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A Message from the CEO…
Staying competitive, protecting your business and taking advantage of opportunities does not always require abandoning the technology you've already paid for. In this issue, we discuss some of the common challenges facing businesses today and offer some practical solutions that enhance what you already have…

  • Mitel removes the “rock-and-a-hard-place” conundrum when considering how to add cloud capabilities to your older phone system.

  • The greatest risk to your IT security and what to do about it.

  • How to uncover Carrier Services billing cost reductions and improve communications.

  • In case you missed the event, we recap Mitel’s recent Road Show spotlighting Digital Transformation & the latest Contact Center innovations.

  • When the next crisis hits our region - or your business, an add-on Mass Notification solution can make the difference in protecting your people and property.

Contact me today to discuss how today’s innovative technologies can be applied to your existing technologies to safeguard what counts, improve the Customer Experience and move your business forward. 

Tom Cornbrooks, President
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Upgrade your old Mitel phone system with the latest Cloud Capabilities… TCI can make it happen!

Whenever considering new technology, there is always concern about how previous investments will be impacted. Do you abandon infrastructure prematurely and break the IT budget, or do you stick with the old technology – and its limitations – as a cost-saving measure?

Fortunately, the cloud removes this “rock-and-a-hard-place” conundrum from your decision making. The cloud offers a way to take advantage of the latest technology incrementally as new needs arise, without feeling forced to stay locked into outdated infrastructure until you’ve wrung every last ROI dollar out of it.

With these issues in mind, TCI can enable new cloud capabilities in your current Mitel phone system. Starting with MiVoice Business Release 9, there is a simplified cloud-based process for the deployment of ongoing patches, security updates, and dramatic performance improvements. 

TCI & Mitel facilitate the evolution of your business to next-generation networks.

A software refresh and move to native Linux provide a common set of tools for software management, while enabling the integration of new services and enhanced security. This also results in significantly enhanced system performance and serviceability.

Individual software components are now updated without requiring an entire software load. This reduces maintenance time and provides faster response to potential future security issues.

Schedule your Upgrade Consultation

Schedule time with TCI's local team of Mitel experts to discuss what a successful implementation can mean to the continued success of your business and answer any questions you may have. Our meeting and assessment will have several objectives:

  • Discover any hardware that is unsupported and identify any license changes that may be required

  • Discuss an implementation plan for incorporating Mitel’s new cloud capabilities with your current MiVoice phone system

  • Prepare for a successful transition from VxWorks (the previous Operating System) to Linux

  • Review Mitel’s introduction of Server Manager to all platforms

Ready to schedule your briefing now? Please contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or .

We’re all human… Why Your Employees are the Greatest Risk to Your IT Security
The greatest threat to the security of any organization is often traced to employees who inadvertently allow confidential data to be accessed and stolen. The latest estimates indicate that more than 90% of cyber attacks can be attributed to human error. 

Social engineering attacks such as phishing and spoofing continue to grow in frequency and sophistication at alarming rates. With people’s interests publicly available on social media, hackers often use this information to manipulate an unsuspecting target into handing over or revealing sensitive data. 

As attackers constantly employ new and innovative methods, companies are hard pressed to stop them. This is because even with excellent security tools and knowledgeable security teams in place, the weakest link is often a user within the company who has unknowingly fallen victim to an attacker.  

The best security intervention is to raise the awareness of staff.  

When your employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware and social engineering, they can apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job. 

Even when you raise cyber security awareness among your employees, they can still make mistakes. We’re all human. 
TCI offers expert assessments, mitigation recommendations and innovative IT security solutions to help you better protect your organization. Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or .

Recapping Mitel’s recent Road Show on Digital Transformation & Contact Center innovations
The emergence of the Digital Economy has led companies to transform their call centers into omni-channel customer experience centers. Increasingly, companies are finding that they need optimization solutions like Workforce Management, Interaction Recording, Quality Management and Speech Analytics to successfully operate an omni-channel customer experience center. They’re also looking at AI-powered Agent Assist technology to modernize the customer and agent experience. 

Many companies struggle to make the transition seamlessly and are looking for partners to help them navigate through the maze of choices. TCI and Mitel can help.

On July 10 in Columbia, Maryland, the Mitel UC Contact Center Roadshow was in town, a platform for discussions and demonstrations of the latest innovations in contact center technologies and applications. Experts from Mitel, Google, ASC, TalkDesk, and others covered these topics: 

  • How Google AI can power Contact Center Agents
  • How to Optimize the largest expense in a Contact Center 
  • Benefits of hosting a Contact Center via the cloud
  • How to determine which Contact Center solutions best fit your company

We were delighted to see some of our valued TCI clients and guests, including…
  • Burke and Herbert Bank
  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • American Society of Civil Engineer
  • Intensive Care On-line Network

If you were unable to attend this event…

We have compiled a 75-page slide deck that provides a recap of the presentations. We offer it in the hope that it may stimulate ideas on the types of innovations available that you can bring into your contact center to improve the customer experience. 

Let’s talk about how innovative technologies and applications can advance the effectiveness of your contact center. Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or .

Money on the line… How TCI experts uncover phone bill cost reductions & improve communications
As business phone lines have transformed from old fashioned ‘Plain Old Telephone Service’ to ‘Voice over IP,’ you should know how many connections/talk-paths you need to support the voice traffic in and out of your business and between your locations. 

Too many connections and too much capacity and you are wasting money… Not enough, and your customers get busy signals or poor call quality, and you lose money. 

Informed decisions 

Our traffic studies help you make quick and accurate decisions to better manage voice communications. Among other things, TCI traffic studies and analysis help you… 

  • Uncover unused trunk capacity or the need for more capacity

  • Understand daily, monthly, seasonal and holiday traffic variations

  • Identify problems that may be causing poor voice quality

  • Map traffic flows for right-sizing bandwidth between locations

  • Optimize voice with prioritization and shaping techniques

  • Prepare for new, more cost-effective services like SIP and SD-WANs

  • Plan for more flexible services that allow for intelligent routing, traffic bursting, and call overflow alternatives

Our traffic studies pinpoint inefficiencies and identify cost reduction opportunities. Arrange your telecom and network services assessment today. Contact TCI at (703) 321-3030 or .

Emergency & Crisis Management… Keeping your employees safe, informed and connected
Disruptive events – man-made or natural – unfold quickly, so fast response time is essential for safeguarding people and property. Regardless of the type of disruption, fast response is facilitated by a robust mass notification solution that allows you to communicate with all your employees at once wherever their location.

For example, employees may have to be notified of severe weather conditions, fires, hazardous material spills, IT outages, suspicious people, or an active shooter incident. 

To ensure your mass notification system is up to par, make sure all the following functions are present and accounted for…

  • Anywhere, any device, any mode - A robust mass notification solution can notify staff and visitors via SMS, email, voice, landlines, mobile devices, desktops, digital screens in the lobby or cafeteria or overhead public address speakers.

  • Multiple channels - The system needs to integrate with your internal contact database. That way, you can reach employees through multiple channels simultaneously. In critical situations redundancy is a good thing. 

  • Different messages, different people - Your system should be able to target different audiences by geography, function and position. For example, one message can go to executives while others are sent to staff, facility personnel, remote workers and others. 

  • Confirmation - The system should also ask recipients to confirm they received the notification. In this way, real-time reporting can inform company responders of everyone’s location during an emergency.

  • Collaboration between security personnel - A mass notification solution powered by unified communications (UC) enables your security people to cut through the “wires” and connect to colleagues quickly.

  • Pre-event readiness - A good mass notification solution gives you the option of identifying numerous scenarios and preparing detailed messages and announcements – as well as automatic procedures like notifying first responders – ahead of time. 

Getting urgent messages to your employees doesn’t have to be complicated. With a UC-based mass notification system, you can reach your people no matter where they are and get them to safety.

Let’s talk about how a mass notification system can protect your people and property. Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or .

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