July 25, 2021

I'm Not Gone Yet!  
You are Invited: Le Bistro of Life!

First let me say, thank you for all of the love and support you have shown for Unity of Dallas. I wanted to send you a special invite to a fun, unique happening that is coming this Sunday: Unity of Dallas, Paris style! Even though I am not going to Paris anytime soon, Sunday you will see the French connection! Parlez-vous Francais?

Those of you who heard our service on Sunday already know this story, but the message still resonates with me. 

I was sitting at home on Saturday, reflecting on my upcoming Sabbatical. I’ll admit, I was totally in my head with strategic planning, lists and tasks to help ensure that Unity of Dallas operations run smoothly while I’m gone for three months. Then, bringing me into the present I begin to hear, “Da-Da” (my favorite name) being repeated louder and louder. Suddenly I looked up and saw my three-year-old daughter KK, sitting in a meditative cross-legged pose practicing what she called “breathing”. Mommy was next to her, also cross-legged, and I was stunned at our little meditative/breathing guru!

My shock turns to laughter as KK says, “Da-Da. Chill out.”
Now, I have no idea where she learned the phrase “chill out” but then follows with, “Da-Da, chill out, let me show you how” while pointing to the floor beside her. Ever notice how the answer we seek may be right in front of us? I realized in that moment she was modeling the essence of a true sabbatical. 

The intention of a sabbatical is something we should all be conscious of in continuously renewing and refreshing our calling in life. To pause. Rest. Go deep. Intensify the intention to spend time in that highest of vibrations known as “Christ Mind” that elevates and welcomes the Light.

But, I’m not gone yet! For my final Sunday (for now), July 25th, we are bringing you the most unique, funny, spiritually-engaging service I’ve ever been involved in: Le Bistro of Life. This is a full production that I am finalizing even as we speak. I believe it will give us some much-deserved laughs while reminding of us of the truth of Unity’s third principle: Our thoughts create our reality. What is your positive recipe for life? Might you add a dish or two after hearing our very special menu?

Joining me on stage we will be Beauregard Black, the “Three VOU's”, Da Band and guest violinist, Yasmine Bougacha—PLUS, several featured extras in our cast you are sure to recognize. 

For a warmup, we will gather in Fellowship Hall at 10 am for freshly ground French-roast coffee, tea and croissants followed by our special service starting at the normal time of 11 am. Do you have a jelly or jam you would like to share? Or even one in the back of your pantry from the Jelly of the Month club? Feel free to bring it and we will slather it on the best croissants you have ever tasted! Tres bien!

I hope you will even invite friends and family for our first coffee klatch in over a year followed by an inspiring assembly of talented performers in Le Bistro of Life
I’m going to miss being here for the next little while. Besides quality family time, my favorite part of the week is Sunday mornings, getting to talk with you and looking into the lamps in your eyes. Participating in Spirit moving memories.

I pray you will continue to support Unity of Dallas and the dynamic group of speakers that will be here—all the way from David Friedman, an amazing Tony Award singer and wonderful speaker, to Rev. Geo Downer from Hawaii, to the one who is known as the barefoot minister, Rev. Glenda Walden, to the infamous Rev. Jim Rosemergy, a legendary author and minister in the Unity movement. Plus, many other talented speakers that include some of our very own that we know and lov

We will have a Sunday we won’t soon forget. Then, we will join in Spirit, especially for the next three months, with our own version of chilling out and deep breathing, while affirming “This is the best day ever. I can, and I will.”  
Let’s Thrive Mon Ami
Rev. James
In case you missed it – watch our service from last Sunday
Meta-Sizzle by Meta Resting

Sunday Music

Guest Artist - Yasmine Bougacha, Violinist

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The Book Nook BIG BIG SALE will continue this week with the addition of selected jewelry and gifts to the offering of items at a 45% discount.
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Saturday, July 24
Zoom: Meditation with Al Mahesh 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Sunday, July 25
2021 Theme: Tools for Achieving Inner Peace in a Chaotic World. July explores Understanding and Meditation as a spiritual practice. 
Hybrid: Seekers Class with Deb Stovall, LUT 10 am-10:45 am   
“Myrtle Musings – The Christ Within”

Monday, July 26

Tuesday, July 27

Wednesday, July 28
Zoom: Meditation with Al Mahesh 7 pm-8 pm

Saturday, July 31
Zoom: Meditation with Al Mahesh 9:30 am - 10:30 am

5th Annual Unity Camping Trip = Friday, Oct. 1 through Monday, Oct.4 - Details coming soon!
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