The Comet's Tale  
May 12, 2017
Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors! 
Valedictorian, Co-Salutatorians to speak at Graduation 
Congratulations to our Valedictorian, Melissa Jacqueline Prado, for her extraordinary performance at ASTEC Charter Schools. We know there are big things in store for Miss Prado and we at ASTEC are proud to have played a part of this young woman's brilliant future. Miss Prado plans to pursue mechanical engineering at Northwestern University or University of Oklahoma. Best wishes for an outstanding future, Miss Prado! 
This year, we had two equally-excellent scholars tie for Salutatorian! So, the honor will be shared between Irma Lopez (right) and Lizette Becerra-Tijerina (below). Congratulations, ladies! 
We are looking forward to following the lives and careers of these  dedicated young women as they move on to higher education. Miss Becerra-Tijerina plans to study to become a nurse practitioner. Miss Lopez plans to become a dermatologist. 
Teacher Appreciation Week draws to a close
We at ASTEC Charter Schools LOVE our teachers! They are a dynamic group of intelligent, caring and devoted professionals that give their all every day. May 8 to 12 was Teacher Appreciation Week and our teachers got a little surprise every day to remind them that they are appreciated and loved. 

On Monday, teachers found goodie bags in their mailboxes. 

On Tuesday, they were treated to "Comet Cafe," complete with gourmet coffee, cappuccino and a selection of yummy breakfast breads.
Wednesday, a group of ASTEC's Student Council kids delivered colorful carnations and special greeting cards to each teacher. Thursday, the teachers were treated to a giant bowl of healthy fruit. 

Friday was the grand finale of Teacher Appreciation Week with free breakfast burritos (generously provided by Sonic, America's Drive-In at Penn Ave. and NW 23). 

If you haven't done it already this month, find a teacher and give him or her a heartfelt "Thank You" for all that they do to make our kids' tomorrows successful. 
May's Scholars of the Month 
ASTEC's Scholars of the Month have the distinction of being the final SOMs for the 2016/2017 school year! We like to learn more about our Scholars of the Month, so here are the scholars' answers to three questions: What is your favorite subject? Who is your favorite teacher? What five words describe you? 

12th Grade Scholars of the Month, Sanjuanita Silva and Jarvis De Leon:

Sanjuanita:  This year I like all my classes, but the one I like the most would have to be my first hour, government with Mr. Nation. I like the class because of the way he teaches and makes the class fun, as well as the peers.

All my teachers are super outgoing, but my favorite would be Mr. Hudec. He’s my favorite because he’s easy to make conversation with, and he makes the classroom a fun environment.

The five words that I think describe me the most would be outgoing, optimistic, athletic, cheerful, and truthful.

Jarvis:  I have many favorite classes, but the one that has impacted me greatly is government because it teaches me important things about society, government itself, and most importantly, life.

I have many favorite teachers.  I’m just grateful that I have the opportunity and privilege to learn from them and to be able to accomplish my dreams because of them.  

Five words that I would say people describe me are athletic, leader, motivator, nice, and outgoing. 

11th Grade Scholars of the Month, Tammy Sounantha and Miguel Tapia

My favorite class is AP English 3 because I like working on my vocabulary and reading books. I also like P.E. because I’m pretty active and I enjoy running or learning new sports. Lastly, I like AP U.S. history because although the assignment is tough, I like how Mrs. Dormiani teaches her class.

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Dormiani because she will make you work and be successful. She is also very easy to talk to.  I also like Mr. Hudec because he’s cool.

I am tall, athletic, Asian, nice and serious.

My favorite class is health class because I like learning more about my body and be more healthy.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Hudec because I like Latin, and the history behind Latin.

Five words that describe me are athletic, competitive, intelligent, friendly and patient.

10th Grade Scholars of the Month, Vanesa Rangel-Martinez and Noel Figueroa-Cavello

My favorite class is Biology because It is a interesting class.

My favorite teacher is Mr Blackston because I had learn in his class he is a good teacher.

I am friendly, nice, fun, short and honest.

My favorite class would be biology, because I like the content of study.

My favorite teacher would be the biology teacher Mr. DeRennaux, because he’s outgoing.

Five words that describe me would be tall, creative, talented, patient, and quiet.

9th Grade Scholars of the Month, Ellen Flores and Gabriel Vega-Campa

My favorite class is English because he makes the class fun.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Rogers because he’s always prepared to teach the class.

I am friendly, nice, tall, energetic, and fun.

My favorite class is Latin because it is the teacher is cool.

Mr. Hudec is my favorite teacher.

Five words that describe me are nice, friendly, fun, tall, funny.

8th Grade Scholars of the Month, Jhojary Galvez-Lopez and Bani Escobar
Language Arts is my favorite class because I understand it more than other subjects.  

Mr. Reed is my favorite teacher because he gives us cool activities to work on.  

Words to describe me are weird, nice and fun.  

My favorite class is technology because you get to use the computers.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Patterson.

I am fun and nice.

7th Grade Scholars of the Month, Kim Galvan and Angel Mares.

My favorite class is Language Arts because I understand it more than other subjects.
I like math because I understand how to do it. 

I am fun, geeky, quirky.

My favorite class is technology because we never use paper.
My favorite teacher is Ms. McMindes because she is nice and cool.

I am fun, cool and unique.

6th Grade Scholars of the Month,Natalie Hernandez and Anderson Muralles-Diaz

My favorite class is explore because she is really fun. 

My favorite teacher is Mrs.Urbina because she is really fun.

I'm nice.

My favorite class is Explore because you learn about famous people.
My favorite teacher is Ms.Dunn.
I am smart.

A bright vision for the future
Filmmaking Camp Deadline approaches
Attention all aspiring high school filmmakers: deadCenter Film is inviting Oklahoma high school students to apply for deadCENTER University, a free film camp to be held June 8 to 11. But if you're interested, apply this weekend because the deadline is Monday, May 15. The camp will include two full days of film classes at Metro Technology Centers and two more days of panels and films at the film festival downtown. 

The camp will feature instruction from some of Oklahoma's most well-known and respected filmmakers including Mike Mitchell, Ryan Bellgardt, Bob Byington and Kyle Roberts. Additionally, acting classes, green screen workshops, lighting, screenwriting and other practical filmmaking skills will be covered. 

For information, visit
Summer School Starts Soo
For ASTEC Scholars needing to make up credits, Summer School will begin June 5 and last through June 22 at the ASTEC campus. Core classes including math, science, English and social studies will be offered for $150 per class, per semester. Classes run from 8 a.m. to noon Mondays through Thursdays. Contact Dean Hall by emailing or stop by his office, M-302. 
ASTEC Yearbook Angels are stretching their wings
Teachers of the Year to be honored with Energy
Bring your family, friends and students to support our ASTEC Teachers of the Year at the Energy FC Teacher Appreciation Night! 

Our Teachers of the Year  will be recognized during halftime at the Energy FC match on  Saturday, May 20 .  The game starts at 7 p.m.  and is held at Taft Stadium off of NW 23 and May. The deadline to purchase tickets is  Friday, May 12th .  ASTEC will receive $5 for each ticket sold at ASTEC.

Ticket order forms are located at the High School and Middle School front office. If you want to place a direct ticket order, please contact Marco Zavala at  or call (405) 255-9252.  Make sure to let him know you are purchasing tickets as part of ASTEC.

If you are paying with cash, please turn it in to the secretaries.  Marco Zavala will stop by to pick up the order forms and money through next  Friday, May 12th .

Edibles and Activities 


May 15 to 19, 2017

All meals include fresh fruit. All breakfast meals include milk or juice and cereal as a choice.
All lunch meals include fruit, milk or water and salad bar.


Breakfast: Pancake on a stick

Lunch: Chicken Alfredo and Breadstick 


Breakfast: Muffin and Trix Yogurt

Lunch: Corn Dog, Mac & Cheese and Green Beans


Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwich 

Lunch: Deli Sub, Chips, Carrot Sticks and Ranch


Breakfast: Biscuit and Gravy

Lunch: Baked Potato Bar, Pulled Pork, Dinner Roll 


Breakfast: Yogurt Parfait 

Lunch: Taco, Cilantro Lime Rice, Beans, Chips and Salsa

Mark Your Calendar!

May 12 to May 24, 201

Friday, May 12
Senior Trip to Main Event from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

 HS Graduation at Oklahoma City Community College's Visual and Performing Arts Center Theater
from 6 to 9 p.m

Saturday, May 13
Spring Regatta for Rowing 
5 p.m. at the Devon Boathouse
725 S Lincoln Blvd, OKC 73129.

Monday, May 16
8:30 a.m. to noon: High School Awards Assemblies in ASTEC's Auditorium  

Tuesday, May 17
8:30 to 10:30 a.m.: Middle School Awards Assemblies in ASTEC's Auditorium   

Thursday, May 18
First Tee Golf 
3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
(see Mr. Patterson for more details)

Tuesday, May 23
 Last day of school

Wednesday, May 24
Check out day for teachers