September 12, 2019
The Big 5 Amenity Dispenser Drivers
The acceptance of dispensed amenities in hotel guest rooms has been a long time in the making. When they were introduced in the 1980’s, most of the interested hoteliers were independents or owner/operators of limited-service properties or national and state park lodging facilities. But in this case, good stuff has actually rolled uphill and amenity dispensers have since caught on like wildfire at midmarket and upscale properties across the globe.

Both Marriott International and IHG recently announced significant commitments to this environmental initiative. By December 2020, Marriott International will require most of the 7,000+ hotels around the world to make the switch. I nterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), with a portfolio that includes more than 5,600 hotels and nearly 843,000 rooms, announced it will start offering toiletries in dispensers at all its properties by 2021 in an effort to reduce plastic waste. The company expects that to amount to about 200 million little bottles a year.
Here’s why amenity dispensers will soon become the norm:

1) Waste Not — When times are good, it’s very easy to just keep doing things the way we’ve always done them. Since 1994, the lodging industry has been pretty robust — with the exception of two recessions (2001-2002 and 2008-2010). We’ve seen interest spike upward in  amenity dispensers  each time the economy trended downward. Lately, however, a lot of owner/operators are looking to save wherever and whenever possible — and this includes amenities. What our industry appears to have learned is that amenity dispenser savings make sense in any economy!

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Disaster Preparedness — Are you ready?
A True Life Story
I recently drove from San Jose to Disneyland and stopped in Bakersfield for a night to break up the trip, hoping that would ease the pain of a long drive with young children. While at dinner that night in Bakersfield, the magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Ridgecrest hit. The restaurant waved like a boat on the ocean. Luckily, it subsided with no damage and all was calm again.
When we got back to the hotel I called the front desk to ask them about their emergency evacuation plan. I was impressed that the associate was able to direct me to the emergency exits and give me some basic earthquake tips.

As a guest, it put me somewhat at ease knowing that the hotel staff had been trained for these scenarios.

As the endorsed insurance broker for CLIA, it also led me to these questions:

  • Does your employee training include Earthquake, Natural Disaster, and Fire Preparedness?
  • Would your employees know how to direct guests to safety?
  • Would your employees know how to protect themselves?
  • Is there a way to remotely access hotel guest list and employee list to know who is on
  • your property at the time of a disaster?
  • Do your employees know the evacuation routes, ­extinguisher locations, alarm pull station locations, and assembly areas?
  • Do you have a designated emergency coordinator to oversee this crucial information?

These are just some of the things to consider. Leavitt Pacific has the resources to help you implement or improve your disaster preparedness plan.
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Our Most Popular Helpline Question - Unfortunately
Sadly, our most numerous Helpline questions start out like this: "I just got a letter saying that I am being sued because my website is not ADA compliant, what do I do?" At that point all we can do is refer them to an attorney. All kinds of properties, no matter how big or small are subject to these legal entanglements.
To avoid getting one of these heart-stopping letters, be sure that your website is ADA compliant. Get something in writing from your website designer stating that the website is ADA compliant. Review your insurance policy for your coverage.

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SB 778 Extends Deadline for Sexual Harassment Training
SB 778 signed into law by Governor Newsom on August 30, 2019 clarifies that all employees, not just supervisory ones, must be trained by January 1, 2021.

SB 778 doesn’t change the timing for training seasonal and temporary workers. Effective January 1, 2020, seasonal and temporary employees, who are employed to work for less than six months, must be trained within 30 days of their hire date or when they have worked 100 hours worked, whichever comes first.
Last Training
Next Year Training is Required
CLIA Lodging Members can call the FREE CLIA Helpline at 916.925.2915 with questions about SB778 or any other HR, ADA,legal or operational question.
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  • Workplace Sexual Harassment Training for Managers presented by Andrew Sommer of Conn Maciel Carey, meets the sexual harassment training requirements in California 
  • Are You Ready for 2020? Panel discussion with four industry experts who will share their insights on preparing for the future. Moderator: Neal Patel, AAHOA Secretary.
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