Volume 4 ~ Issue 5; Release: March 15, 2019
  • Lenten Reflections

  • Convocation North

  • A Letter from Guaymas
  • Immigration / Migration

  • SJB Confreres Coming to Chapter!

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Blessing of the 
Stations of the Cross
Franciscan Renewal Center
March 3, 2019

Friars, parishioners, and friends of the Franciscan Renewal Center and the Conventual Church of Our Lady of the Angels gathered at the Scottsdale, Arizona site on Sunday, March 3, 2019 for the blessing of new installation of the Stations of the Cross. Featured here are Friars Peter Kirwin  (Rector) and Joe Schwab (Church Vicar). Friar Page Polk (SJB) serves as Pastoral Minister. The Stations are now situated in the desert walk area, a tranquil, outdoor setting near the Meditation Chapel, deemed more suitable for the contemplative nature of this devotional prayer. Because the Stations are outdoors, they are always available to the public and can be prayed at any time throughout the year. Thanks to Patricia Lee of the FRC staff for her good help.--ct
All photos: c. Peter Jordan.
Top Right: Friars Peter Kirwin (l) and Joe Schwab (r) at the blessing of the Stations.
Lent 2019 Reflection
Conversion from the Good to the Better 
By Sister Maryann Mueller, CSSF 
FAN Board Member 

As we enter the season of Lent I am reminded of one of the Franciscan Values Guiding FAN developed by Fr. Tom Nairn, OFM (Provincial Minister, SH)which states: “Franciscan vision is transformational, demanding change and conversion in its adherents, following the example of Saints Francis and Clare. Francis saw his entire life as a continuing conversion into the vision of God, whom he saw as a loving parent. Francis saw his life as a continuous conversion from sin to a life lived in gratitude for God’s love. Many described the conversion of Clare from ‘the good to the better.’ The Franciscan life today remains one of on-going conversion. There is always an unfinished quality to this conversion until we enter into the Reign of God.”  Click here for full text.  From Franciscan Action Network Newsletter, March 3, 2019. 

Our readings this first Sunday of Lent remind us that continuing conversion occurs only with total dependence on God. The psalmist cries out, “Be with me, Lord, when I am in trouble.” (Ps. 91: 15b) while St. Paul assures us in the letter to the Romans, “for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Rom. 10:13) In our Gospel, St. Mark recounts the temptations of Jesus in the desert by Satan. With each attempt by Satan, Jesus goes “into the vision of God,” to the word of God to find strength to overcome each temptation. Every time we are tempted to be complacent when we are confronted with injustice, tempted to exert power over those more vulnerable than ourselves, or tempted to pursue “more” for ourselves at the expense of others, our baptismal mandate calls us to “continuous conversion from sin to a life lived in gratitude for God’s love.” 

As we pursue our 2019 Lenten journey let us strive to follow the example of St. Clare of Assisi, for continuous conversion from “the good to the better.” 
From Friar Sam Nasada
OFM/JPIC Webinar on Immigration
February 20, 2019

On February 20, the OFM JPIC Office in Rome organized a webinar on migration. The goal was to raise awareness and deepen understanding of global migration issues and assist JPIC animators with developing a strategic plan for dealing with these issues in their respective entities. 

Friar Julian Jagudilla (HNP), Director of the Migrant Center at St. Francis Church, New York City gave a brief overview of the global migration issues and the current development of what is called Franciscan Network of Migration or Red Franciscana para Imigrantes. The impetus to form this network of all Franciscan entities throughout the American continent came from the OFM Conference of Migration in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2016. Friars David Buer (SBP) and Luis Runde (SHP) from Ite Nuntiate Fraternity in Elfrida, Arizona then shared their experience of what a community that ministers to migrants might look like. Otto Perez, OFS, International JPIC Animator at St. Camillus in Silver Spring, Maryland, shared his experience of how a Franciscan parish can help with the Franciscan network initiative. Friar Jacek Orzechowski (HNP), who had just been appointed to the Animation Committee of the OFM JPIC General Council, moderated the webinar. A complete video of the webinar can be found here: https://youtu.be/85Tx-7IbaP4 

Artwork from Exhibition Sanctuary at Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City.
Top: Reunite (2018). Artists: Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratelo. All photos C Talley, OFM
Mayflowers (2018) Artist: Christopher Myers
Where Do We Go From Here? (2018) Artist: Eric Gottesman
Spring Convocation (North)
St. Francis Retreat
San Juan Bautista, California
March 11 – 14, 2019

Top right:  PM David Gaa, OFM
All photos by:  C. Talley OFM
Friar Guglielmo Lauriola
Robert (Bob) Barbaro OFM.Cap.
Friars conspire
Keith Warner

Two of our confreres from the St. John the Baptist Province will be attending our Chapter 2019: Friars Tim Lamb (email:   tlambofm@franciscan.org)  and Chris Meyer (email:  cjmeyer@franciscan.org). Feel free to write them a note of welcome.

Friar Christopher Meyer has contributed his skills in technology to a variety of SJB ministries in the Midwest and as a missionary in Jamaica. A native of Fort Wayne, Ind., Chris made solemn vows in 2006 and graduated from DePaul University in 2009. Formerly IT Director for Cristo Rey High School in Cincinnati, he serves in Communications for the Diocese of Montego Bay, Jamaica, and lives in Savanna-la-mar. 

Friar Tim Lamb, Director of Vocations for SJB Province, is from Dover, N.H. Tim studied Pastoral Counseling at Loyola University and was solemnly professed in 2000. He has been Province Personnel Advisor, a member of the Post-Novitiate Team at St. Joseph Friary in Chicago, and a missionary with the Province of St. Francis in Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius in Nairobi, Kenya. Tim is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Many thanks to Toni Cashnelli, Director of Communications, SJB Province, for providing this information. -- ct

Photos: Courtesy, Toni Cashnelli, SJB Province
Tim Lamb OFM
Chris Meyer OFM
A Letter from Guaymas
Grand Opening of Denise Nagel Youth Center
February 22, 2019
From Friar Tommy King

On Friday morning, February 22, a group of about fifty people gathered in the Fátima neighborhood of Guaymas for the grand opening of the Denise Nagel Youth Center. (Denise is the deceased sister of CFO President Kevin). Along with myself, Sara Valle Dessens (Mayor of Guaymas), Juliangel Gil (Director, Municipal Youth Services) and Victor Granados (Board President of Casa Franciscana Guaymas) joined in the ribbon cutting ceremony. I shared a little history of how Casa Franciscana did surveys in the neighborhoods it serves to hear suggestions of how they could better in the future. Over 60% of respondents mentioned a concern of youth between 12-18 who run a high risk of getting involved in gangs or other unhealthy activities because of all the unsupervised time they have in the afternoon. Since Casa Franciscana already owned a building in Fátima where it serves hot lunches, CFO Board members went to work to raise the money to fund the Youth Center for three years.

Activities at the Center include computer classes, help with homework, sports and individual and group counseling. Most of the adults working there are volunteers. In addition, Guadalupe Ramos (Director) and Álvaro Calderón (Assistant Director) are moving quickly to develop other services for the youth and have lots of connections with volunteers who want to help. They are off to a great start. Please keep them and the Youth Center in your prayers.

Photos: Courtesy, Tommy King OFM
Cutting the ribbon at the grand opening ceremony:  Fr. Tommy King, OFM, Sara Valle Dessens (Mayor of Guaymas), Juliangel Gil (Municipal Director of Youth Services) and Victor Granados (President-Board of Directors of Casa Franciscana Guaymas) 
Volunteer psychologist doing
group therapy with the kids
Friar Tommy King with Multiracial Tau as part of the Centro Juvenil sign.

Youth Center (interior)-- big enough to be a basketball/ volleyball/ mini soccer court!
February 18, 2019
From Friar Sam Nasada

On February 18, 2019, friars from across Arizona met at the Ite Nuntiate fraternity in Elfrida for a day of recollection. We were joined by Friar Juan Turcios (HNP) who was visiting Elfrida to explore a short-term ministry opportunity for the summer. Friar Matthias Creehan (SJB) led us in discussion of the summary of the latest US-6 Provincials meeting and the Albuquerque Affirmation. A delicious chili lunch made by Friar David Buer was enjoyed by all.

Photo by Max Hottle: (l-r) Friars Steve Barnufsky, Juan Turcios, Scott Slattum, Max Hottle, David Buer, Sam Nasada, Matt Creehan, Eddie Fronske
Vocations Tips: #10 (and counting backwards!)

Brothers: Peace and all good! Many of you have asked for suggestions on how we each are called to act as vocations promoters. This is the first of a series of the TOP TEN tips that we will send you in the coming months. We REALLY appreciate and need your help with identifying, inviting and encouraging young men who might be considering the Franciscan life.

Vocations Tip #10 : Invite a young man to dinner.

Maybe he is already discerning about religious life or the priesthood, or maybe you think he might be good in this vocation and want to encourage him. Asking him to come over for a meal with your community is relatively easy, and the informal setting can be more relaxed for you, the friars and the man you invited. From that point, you can connect him with one of us, the Vocations Team, if you think he could be interested in coming to Province events, monthly discerner dinners, Come and See retreats, etc. Many thanks and a good start to Lent to you!

Sebastian, Eric and Zeno

PS. Please “like” our Facebook posts, and mark that you are “interested” in the Vocations events we post on Facebook. It helps extend our Franciscan promotional outreach on Facebook!!  www.facebook.com/SBfranciscans

You can click this link right now and hit the “like” button…” Find Vocations Events in the list on the left-hand side of the page. Click on an event, then click “Interested”.

PPS. Contact us anytime: Sebastian, ofmvocations@gmail.com or 510-821-4492; Zeno, isw8724@gmail.com or 510-704-3011; Eric, epilarcik@aol.com or 408-903-3422.

Photo,Top Right: Vocations Team - Friars Eric Pilarcik (l) and Zeno Im
Friar Sebastian Sandoval
Fieldwork: Zeno Im with inquirers

Our confrere, Father Mel Bucher, OFM died on Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019. He was 83 years old, 65 years professed and 58 years ordained. Funeral services scheduled: Vigil: March 14, 7pm at St. Elizabeth Church, Oakland; Mass of the Resurrection: March 15, 10:30 am at Mercy Center, Oakland; Internment: March 18, 11am, Old Mission Santa Barbara.

Dr. Albert Ribisi MD, the stepfather of Friar Chris Best, died peacefully on Friday February 22, 2019 in Huntington Beach, CA. He was 95 years old.

Photo: Mel Bucher OFM Photo: c. Peter Jordan
New Film on Francis: Now Available

Sign of Contradiction, a recently released 74-minute, feature length biopic, features commentary by  Friar Michael J. Higgins, TOR, President of FST. Produced by the Ministry of the Wild Goose and 4PM Media, the film also involves Friar Dave Pivonka, TOR, Friar Raniero Cantalmessa, OFM. Cap., and Sister Katherine Caldwell, TOR. For more information: https://www.signofcontradiction.com Website

Photo. Michael J. Higgins, TOR
Speaking of R + R:
Franciscans of New Mexico, Part of a Coast-to-Coast Effort
By Friar Jack Clark Robinson (OLG)

“The Franciscans in 21st century long to be the same sort of blessing to this time and place as St. Francis was for Italy.” So wrote OLG Provincial Minister Jack Clark Robinson in a recent article, “Franciscans of New Mexico, Part of a Coast-to-Coast Effort.” The article was features in the February, 2019 issue of People of God magazine, produced by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico. For the full text, click here

Photo: PM Jack Clark Robinson (OLG)
Friar Joe Chinnici to Speak:
Franciscan Institute, St. Bonaventure University
April 12, 2019

Former Minister Provincial Joe Chinnici will give the keynote Ignatius Brady Lecture on “Faith, Reform and Mission When the Church Becomes an Obstacle” (7:30 p.m. April 12 and 9 a.m.-noon April 13) at the Franciscan Institute, St. Bonaventure University, NY. The Institute is also sponsoring a discussion on “Franciscan Reform and the Abuse Crisis of the Catholic Church” April 12-13 at SBU. 

Also at St. Bonnie’s: All Franciscans are welcome to attend the 2019 Summer seminars, master classes and workshops offered by the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University. You can register online at: https://www.sbu. edu/about-sbu/sbu-campus-maps-directions/franciscan- institute/summer-2019-programs. New this year: Dr. Jay Hammond from St. Louis University will lead a seminar on his research of the Early Rule of 1221 for Capuchin, Conventual and OFM friars July 10-12. Contact Friar David Couturier, OFM Cap, at dcouturi@sbu.edu

Photo: Joe Chinnici, OFM photo: c. Peter Jordan
Resources for Personal Ongoing Formation Plan
From Friar John R. Barker (SJB)

Our confrere, Friar John Barker has developed a series of questions as part of discussion instrument he prepared for SJB friars to use in their regional gatherings over the next couple of months. It is provided here as a resource to any friar who may be interested: Click here.

Photo: John R. Barker, OFM
San Damiano Retreat
Featured in Recycling Publication

Successful composting efforts by San Damiano Retreat have been featured in Recycling Smart, a San Francisco Bay publication. Facilities Manager Ron Roncarti is mentioned in the piece. SDR’s Executive Director is Peter Wise. Click here for article.

Photo: Ron Roncarti. Photo: C. Talley OFM
Rufino Zaragoza - March 1          
David Gaa - March 3          
Phillip Polk - March 6          
Barry Brunsman - March 15        
Joseph Chinnici - March 16        
Mark McPherson - March 19         
Antonio Luevano - March 22        
Samuel Nasada - March 29         
Freddy Rodriguez - March 31         
Raymond Tintle- March 31        
Guglielmo Lauriola - March 31  
Rami Fodda - March 12
Nevin Ford - March 13
Patrick Evard - March 17
Patrick Groves - March 17
Regan Chapman - March 17
Joseph Baur - March 19
Josef Prochnow - March 19
Joseph Zermeno - March 19
Joseph Chinnici - March 19
Joseph Schwab - March 19
William Minkel - March 19
Christopher Best - March 19
Scott Slattum - March 19
Bradley Tuel - March 19
Thomas King - March 24
Freddy Rodriguez - March 31
2019 Calendar
~ From Lara Hansen ~

Spring Convocations (2 sessions)
March 25–28, 2019 ~ Old Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside, CA

Discernment Dinner 
March 15 ~ St. Elizabeth, Oakland, CA

March 18-22 ~ Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ

Province Institutional Board and Staff Leadership Retreat
April 10-11 ~ Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ

Renewal of Profession Day
April 16

May 20-24 ~ Old Mission San Luis Rey, CA

Chapter 2019
June 23–28, 2019 ~ Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ
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