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Hello everyone! It's been amazing to tune into you all again now that I am back from our annual darkroom retreats that always provide so much insight, especially to what is happening within our own Lightbody and also on Earth, as we are now continually bombarded with energy from both the Galactic and Universal cores and through our sun. Add to this the fact that most of our Indigo children now grown and socially active and that there are more than one million star being children now incarnate on Earth, we are in for rapid change! Not only do we need to make sure we are feeding ourselves physically in a way that our bodies need now (we do this by listening to what our bodies are saying) but we also need to make sure we are providing ourselves with the right emotional, mental and also spiritual nourishment! 
M y favourite food and topic and experience at this time is Quantum Benevolence, an energy of such love and support that brings true freedom to all that we are and do. Ever since my experiences in Tibet in July last year, I have been washed constantly by this energy of pure benevolence that - along with Gaia's harmonic of compassion - is drawing from us all everything that we now need to let go of, including our attachment to our loved ones as many will soon cross over. You may enjoy our Wizard's toolbox insights below where we have my favourite tool, which is the ability to let it all go and just be fully present as Presence, where higher perspectives allow us all to relax and enjoy the preciousness of each moment we have on Earth no matter how challenging things are!  
As usual we offer in this newsletter some interesting mental food in the way of various articles and videos from others that I have also found inspiring!

Enjoy! Sending out the biggest hugs to you all - Jasmuheen and Anjie ...
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The Wizards Toolbox
As one friend or family member after another tackle some very powerful life challenges, many also share how grateful they are for what I call our "Wizards Toolbox", that cache of techniques that are tried and true that consistently deliver results to bring harmony and balance back to life. It's not that we cease to be challenged, it's just that with our toolbox we tend to pass through life's challenges more quickly.

Holographic Living - The Detached Observer
The below is an excerpt from our new Unity Reset book - coming soon!
Holographic Living is part of Unity science and it is based on the awareness that everything springs into being by our focus and attention upon it and that we have an innate power of creation. When we are engaged in heart-centred consciousness and our coding is clear to operate in ways that enhance all, then we also access the powerful life lubricants called Grace and quantum benevolence. There are times when we sit in silent stillness in expanded awareness, that we notice that we are surrounded by holograms that represent fields of unexpressed potential or holograms of infinitesimal choice. To read more ...  
Pranic Nourishment Interview
The below link will take you to the answers to an in-depth interview that I did with a very famous magazine at the end of 2017. In the end it was not published however we have decided to offer these insights here without referring to the magazine itself who were so open and keen initially and then they failed to respond in any way after assuring me that it would be published as they were all very open ... hmmmm ... trust the perfect time of things ... smiles. Click to read.

A simple 7 minute meditation for Global Support & Unity
A quick nourishing meditation to tune to all our wonderful global support of wise, loving and pure-hearted people ... breathing in love ... breathing out love ... click to watch and do ...

BEing versus Doing
Life Insights - Being a Living Example - a surprise meeting with Kwan Yin
The theme of unity through merging and blending has been with so many of us for so long, as has the idea that we can take ourselves into any zone of existence we wish to explore via personal vibrational shifts. These ideas are commonplace among many meditators in our world as is the knowing of how powerful Essence emanations are especially with field entrainment as in this next story, where Kwan Yin demonstrates the Law of Love.  
Embassy of Peace Retreat in China October 2018
For those emailing in regarding our Embassy of Peace retreats,
please note this year we will be back in China so why not join us there?

In 2019 we will be holding our Embassy events
in Rishikesh in India in October then we will be back  
to Brazil for a November or December gathering!
HeartMath Institute Research
Like many of you I am on selective mailing lists as I like to be kept up-to-date with other people's research. Like you, sometimes a newsletter comes in and sits unread for ages in my inbox, only to be later deleted without due attention to what it contains. We all get a little overwhelmed at times as the internet has made information much more accessible and discernment now is key. However, one newsletter I consistently scan through is that from the HeartMath Institute as even though they send regular mailouts to those on their list, they always contain uplifting insights. Getting the right mental nourishment these days is as important as our emotional and physical nutritional flows!

Great Mental Nourishment - articles, videos and more!!
Good mental nutrition is crucial for us all and we know that like myself many of you receive so much inspirational data from various channels on the internet.

Great magazines? Great articles? Great videos!

The Arhuaco Mamos are calling!
I have just been advised that the Mamo are holding another event and they have put out the call for us to join them - while it will not be possible for me to join them this year, we add this here for those of you who may feel the call in your hearts to go! Being with them is truly a life changing experience!  Click to read more ...
Still to come - nearly ready for release!!!!
Receiving the initial downloads and insights  
for a new book is the easy part for many ...  
and then comes the editing ... we are nearly there!