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It's out! Well, not everywhere, but it will soon be! As the publishers work to distribute and deliver the Summer Issue of Essence Magazine, in retail locations, at the Essence Music Festival, and in your mailboxes across the country, using the hashtag #essencemodolls, join the Doll Nation in an online Meetup where we take pictures of ourselves picking up Essence Magazine and viewing our ad on page 169! Meet Mama Doll online!

FUN FACTOIDS about The Black Dolls in the Essence Summer Issue:

+ There are 3 covers - Ciara, Iman & Teyana. Iman is on the digital cover. The Black Dolls are on page 169 in all 3 issues!

+ The Summer Issue of Essence is 60 days long! That means we get two months of exposure, instead of the typical 1 month.

+ The Summer Issue of Essence will be distributed to one of the largest congregations of black women in the world - at the Essence Music Festival.

+This is the largest audience The Black Doll Affair has reached to date. Millions will see hue and learn of our mission to change the way black girls are perceived and, more importantly, perceive themselves!

+ We did not pay for the digital ad. This was a gift from the editorial team at Essence. Like us, they love hue and you too! Valued at $25K, special thanks to ESSENCE editorial /advertising team. For $10 bucks you can subscribe to receive Essence in your mailbox. Plus, as a bonus gift, you'll receive the digital edition and an Essence book bag! subscribe to Essence and view our ad online here .
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The above Black Dolls were styled & made bhuetiful by:
The Pretty Agency @prettyagency
Pssst, hey you. Yeah, you. The woman sitting over there watching The Black Dolls live our best and most "pretty...philanthropic life! Girl, get involved. What are you waiting for, an invitation? OK, well, here it is again. Join us! There are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES! TO BECOME A DOLL, JUST BUY YOUR BLACK DOLL TEE! T-SHIRTS AND MORE IN THE BLACK DOLL AFFAIR STORE. HERE.