The Big Picture... at St. Paul's
February 6, 2020

On Sunday mornings we gather in the library to go over the appointed lessons each Sunday. We reflect on the Collect of the Day, the Theme of the Day, Each of the appointed lessons (O.T. reading, Psalm, Second lesson (Epistle), Holy Gospel. We then go over the Images of the readings; ideas for the day; making connections. This usually lasts for about 45 minutes, ending at 10am. There has been an additional component to further study and reflection by “digging deeper into the Gospel lesson, that is done on one’s own during the week. This component is for individual spiritual formation, and not discussed in the following week’s class. Please join us at anytime----Fr. Phil+​

The next DOK meeting will be held on February 9, 2020 in the library at 9am. A light breakfast will be served.

Courageous Conversations
Over the last nine months, St. Paul’s has been hosting monthly discussions of racial reconciliation and social justice with Mt. Olive Baptist Church, StarkFresh, and the Stark County NAACP. New relationships have been established as we have faced the racial issues affecting our community. These discussions or “Courageous Conversations” will continue next year beginning on Feb. 11th at 6:00 pm.

HOT lunch will be served on February 15th. Volunteers welcome!

Above : Candlemas, February 2nd. Photo by David Rotthoff.
Below : Reverend Eric Howard of Mt. Olive Baptist Church preached at the January 19th combined service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. Photo courtesy of Rick Senften and M.L. Schultze.

Scriptures for February 9th, 2020
The Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany

Isaiah 58:1-12
Psalm 112:1-10
1 Corinthians 2:1-16
Matthew 5:13-20

Participants in the Liturgy

Celebrant/Preacher: The Rev. Philip F. Kunder+, Long Term Supply Priest
Parish Musician: Bruce Schutrum
Eucharistic Ministers: Linda Heitger, Douglas Colmery
Lectors: Valerie Frear, Patrick Weschler
Ushers: John Titmas, Cathy Johanning
Greeters & Oblationers: Richard & Barbara Anderson
Acolytes: Greg Johanning (C), Karl Roshong (A), Linda Heitger (T)
Healer: Carol Sutek
Altar Guild: Shirley Brown
Weekly Cleaning: Susan Phillips
Closers/Counters: Patrick Weschler, Carol Sutek
​Our Mission Statement:
   St. Paul’s is a radically welcoming Episcopal community in downtown Canton,
grounded in faith, called by God’s Love to minister to the world.