According to the reports, in the late midnight hour on October 16th, Big Bear Lake resident, Lori Hutchins was attacked at her front door. She was assaulted by a drunken and belligerent short-term vacation rental guest from the house next door. The guest was upset at Ms. Hutchins' complaint to the City's Code Enforcement about his blaring music after mid-night as he and his group partied in the spa. The assault was captured by her front porch camera. The surveillance video shows the half-dressed man assaulting Ms. Hutchins. Crime scene photos taken shortly after the incident illustrated how battered and beaten she was. The totality of her arm was swollen, blackened and bruised. The Sheriff Deputy also noted blood dripping from her wrist as a result of the assault. According to Ms. Hutchins, the assailant pulled her by the hair, causing her diamond earrings to be lost in the attack.

Hearing her screams for help, 911 calls were made. The San Bernardino County Sheriff responded with multiple units. The suspect was quickly captured, arrested and booked at the Big Bear Lake jail. The District Attorney's Office charged the defendant, Erick Cruz with criminal battery and elderly abuse.

The People of the State of California vs. Erick Rolando Cruz has dragged on in the courts for over a year now. Ms. Hutchins has had to make several trips from Big Bear Lake to attend court proceedings in San Bernardino. The defendant's lawyer has been granted multiple continuances and has now filed a Motion for Diversion. If granted, a Diversion Motion would allow the defendant to simply pay a fine and if he stays out of trouble for a defined time, the charges would be dropped. Councilman Lee joined Ms. Hutchins at her last scheduled court appearance on January 7, 2022.

Councilman Lee met with representatives from the DA's Victim Services Bureau, the prosecuting DA and the Supervising Deputy District Attorney to press the case on behalf of his Big Bear Lake constituents and the crime victim, Ms. Lori Hutchins. The DA has now filed a Motion in Opposition to Diversion and is seeking to take this case to trial. Councilman Lee has announced he will attend every court hearing with the victim.

The victim was quoted in a recent interview saying, "I've appeared at the City Council meetings to tell my story, and I even wrote the City Manager a letter, but I got no support. If it wasn't for Councilman Alan Lee, I would have been out here on my own."

Councilman Lee said, "I will actively stand up for the safety and security of our community. I will use the full weight of my office and every ounce of energy I have to protect our senior citizens."

In a letter to the District Attorney, Councilman Lee wrote, "The sanctity of the victim's home was violated and she was assaulted. Justice dictates and our community demands prosecution, not diversion." Click here to read Councilman Lee's letter to the District Attorney.