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Are you considering a dental implant?  Though Titanium implants have a proven record for over thirty years in the United States, we try to avoid placing metal implants because of their energetics, silent effects on the health of many of the patients we see.  A relatively new implant in the United States that has a proven track record in Europe and Asia are Zirconium Oxide implants, a ceramic implant.  Dr. Margolis believes this product is biologically compatible for most patients, but not all.


Before placing an implant we take a Galileos 3D cone beam x-ray and study models to measure your jaw bone for implant placement.  We need to know if there is enough bone and room for the implant within the jaws, where the nerve and sinuses are and if an implant will work for you. We check the patient's Clifford Material Reactivity Test, a blood antigen test given to the patient to have done at a laboratory.  We also check the patient energetically for their body's acceptability of the product.


A new service we provide during dental surgery is Plasma Rich Fibrogen (PRF) placement within the surgical site.  We draw the patient's blood and spin it to separate the plasma from the blood.  The plasma is placed in a sterile container where the plasma products are placed under pressure creating a working membrane which is placed in the implant site and the implant is then placed.  The liquids from the PRF contain the patient's own human growth factors, stem cells and more that come out of the plasma collected and we inject into the surgical site.


The results have been amazing! 

FEATURED BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY VIDEOS (click the images below to view)
Zirconium Oxide Dental Implants
Zirconium Oxide Dental Implants
Plasma Rich Fibrogen Injections
Plasma Rich Fibrogen
Amazing Patient Testimonial
Amazing Patient Testimonial
Zirconium Oxide Dental Implants are an alternative to metal Titanium Implants. Click the video above to learn more.
Plasma from the patient's own blood helps the healing process after dental surgery. Watch the video!

The teeth and body are related. Our patient was going through a health crisis.  She found out she had very high mercury levels from her fillings and had 28 silver amalgam fillings removed.


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