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University Announcement

Monday, May 16 at 1:30 p.m. on the Campus Quad [map]

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Friend, history is about to be made in Claremont, California. And hopefully, you'll be there to see it!


On Monday afternoon, the leaders of an important new venture are gathering to announce the establishment of the first interreligious university in the United States

(and, we believe, anywhere in the world). It represets a major shift in the history of higher education, which often rejects the wisdom of ancient and modern traditions in addressing the world's most intractable problems. 


This new University will be different. It will reach across boundaries of belief and practice -- to leaders from various religious and ethical commitments -- to bring about positive change in the world.


If you cannot attend the announcement, be sure to follow the developments on

Facebook and Twitter, which will be the first to link to the University's new University website on Monday.  


And when you first visit the site, linger awhile. Read the claims. Explore the degree programs. Watch the videos. And if this an idea you can get behind, then do just that! Recommend a student. Make a financial contribution. Or consider whether you may personally benefit from this unique approach to education. 


Monday is a big day ... not only for those of us in Claremont, but for anyone who can become a more effective leader -- and person -- because of these efforts. Hopefully, you can be apart of it!



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