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Our goal is to provide you with the most effective holistic dental care available.
In caring for our patients, one of our advantages is the technology available in our office. From air and water filtration and purification, to state-of-the-art equipment such as the Cavitat Ultrasound imaging device, Galileos 3d Cone Beam X-ray, and Cerec Milling System, our equipment helps us give superior care to our patients. Check out the "Our Technology" link below to learn more.
FEATURED BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY VIDEOS (click the images below to view)
Crowns In One Visit
Crowns In One Visit

Phone Consultation with a Biological Dentist
Phone Consultation with a Biological Dentist
Patient Testimonial
Amazing Patient Testimonial

We are able to provide crowns and inlays in one visit, instead of weeks like it used to take. We prepare your crown while you wait, and install it the same day.
Need answers or a second opinion? Many of our patients start with a phone consultation with one of our Dentists.

The teeth and body are related. After our patient's troublesome dental issues were treated, his arthritis was almost immediately alleviated.


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