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December 21, 2017
63rd Edition

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The Mission of Brookville Local Schools is to challenge, prepare, and support all students to realize their full potential.
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What do you want for Christmas?

BIS Sixth Graders Visit the Emerson Helix Innovation Center
Engineering and Design Challenge Enhanced
During the October Teacher Professional Development Day, Mrs. Jill Lenser had the opportunity to visit the Emerson Helix Innovation Center.  As a science teacher, Mrs. Lenser strongly believed visiting such a site would be both inspiring and helpful for her students, in preparation of their engineering and design challenge for the January 9th Science Expo at BIS.

The Helix Innovation Center functions as a collaborative, real world problem solving space for diverse teams of professionals and scholars.  Located on the campus of the University of Dayton, they are open to hosting small groups of school age students once a month.  Mrs. Lenser quickly jumped on the opportunity to take a group of her students.  

The sixth graders tested their engineering and design skills by re-designing menus for the future.  Students proposed enhancements that would ease navigation and be functional for diverse consumers.  Students shared their ideas with each other and professionals before leaving.  This trip certainly helped infuse thought and excitement into the students as they prepare for their Science Expo.  

This week, several of the students came to the Board of Education meeting to share the story of their trip.  They expressed gratitude for the opportunity to visit the Helix Center and genuine interest in what they had learned from this trip. Please view this video of the Board presentation.
Hour of Code and Computer Engineering at BES
Brookville Elementary first and second grade students participated in Hour of Code earlier this month. Hour of Code started as an introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "computer coding" and encourage growth in the field of computer science.
First and second grade teachers, Rachel Esterline and Kristina Dobberstein, decided even 1st and 2nd graders could tackle Hour of Code. Mrs. Esterline's 2nd grade room practiced coding and computational thinking. Students worked on algorithms with student friendly coding apps.  First grade students in Mrs. Dobberstein's class used  code.org lessons as an introduction to programming during their Hour of Code.

Practitioners in the field of computer science also joined the students to talk about their careers. Project Manager and Technical Strategist, Becky Blank, kicked off the coding event for first grade. Computer engineer, John Brazier, worked with each class of 2nd grade students to demonstrate how "code" could even help Santa calculate his present delivery this season.
Coding and the elements of computer science only continue to grow as future career opportunities for our students.  Getting a taste of this amazing process to further whet the appetite of children to study coding is a step in the right direction.  We appreciate Mrs. Esterline and Mrs. Dobberstein bringing this program to BES.
Upcoming Events At Brookville Local Schools
We invite you to take a moment to watch the video which highlights some of the exciting things that are coming up in the next fe w weeks at Brookville Local Schools.

Turning a Weakness Into a Strength
Junior Sharpshooter Wade Turner Leads Devils in Scoring
Wade Turner started playing rec league basketball at 6 years old.  But the road to being the go to guy as a scorer on the Blue Devil basketball team included some natural barriers.  "Early on I was so short I wasn't sure basketball was going to work for me," Wade admitted.  He went on to tell that "my grandmother has video of me playing and you could barely find me." When he realized taking the ball into the paint to challenge much bigger defenders wasn't successful, he thought maybe it was time to give up the game.

Thankfully, Turner got advice from his dad that he needed to work on his shooting and learn to score in other ways. That's when his work ethic took over.  Wade says his dad explained that muscle memory could be learned through repetition.  At a young age he would write up his regiment and began to shoot 400-500 jump shots in the driveway every night.  He also developed a "floater" giving him the ability to drive the lane and shoot high over taller defenders.  Wade adds with a smile that "the floater is my favorite shot.  I can go inside and either dump it off to a post player or shoot."  You can view some of these shots HERE.

To date, Turner leads the Blue Devils in scoring. He averages over 15 points a game and doesn't shy away from lofty individual goals.  "I'd like to break the school record for 3 pointers in a game (his goal is 10) and in a season," he says with confidence.  "If my feet are right and the defender drops off on me, I'll take the shot."  As for team goals, he has his eye on winning the upcoming Jet Holiday Tournament at Franklin Monroe and hopes the team continues to get better on defense and improve.

Wes Turner
Finally, Wade gets a sparkle in his eye when asked about one of his favorite teammates.  His younger brother, Wes is a starting post player for the Blue Devils.  Wade describes playing with his brother as the "coolest experience." He says they have been playing together since those early years in the rec leagues and it has given him many unique memories.  

Turner admits that he has limited interest right now outside of basketball.  He really likes history and it is easily his favorite course in school. But basketball is where his heart is and he says after practice when he plays video games they are even basketball games.  

However, don't think there is not depth to his planning.  He has set high goals for he and his teammate.  "I'd like to play college basketball and get a degree in business," said Wade.  "Then I want to run the family electrical company and Wes is going to be my electrician."  

We wish this crafty junior the best of luck the remainder of this basketball season and beyond.  The basketball team will play Friday night at Jefferson and December 29 & 30 in the Franklin Monroe Tournament.
Holiday Traditions Around the World
Elementary Students Learn About Other Cultures

On Friday, December 15th, the Cincinnati Children's Theatre presented a program for our elementary students introducing holiday traditions from around the world.  Through song, dance and drama the children heard explanation to the origin of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other holidays that are celebrated by multiple cultures.  The children were told about those cultural celebrations that occur both during this Christmas Season, or at other times throughout the year.  

Students were able to explore the history and festive events surrounding what is one of the favorite times of year in the United States.  The goal of the touring actors was to help students find a respect for the traditions that bind this magical season together.  

The production was another example of the excellent programming provided to our students by the BES PTA.  The PTA provided the monetary support to bring the Children's Theatre to Brookville.  We want to thank them and encourage you to look here to see some video and pictures from the performance.
Staff Spotlight
We would like to introduce you to Mrs. Kirsten Page, Multiage Teacher at BES. The Staff Spotlight is a regular feature in the Blue Connector and is designed to assist you in getting to know our teachers and staff. Please take a moment to learn a little bit about Mrs. Page. 

Where is your hometown?
I'm a Blue Devil from the start!
Where do you live now? 
How many years of teaching experience do you have?
This is my 21st year of teaching
How many years have you taught in Brookville?  
All 21 years of experience are here in Brookville 

What is your position in the school district?
I currently teach Multiage grades 1, 2 and 3.  Prior to MA, I was a looping teacher for grades 2 and 3.
Tell us about your family and hobbies outside of teaching?
My mom and dad were both teachers at Brookville, so our district has always been an important part of my life. My husband, Chris is from Michigan, but we have made him a Blue Devil over the years! He works for Premier as a pharmacist. We have two sons, Cameron (20), who is a student at Indiana University as a music major, and Jeremy (17), who is a senior at BHS. I love hiking Civil War battlefields, reading, listening to music and spending time with my family.
What is your favorite thing about teaching in Brookville?
I love teaching in my hometown.  My ancestors settled here very early and I have lived here nearly my whole life.  This community and the people in it are important to me, so I like that I can be a small part of a great school district.

How do you spend June and July?
During the summer I like to unwind somewhere quiet like a lake in Northern Michigan or a mountain in the Smokies with my family.  I also like to get new ideas for my classroom and the upcoming school year.
Where Are They Now?
Brookville Schools are proud of our series "Where Are They Now", which features profiles of past Brookville High School graduates. These graduates have responded to brief questions concerning their education or training after high school, their current occupation and their words of wisdom to the students in our buildings.

Our profiles will return after the holidays.  In the meantime, view our past profiles on our  website .                           
Enjoying the Sounds of Christmas!
If you were not able to attend any of the school Holiday Concerts, you can view both partial and full performances from this selection panel.  

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Around Town
Feed Brookville
Feed Brookville - Is a faith based effort by fellow Brookvillians to offer lunch and entertainment on Saturdays.  The event is held on Saturdays from 11:30am until 12:30pm in the multipurpose room of the Brookville School Administration Offices at 75 June Place (next to the football field).  After the Holidays, Feed Brookville will reconvene.  Lunch Saturdays are scheduled as follows:
January 13, 2018 - May 12, 2018