind project
After reviewing four different proposals, Massachusetts legislatures selected Mayflower's "low cost energy" option to provide enough wind energy to meet the 1,600 MW mandated by a 2016 state law. The project, set to be built off the cost of Nantucket, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.7 million metric tonnes each year. It will also provide great value to Massachusetts residents by reducing energy costs by $3.7 billion dollars. The project is slated to being in 2025.

Member Spotlight
Harvard commits to sustainable food programming with recent Cool Food Pledge
Harvard University as become one of many signatories of the Cool Food Pledge. The Cool Food Pledge commits Harvard to reducing decarbonizing their food system by 25 percent by 2030. This ambitious goal falls in line with Harvard's ultimate goal of being fossil fuel free by 2050. The university has already taken strides by developing a Sustainable and Healthful Food Standards guide, and getting their students involved in various initiatives around campus.

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