Volume 4 ~ Issue 4; Release: March 1, 2019
  • San Junipero Province: New PM
  • John Luat Nguyen Jubilee Mass
Friar Bobby Barbato OFM.Cap.
To be Presenter for Day of Recollection 
At Spring Convocations

“’The friars shall never. . . unless ’”: Francis, the Testament and the Ongoing Life of the Friars Minor” is the theme of the day of recollection to be given by our Capuchin brother, Bobby Barbato, at the upcoming Spring Convocation sessions.

Friar Bobby Barbato is from southern California and joined the Capuchins in 1977. After studies at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley, he was ordained in 1987 and has since worked in several ministries including formation, parochial ministry and chaplaincy. He has also given retreats including the January Men’s Retreat at St. Francis Retreat for the last three years. He is presently living at Old Mission Santa Ines in Solvang, Calfiornia and is pastor there. He is also a board member of the Santa Barbara Mission Archive Library.

A Reminder: Spring Convocation Dates:
North: March 11-14 St. Francis Retreat, San Juan Bautista, CA
South: March 25-28 Retreat Center, Old Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside CA

Photo: Friar Robert Barbato OFM.Cap.
June 23-28, 2019

Several friars from the other provinces comprising the US-6, which are involved in the R + R (Revitalization + Reconfiguration) process will be attending our upcoming Chapter 2019. So far, four friars representing Assumption and Sacred Heart provinces respectively, will be in attendance. Welcome, Brothers!
From Andy Tretow

Andy Tretow is Director of Communications for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province (ABVM), centered in Franklin, Wisconsin.

Friar Conrad Targonski. Friar Conrad was ordained in 1975. He was the supervisory chaplain for 7th Marine Regiment in Fallujah, Irag (2004-2005) and retired in 2010 from the Marine Corps Combat Center in 29 Palms, CA with the rank of Navy Captain. He currently serves Viterbo University in LaCrosse, WI as University Chaplain. He is very active with the Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs as well. He serves as a leader for the Veterans Pilgrimage that is offered to former members of the US military. Contact:  catargonski@viterbo.edu.  

Friar Andre Lemay. In addition to his ministries inside the province, Friar Andre also makes and sells delicious treats under the label Brother Andy’s Candies. His motto is, “Homemade Chocolates With That Heavenly Taste.” His chocolate is made by hand and its recipe is a closely guarded secret. Some of his more famous creations are his chocolate turtles and his "Franciscan Crunch" cluster. His chocolate treats have been enjoyed by people all over the United States. He has served and sold his delicious candy in communities such as Las Vegas, the Rio Grande Valley, and now currently in Burlington, WI. His proceeds go towards charities that are dear to him and that back the province in various ways. Contact:   brotherandrelemay@gmail.com

Photos: Courtesy ABVM Province
Friar Conrad Targonski (ABVM)
Friar Andre Lemay (ABVM)
From Friar John Eaton (SH)

Two of our confreres, Friars Dat Hoang  and Kurt Hartrich , both of Sacred Heart Province will be attending our upcoming Chapter 2019Friar John Eaton writes: Dat was born in Nha Trang Vietnam. He was professed on 9/29/12 and ordained at St. Peter Church in Chicago on 11/17/18. He is currently serving as the parochial vicar at St. Anthony of Padua Parish in St. Louis while also assisting at nearby Resurrection of Our Lord Parish.

Kurt was born 9/18/38 and is currently the pastor of St. Peter Church in the Loop of Chicago. He was professed on 6/22/62 and ordained 1/9/66. He worked in formation at several levels and was Master of Formation from 1978 - 1984. He served as pastor of St. Mary Church in Memphis and St. Anthony Church in St. Louis before becoming provincial of Sacred Heart Province from 1991 - 1999. He was the General Visitor for the Philippine Province in 2000 - 2001. He was pastor of St. Francis Solanus Parish in Quincy from 2001 - 2009. Besides serving as pastor of St. Peter's, he is also the director of the priestly formation program.
Dat Hoang OFM
Kurt Hartrich OFM

Con gran alegria presentamos al Nuevo Ministro Provincial de la Provincia San Junipero Serra en Mexico, Fray Fredy Galvez Angulo. Quedando electo el pasado 31 de Enero del 2019 durante el Capitulo Provincial. Felicitando al Nuevo Ministro y tambien en oracion por esta nueva Con gran alegria presentamos al Nuevo Ministro Provincial de la Provincia San Junipero Serra en Mexico. Quedando electo el pasado 31 de Enero del 2019 durante el Capitulo Provincial. Felicitando al Nuevo Ministro y tambien en oracion por esta nueva encomienda. Paz y Bien.

With great joy, we present the newly elected Provincial minister of the Province of Saint Junipero Serra, Fray Freddy Galvez Angulo OFM . He was elected on January 31, 2019 during the Provincial Chapter. We offer our congratulations and prayers for the new Minister as he assumes his responsibilities.

Photo:  MP Fredy Galvez Angulo OFM
Photos from Chapter 2019
Photos from Chapter 2019
From Friar Ivo Tomeck

Dear Brothers, Greetings from Guaymas! For those of you who would like to hear a presentation of our beautiful youth symphony, in the search box of YouTube on the internet enter "orquesta juvenil Fray Ivo Toneck navideno 2018" , or just use this link:  https://youtu.be/IQO11kQCAnA

Enjoy our Christmas concert. All for now. We are all doing well here in Guaymas and I hope the same for you. Blessings fro Guaymas!!!
Orchestra juvenil of Guaymas. Photo: Courtesy, Ivo Tomeck OFM
February 10, 2019

Our brother, Friar John Luat Nguyen, celebrated his 25th jubilee of ordination as a Franciscan priest on February 10 at St. Boniface Parish, San Francisco.  Minister Provincial David Gaa concelebrated and preached at the Mass which was well attended by the Vietnamese community of the parish and city, as well as Vietnamese clergy and friars.

All photos:  Dick Tandy OFM
Top photo: Friar John Luat Nguyen with Provincial Minister David Gaa
Vietnamese clergy, with John Luat:
(l to r): Friar Hung Nguyen, OFM.Cap., Friar Nghia Phan, Luat, Father Thuan, Archdiocese of SF, Friar Hoang Trinh, Fr. Thien, SVD (nephew of Luat’s, from West Virginia).
Minister Provincial David Gaa
preaching at jubilee Mass
Vietnamese Catholicism:
A Gift for the US Church 
Celebrating Tết (Lunar New Year)


B rothers, here are some pics from the presentation/music sharing from our February 12 program in which Friar Vincent Nguyen and I participated. This was not a Tết (Lunar New Year) celebration per se, but a sharing about Vietnamese Catholicism, using Tết as the event to focus around. As increasingly more Vietnamese families are sending their children to our school, this was an opportunity for the mainstream Americans to learn more about this immigrant community, even though there is no specific ministry to the Vietnamese in our parish.

The program, which rotated between basic information, personal stories, and a sampling of Vietnamese songs, touched on the themes of Vietnamese immigration to Southern CA, the celebration of
Tết honoring Our Lady of La Vang, the Vietnamese Martyrs, as well as mention of the Vietnamese presence in the Diocese of Orange and religious vocations. Not to be missed was the cultural honoring of parents and the distribution of the traditional lì xì (red envelopes) containing New Year’s “lucky money.”

Ph otos: Courtesy of Rufino Zaragoza OFM
(l to r) F riar Vincent Nguyen, Sister Christen Thanh Nguyen, LHC, Vincent Cao (cantor at SSJ parish), Friar Rufino Zaragoza.  
Friars Rufino Zaragoza (l) and  Vincent Nguyen. Vincent is holding his Tet lì xì, red envelope “lucky money”! 
February 4-8, 2019

 The Provincial Archivists of the 6 Provinces involved in the R & R (Revitalization + Reconfiguration) process met at Mission Santa Barbara for our annual meeting and to participate in Jack Clark Robinson's class on U.S. Franciscan History for the Novices.

Note: Please keep Jack Clark in your prayers as he prepares for eye surgery in the next couple of months.

Photos: OLG Provincial Minister Jack Clark Robinson  
Washington, DC
February 12, 2019

Sister Maureen Duignan, OSF, Director of the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant in Berkeley, California—and known to many friars—participated in the recent (Feb 12) immigration protest in Washington, DC. She marched alongside hundreds of TPS (Temporary Protective Status) recipients—some of whom have been in the United States legally for upwards of 20 years—who have been threatened with deportation by the present US administration.

Along with representatives of the Franciscan Action Network (FAN), Sister Maureen visited the offices of a number of members of Congress who have TPS recipients in their districts. “We are talking about 450,000 people who have been admitted to the United States legally, but now face being thrown out,” Sister Maureen explained “It is difficult, of course,” she says, “but we can never give up hope.” . She and her team of volunteers have been working for decades, offering legal help to immigrants seeking asylum in the US. For more information on the EBSC:  https://eastbaysanctuary.org

Photo: Sister Maureen Duignan OSF. Photo: EBSC
The Universal Christ
To be released: March 5, 2019

Look for this latest title by Richard Rohr OFMThe Universal Christ How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For, and Believe. Convergent Books. Hardcover: 272 pages; $26.00. Available through Random House: 

R + R
Recommended Reading
By Friar Michael Blastic (HNP)

The Academy of Franciscan History, the research institute affiliated with the Franciscan School of Theology in Oceanside, Calif., has begun publishing a series of studies, the United States Franciscan History Project, that focuses on the life, work and ministry of Franciscans in the 19th and 20th centuries in the United States. The content of the first two volumes released in the series is relevant to the restructuring and revitalization process being undertaken by six American OFM provinces. The books are titled Many Tongues, One Faith: A History of Franciscan Parish Life in the United States, by David J. Endres, and Voice of Empathy: A History of Franciscan Media in the United States, by Raymond Haberski Jr. Although the studies look broadly at Franciscan involvement in media and parish ministry (both men and women figures), the books illustrate the central role played by the OFMs. 

The presence of the friars in media began almost from the moment of their arrival in the United States. Haberski points to the theme that runs through Franciscan media from its origins to the 21st century — that is, “the way Franciscans communicated with their audiences through print, radio, and television, engaging how Catholics lived their faith in all of its messiness. Franciscans chose, quite consciously, to use their media to evangelize to the heart; to prize empathy above all other virtues for their mission. ...[F]ranciscans attempted to influence their audience by meeting them where and how they lived.” 

All photos courtesy of HN Province.
PRACTICAL HOLINESS: Pope Francis as Spiritual Companion
Author: Friar Albert Haase

Paraclete Press is pleased to announce the publication of Friar Albert Haase's tenth book, PRACTICAL HOLINESS: Pope Francis as Spiritual Companion.    According to the press release, “More than a mere commentary on the pope's recent apostolic exhortation, Rejoice and Be Glad: On the Call to Holiness in Today's World, PRACTICAL HOLINESS offers one the opportunity to have Pope Francis as your own personal spiritual director.” The forty reflection questions in the book's appendix offer a daily opportunity for personal reflection during the forty days of Lent. Available from Amazon.com, ParacletePress.com, Catholic bookstores. 

Mr. Carl E. Botenhagen, the father of Friar Paul Botenhagen, died Thursday February 7, 2019. Mr. Botenhagen was 98 years old. The Mass of the Resurrection will be celebrated by his son Paul at 11 AM Saturday March 2, 2019, St. Thomas Aquinas Church, 2725 Elm Street,Napa, CA 94558. There will be a reception following the funeral Mass and burial after the reception.

Mr. Antonio Ballesteros, the grandfather of Friar Sebastian Sandoval-Ballesteros, died Friday February 22. He was 92 years old. The funeral Mass has been scheduled to take place at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Rowland Heights, California on Friday, March 1, at 11:30 am.


Friar Austin Mysliwiec, OFM (Assumption Province)
Friar Gregory Havel, OFM (Assumption Province)
Friar Jonathan Foster, OFM (Sacred Heart Province)
Friar Fabian Grifone, OFM (Immaculate Conception Province)
Friar Fred Radke, OFM (Sacred Heart Province)
Friar Method Wilson, OFM (Sacred Heart Province)
Friar Elias Galves, OFM (St. Barbara Province)
Friar Carl Graczyk, OFM (Assumption Province)
Father John Reiss (Former member of the province) 
Friar Bede Fitzpatrick, OFM (Holy Name Province)
Friar Jeremiah McGinley, OFM (Holy Name Province)
January 14-17, 2019

In our last issue (February 15, 2019) Friar Tommy King reported on the efforts of Casa the annual Casa Franciscana Guaymas Medical Mission in the two neighboring villages of Guásimas and Triunfo de Santa Rosa. Friars Oscar Mendez, Bob Valentine, Mark McPherson, and Raul Diaz participated.  Friar Bradley Tuel was also on hand to document the event. Here is a sampling of the great photos he produced.

Top Photo: Mother and daughter
All from Bradley Tuel OFM
Friar Raul Diaz
Elderly woman registering for the clinic
Friar Tommy King
Friars Bob Valentine (l) and
Oscar Mendez (r ) with client
In San Francisco to shoot
“A Day in the Life” of
. . . Friar Dick Tandy

Casey has become well-known nationally for his media presentations about Franciscan life, starting with his postulancy in 2011. Recently, he was in San Francisco (Feb 20 -22) to film a “Day in the Life of A Friar” sequence with our own brother, Friar Dick Tandy.  

Casey is now preparing for presbyteral ordination. As Jocelyn Thomas, Director of Communications for Holy Name Province writes in a recent issue of HNP Today, “Returning to the parish he served during his internship year, and not far from where he attended high school, Casey Cole, OFM, will be ordained to the priesthood in front of a gathering of family, friends and parishioners at Immaculate Conception Church on June 22. The celebrant of the 11 a.m. Mass will be Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama of the diocese of Raleigh, N.C. For the entire article, check this link:

Photo: Friar Casey Cole (HNP)  by  Dick Tandy OFM
Rufino Zaragoza - March 1          
David Gaa - March 3          
Phillip Polk - March 6          
Barry Brunsman - March 15        
Joseph Chinnici - March 16        
Mark McPherson - March 19         
Antonio Luevano - March 22        
Samuel Nasada - March 29         
Freddy Rodriguez - March 31         
Raymond Tintle- March 31        
Guglielmo Lauriola - March 31  
Rami Fodda - March 12
Gerald Chumi - March 13
Nevin Ford - March 13
Patrick Evard - March 17
Patrick Grove - March 17
Regan Chapman - March 17
Joseph Baur - March 19
Josef Prochnow - March 19
Joseph Sermeno - March 19
Joseph Chinnici - March 19
Joseph Schwab - March 19
William Minkel - March 19
Christopher Best - March 19
Scott Slattum - March 19
Bradley Tuel - March 19
Thomas King - March 24
Freddy Rodriguez - March 31
2019 Calendar
~ From Lara Hansen ~

Spring Convocations (2 sessions)
March 11–14, 2019 ~ St. Francis Retreat, San Juan Bautista, CA
March 25–28, 2019 ~ Old Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside, CA

Discernment Dinner 
March 15 ~ St. Elizabeth, Oakland, CA

March 18-22 ~ Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ

Province Institutional Board and Staff Leadership Retreat
April 10-11 ~ Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ

Renewal of Profession Day
April 16

May 20-24 ~ Old Mission San Luis Rey, CA

Chapter 2019
June 23–28, 2019 ~ Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ
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