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December 6, 2017
62nd Edition

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The Mission of Brookville Local Schools is to challenge, prepare, and support all students to realize their full potential.
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View Penn Station Athlete of the Month:  Bailey Wallen  here  
2nd Graders Kick Off Holiday Season
Christmas Concerts to Enjoy

Training reindeer how to fly proved to be a bit difficult for Coach Catapult (brilliantly played by Samuel Seitz).  Eventually the reindeer found the key to taking off and helping Santa deliver toys around the world.  Over 20 students had speaking parts and music teacher, Mrs. Jessica Swett, led the second grade choir in a performance that left everyone in the Holiday Spirit.  

The second graders from BES provided three live performances over a four day span, to kick off our Christmas concert season. Initially, on Tuesday, November 28, the class performed for their grandparents and community members who attended the annual Senior Citizen Luncheon. On Thursday, November 30, the evening performance for parents and families took place.  Finally, on Friday afternoon, December 1, the class gave their musical show for their peers in a school Christmas performance.  You can view pictures of the performance here.

This show set the stage for the remaining concerts to be held this month. The following is a list of those performances:

BIS Grades 5-8 Band and Choir Concert - Monday, December 11, 7pm
BHS Band, Choir and Shades of Blue - Monday, December 18, 7pm

We invite you to attend these concerts and see the outstanding performances of our Fine Arts students!!
Superintendent's Corner
Understanding the Cost of College Credit Plus
This article is solely meant to be informative.   It is not written to expose a program as good or bad, positive or negative.  Instead, I want you, as parents, residents and taxpayers to be informed.  My goal is to shed light on an academic and financial aspect of today's schools.  It is the College Credit Plus program, better known to students and parents as CCP.

Building Our Future
I am a HUGE proponent of post-secondary education for our students.  I literally encourage this to our administration and staff everyday.  Whether it is an employable skill, apprenticeship program, technical training, military service or the pathway to a four year degree, I am an avid believer that after high school, students need to build intellectual capital.  To that end, for many students, College Credit Plus is a positive step in the right direction.  This is certainly an opportunity to jump start that endeavor.  A chance to take some classes, learn the nuances of college and begin to explore a student's interest.  These are positive steps toward achieving goals and building the aforementioned intellect.

While there are advantages to students participating in CCP, it is important to note that this opportunity is not just a choice made by your district.  CCP is a 'state mandated' program.  As such, it is important that our community is informed about all aspects of this program.

Understand, Free is Not Free
I believe my responsibility, as the school superintendent, is to make sure you understand the cost involved.  I'll take this opportunity to use the old adage, "there is no such thing as a free lunch."  When a student takes a College Credit Plus class, someone is paying for those credits.  Likewise, the cost of the college textbooks provided those students are also being covered.

Who is paying that bill, you ask?  The local school district, that's who.

In fiscal year 2017, Brookville Schools paid $66,525 for our students to take College Credit Plus classes.  In addition, the district paid approximately $2,710 in textbooks. This totalled over $69,000 paid by the district for students to participate in  CCP.  That is nearly equivalent to the salaries for 2 first year teachers and near the cost of a new school bus.

Higher Ed leaders (colleges and universities), may tell you that these monies come from state funding that the schools receive per pupil.  However, the state takes those state funds away from Brookville in order to pay the colleges.  Meanwhile, we are not able to cut programming and save money because of students leaving for CCP.   Our expenses simply do not diminish. A high school course may drop from 23 to 20 students but the district's cost is the same.  The same electricity bills, personnel costs and bus transportation exist.  CCP therefore becomes a very real, modern day cost to schools.  

Furthermore, most, if not all high school CCP students were college bound with or without CCP.  To date, there has been no research to determine if CCP students actually graduate from college earlier, take less coursework in college or, in the end, are able to spend less for their college education because they participated in CCP.  

Take the Good with the Bad
So when a student says, "this is great, I can get college credit in high school for free!", remember that while it is free to the student and their family, there are costs involved. Those "free credits" are being paid by your local school district.  It is an expenditure that has simply shifted from the individual to the local K-12 schools and their communities.  
Upcoming Events At Brookville Local Schools
We invite you to take a moment to watch the video which highlights some of the exciting things that are coming up in the next fe w weeks at Brookville Local Schools.

Winter Athletic Seasons Underway
BHS participates in four OHSAA competitive sports and varsity cheerleading during the winter season.  As the schedules begin to get underway we took the time to check in with each coach about their '17-'18 squads.

Varsity Boys Basketball:
Coach - Mr. Jeff Davidson
  1. Number of returning letterman from last year: 4
  2. Total number of participants in the program: 27
  3. Breakout of players by grade level (VARSITY TEAM ONLY): Sr. 2 Jr. 8 So. 2 Fr. 0
  4. What are the major goals of your team this year?   Compete for a league title. Earn the right to play for a sectional title. Play hard, play smart, and play together. We will have to execute the little things in order to be successful.
  5. What positive signs have you seen in the pre-season or first few contest?   I'm very pleased with the coachability factor thus far.  Players are competing at a high level and want to be part of positive culture. We have much work to do but I'm pleased with this group's attention to detail and togetherness.

Varsity Swimming:
Coach - Mrs. Amy Fortener
  1. Number of returning letterman from last year: 12
  2. Total number of participants in the program: 34
  3. Breakout of players by grade level (VARSITY TEAM ONLY):
    Sr. 6 Jr. 7 So. 15 Fr. 6
  4. What are the major goals of your team this year? 
    One of the major goals for the Swim Team is to have each individual swimmer improve their own personal times throughout the season. We would love to place higher as a team at some of the larger meets this season. In addition, we would love to see more swimmers qualify to compete in the District and State Swim Meets than ever before!
  5. What positive signs have you seen in the pre-season or first few contest? 
    All of the swimmers are working hard and have shown improvement during our first few weeks of practice. The new swimmers are showing a great deal of potential, and several underclassmen from last year are stepping up to fill in open spots in our line ups.

Varsity Girls Basketball:
Coach - Mr. Braden Kindell
  1. Number of returning letterman from last year: 4
  2. Total number of participants in the program: 16
  3. Breakout of players by grade level (VARSITY TEAM ONLY):
    3 Jr. 3 So. 1 Fr. 1
  4. What are the major goals of your team this year?   The Lady Devil Basketball team has their eyes on improving each game this year.  As a program, we have set our goals of winning our non-league contests and recording wins within our league.
  5. What positive signs have you seen in the pre-season or first few contest?   Throughout the summer and into this season, the girls have shown tremendous growth from last year.  We have already recorded our first win of the season during the opening weekend and scored more points in a game than we did in last season's entirety.

Varsity Wrestling:
Coach - Mr. Samuel Sampson
  1. Number of returning letterman from last year: 5
  2. Total number of participants in the program: 27
  3. Breakout of players by grade level (VARSITY TEAM ONLY):
    2 Jr. 4 So. 9 Fr. 12
  4. What are the major goals of your team this year?  
    1. Win the SWBL
    2. Give maximum effort everyday in everything we do.  
     3. Display the values and characteristics that each wrestler             has 
    determined they want to be known for as men in the future.
  5. What positive signs have you seen in the pre-season or first few contest?  
    First off we are a very young team. The sky's the limit with this group. The atmosphere in the wrestling room is very positive, they are giving maximum effort, and striving for improvement each day. I am extremely optimistic about this year and the future. Go Blue Devils!

Varsity Basketball Cheerleading:
Coach - Laura Staggs
  1. Number of returning letterman from last year: 1
  2. Total number of participants in the program: 15
  3. Breakout of players by grade level (VARSITY TEAM ONLY): Sr. 0 Jr. 2 So. 2 Fr. 3
  4. What are the major goals of your team this year?   Helping the girls realize their potential and assisting them in moving on to a greater level.
  5. What positive signs have you seen in the pre-season or first few contest?   The high level of talent we have on our squads this year.  We have many girls that can take on any task I give them and execute it with ease.
National History Day Projects
7th and 8th Graders Preparing for Gallery Night
Students in grades 7 and 8 are in full swing working on their Project Based Learning (PBL) lessons, which will be displayed on Gallery Night. Gallery Night in Brookville Schools will be held Thursday, February 15, 2018.  

These two grade levels have used National History Day (NHD) as the anchor for their PBL lessons. For those who may not be familiar, NHD is very similar to a science fair, involving history topics.  This year's theme is Conflict and Compromise.  The eighth grade students are selecting a project around conflict and compromise from the time period of 1492 - 1877. Robert Bickel and his group have chosen the topic of the Battle of Antietam and its impact on the Emancipation Proclamation.  Seventh grade is using The fall of the Roman Empire to the Exploration Ara.  The group of Kyle Bland, Josh Cooper and Grady Lamb have chosen the topic of the Battle of Thermopylae. Miss Howard (8th) and Mrs. Dorsey (7th) are the lead teachers.  This is, however, an interdisciplinary project and teachers from all the content areas are supporting students in their work.  

The students become historians, and have set course on these projects by using research and analysis skills.  A major emphasis by instructors is for students to use primary sources in their research.  Mrs. Howard reports that, "We have completed the research portion of the project. Now students are preparing their unique way of displaying what they have learned."  Students are given the option of using any of the following:  Writing a paper, a drama production, a museum exhibit, a documentary video or creation of a website. The Battle of Antietam and its impact on the Emancipation Proclamation will be presented as an exhibit, as will the Battle of Thermopylae.  The projects will be on display as part of Brookville Schools second Gallery Night.   You can view additional project details here .  

Students will have the option of taking their project to the state competition in March.  If they finish in the top two of their category at state they can advance to the national competition in June.  We applaud these students and their instructors for time, effort and high quality work being done. We look forward to providing you glimpses null of their projects and the displays in February.  

If you are interested in learning more about National History Day you can go to the website at www.nhd.org   
Staff Spotlight
We would like to introduce you to Mrs. Karen Boehringer, Administrative Assistant at BIS. The Staff Spotlight is a regular feature in the Blue Connector and is designed to assist you in getting to know our teachers and staff. Please take a moment to learn a little bit about Mrs. Boehringer. 

Where is your hometown?
Where do you live now? 
How many years have you worked at Brookville?
19 years 
What is your position in the school district?  
Administrative Assistant at BIS 

Tell us about your family and hobbies outside of teaching?
I am married to my husband David and we have 2 sons - Russell and Michael. Russell is married and lives in Chicago and my youngest son, Michael, lives in Cincinnati. I also work at Eddie Bauer at the Greene and have worked there 10 years. It's a lot of fun and I get a great discount. I also love going to dinner and the movies with my family.  
What is your favorite thing about working in Brookville?
I have made some great friends at school. I have many great memories of the good times we have had. The students are also very entertaining. They are kind and thoughtful and funny as well. There is never a dull moment at Brookville Intermediate School. 
How do you spend June and July?
In the summer I like to go to the pool and ride my bike. We also have family cook outs. If time allows we visit my oldest son in Chicago. My husband and I also enjoy going to the FC Cincinnati soccer games in Cincinnati with our youngest son. What a great time that is!! 
Where Are They Now?
Brookville Schools are proud of our series "Where Are They Now", which features profiles of past Brookville High School graduates. These graduates have responded to brief questions concerning their education or training after high school, their current occupation and their words of wisdom to the students in our buildings.

Our profiles will return after the holidays.  In the meantime, view our past profiles on our  website .                           
Passing Stopped School Buses a Matter of Life and Death

In a tone of great concern, Brookville Schools Director of Support Personnel, Mr. Jeff Requarth, addressed the Board of Education.  "We see an increasing number of instances where cars are passing buses that are loading or unloading students," reported Requarth.  The buses are stopped with their stop signs out and stop lights flashing.  

"It is a very serious concern," Requarth went on, "there is going to be a tragedy if people don't pay attention."

This report was given at the November Board meeting. "If our drivers get the license number or we capture it on video, we will notify the police."  

Recently over 20 percent of the nation's school bus drivers participated in a one-day survey to report motorists who passed their stopped school buses illegally.  Almost 107,000 school bus drivers reported that 78,239 vehicles passed their buses illegally on a single day during the 2016-17 school year. "We know that students are far safer in school buses, but when they are outside the bus, they are more vulnerable to injury or death," says Diana Hollander, president of the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services.  

So far this school year, Brookville Schools have turned in 11 violations to area police departments. That number does not count the incidents where the driver could not get a plate number.  Brookville drivers report that the violators are usually distracted by being on some device or show no recognition of the bus being stopped.   

This is one occasion when a police officer does not have to see the incident occur.  And, the local police department takes the violation very seriously.   " This year, our bus drivers have experienced an increased amount of violators failing to stop for school buses while loading and unloading our students," said Chief Jerome of the Brookville Police Department. "We will continue to strictly enforce any violations of applicable Ohio Revised Code sections which can include penalties up to $500.00 and a driver's license suspension."   Chief Jerome stated that "The safety of our schools, staff, and students remain one of our top priorities."

We ask that you hear our concern and take seriously the consequences of passing a stopped school bus.  The life of a child is in the balance.  
High Five's
Mandy Dafler, Jeannie Kirkland and the Elementary PTA

Mrs. Dafler, Mrs. Kirkland and the PTA just ran another successful Little Tykes Shop for the elementary students.  The shop offers low priced gifts for students.  They prepare a list of who they want to buy for and shop till they drop for family and friends.  The event is a fundraiser for the PTA but more importantly provides a Christmas shopping experience for our youngest learners.  Thank you PTA!!

Elaine Kincaid, Sophomore

Elaine recently submitted her essay on " Why My Family is Special"... in the Families Matter Contest sponsored by the Montgomery County Family Services.  Elaine's essay was a contest award winner and November 18th she attended the awards breakfast with her teacher Mr. Hope. Congratulations Elaine!!

Brookville Rotary Club

On Saturday December 2, The Rotary Club held their annual Breakfast with Santa.  Elementary age children came with Christmas list in hand.  After eating breakfast, playing games and getting their faces painted, the kids lined up to sit on Santa's lap and share their Christmas hopes.  Rotary provided many nice gifts and over 185 enjoyed the festive breakfast.  You can view photos from the breakfast here.

Mrs Jessica Swett - Elementary Music Teacher

Congratulations to Mrs. Swett for an outstanding 2nd grade concert.  This concert was really a step up for our second graders, with numerous speaking parts and entertaining music.  Mrs. Swett worked very hard in preparing our students who gave 3 performances in a four day span.  The students never missed a beat and performed to the delight of each crowd. Thank you Mrs. Swett!!
Around Town

Upcoming Toy Drives:

Varsity B Toy Drive -   The Varsity "B" club is sponsoring a Toy Drive during the week of Dec. 4th.  It will conclude on December 9th when both our boys and girls basketball teams will be hosting Dixie High School.   Bring a toy to the game and support this effort!!

Brookville Police Department - Our local police department is holding their annual Toys for Tots Drive.  Look for Toys for Tots bins around Brookville to donate or contact the Police Department about how to donate a toy.