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Do you suffer from low energy and restless, disruptive sleep? You may have Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea affects over 70% of the American public.  Many people have Sleep Apnea and don't even know it.  It affects people in many different ways, including falling asleep at work, while watching television at night, and even while driving.

Sleep Apnea is caused by the tongue closing off the airway while sleeping.  It disrupts sleep and gives people restless sleep, instead of going into deep, restorative sleep.

At MyDentist, we can treat Sleep Apnea with an appliance called Oral Systemic Balance (OSB) that lifts the tongue and opens the airway.  Professional athletes are even using it to have more productive sleep and more energy. Our patients have had great results with OSB!

Please watch our "Treating Sleep Apnea" video to see how we can help.
FEATURED BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY VIDEOS (click the images below to view)
Treating Sleep Apnea
Treating Sleep Apnea
Oral health and the body
Oral health and the body
Oral Systemic Balance Testimonial
Oral Systemic Balance Testimonial
Find out how we treat Sleep Apnea to help you get better sleep and have more energy.
Watch this great interview with Dr. Margolis about Oral Health and the Body.

One of our patients discusses how Oral Systemic Balance helped treat her Sleep Apnea.


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