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There are many reasons to choose My Dentist for your dental needs and oral health. One reason is our exceptional dentists and staff.  Our founder, Dr. Margolis, is a Biological Dentist with decades of dental experience, who also does oral surgery.  Dr. Stephen Kovar, is a Biological Dentist with a focus on Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry.


"Meet our Staff" - video

"Meet Dr. Kovar" - video


Being Biological Dentists, or Holistic Dentists, means we practice "Mercury Free" dentistry and avoid metal in favor of Bio-compatible, non-toxic materials. We also do not place root canals. We look at your health holistically. Biological Dentists believe good oral health helps you maintain overall health. We look for hidden infections and allergies or sensitivities to materials which could be keeping you from optimal health. Click to watch our video on "What is Biological Dentistry" and "Health Concerns with Mercury Fillings."


Our facilities are specifically designed for your safety and comfort. Both our incoming water and waste water are filtered to remove impurities, toxins, and dangerous heavy metals. We also constantly filter our air to remove toxic materials, and keep our patients and staff safe. All our X-Rays are digital and use up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-Rays. Click here to "Take a Tour of our Office."


We utilize advanced equipment such as the Galileos 3d scanner which creates a 3d panoramic view that allows us to see the distance between the roots of your teeth and the nerves in the jaw. Our Cavitat machine is a sonar-imaging device used to detect jaw disease, particularly an infection of cavities in the jaw bone called neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis (NICO). A Cavitat Scan is an Ultrasound of your jawbone and shows how healthy the bone is under each tooth.


Another service that sets us apart from other dental practices is our CEREC machine which allows us to create and install Crowns in one visit.  This saves you time and expense, and is very convenient. Watch our "Crowns in One Visit" video.


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