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September 11, 2017
57th Edition

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Our Mission
The Mission of Brookville Local Schools is to challenge, prepare, and support all students to realize their full potential.
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Board of Education
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Scott Rutherford

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Judy Hoover

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2 Hour Delay Schedules
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Brookville Elementary:  On Fridays, We High Five
When you enter the Elementary on a Friday morning, don't be surprised if you are greeted with a smile and a High Five. In an effort to promote kindness and build strong relationships, Brookville Elementary has adopted High Five Fridays, beginning every Friday by high fiving each student.

Why you ask? Research has shown that personal touch, such as hugs, fist bumps and high fives, help lessen anxiety and build relationships and trust. When there is a mutual feeling of trust, it has been proven that classroom performance improves and individuals are more willing to give their best. Giving high fives is a simple way to build stronger relationships with students and promote an environment full of kindness. It is also a way to spread a message of love that honors a young girl whose life ended far too soon.

On August 1, a friend of kindergarten teacher Stephanie Kemp lost her daughter in a tragic accident. Michelle Chalk was only 15 when she sat in a hammock and one of the trees that was supporting the hammock collapsed. Michelle truly was an angel on Earth who did her best to fill the world with love, kindness and inspiration. One of the many ways she impacted her school community was starting "Friday High Fives". Every Friday, she stood by the entrance of the school and gave every student a high five as they walked in. If a 15 year old can live such a kind, giving life, filling people's hearts with love and optimism, then we can do it as well. This mission is not only about instilling kindness in our students and building strong relationships, it's about bringing something positive out of a tragedy that helps a grieving mother feel whole again.

From all of us at Brookville Elementary, we invite you to join us in our effort to overcome some of the negativity in our society and make a difference in the future for our little ones. Most importantly, we ask you to embrace Michelle Chalk's message: "You always have a choice. Choose Kindness." All you have to do, is give a simple High Five. #onFridaysweHighFive. You can view additional photos  here.

State Report Card to be Released September 15
Obvious Improvement Made and Still Room for Growth
Friday, September 15 will be the release of the 2016-17 Ohio School Report Cards.  Disseminated by the Ohio Department of Education, the report card gives the public detailed information about a school district in such areas as student performance, enrollment, graduation rate and more.

In Brookville Schools, we try to view this information as an important measure of our work. At the same time, we understand it is only a snapshot of our efforts to help students reach their full potential.  Primarily, the report card gives the public a high level view of how our students, and diverse subgroups of students, fare academically on standardized test.

We are proud of our 2016-17 Report Card.  In nearly every category our results show improvement over the previous year. It is a tricky document to read and digest.  Sometimes the formula behind arriving at a given grade can be very complex.  Sometimes a letter grade only represents a very small subgroup of students.  Admittedly, we also believe this complexity decreases the value of the report card to the general public.  It is not the best example of "what you see is what you get".

Improvements Made:  
Our Performance Index was  98.7 achieving a  B up from a C last year.  
       This takes into account accelerated and advanced scores.
Our Component Grade was  2.813 a  B up from a C last year.
       This is a combination of indicators earned and performance index.  
Our K-3 Literacy Grade is a  C up from an F last year.
       This reflects how a small group of students considered "at-risk"                    readers improved.
Our Gap Closing Grade is a  B up from a F last year.
       This reflects how a small category of students improved from last                year.
Our Graduation Rate is an  A the same as last year.
       This reflects how many students who entered high school four years            ago graduated.
Our Indicators Achieved was  14 of 24 a D .  This is not even the same amount possible as last year.
This reflects when 80% of the students in a grade scored proficient or above on a test. 
14 out of 24 is the second highest number of indicators earned in all 16 Montgomery County Schools.

Room for Growth:
While some would tell you the Report Card is meaningless, we value the data provided.  On every test, in every category, there is useful information. Our staff works diligently at dissecting this data to improve our classroom instruction.  It really is about making sure every student is given the best instruction possible every day. There is never a year that presents grades that we do not feel we can improve upon.

We try hard to balance test scores with meeting the physical, social and emotional needs of students.  Combined with these test scores we hope to develop the whole child.  Our mission remains to Challenge, Prepare and Support all students to reach their full potential.     
Upcoming Events At Brookville Local Schools
We invite you to take a moment to watch the video which highlights some of the exciting things that are coming up in the next fe w weeks at Brookville Local Schools.

What's it Like to Build a Submarine?
Summer Enrichment Reinforces Stark's Engineering Dreams
Senior, Ryan Stark knew the answer when asked, "what was the best part of the engineering camp".  Ryan said, "the actual building and testing, bringing a project to life."  Stark attended Engineering Camp this summer at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, the renowned private college in Terre Haute, Indiana that specializes in teaching engineering, mathematics and science. He was there for 17 days in mid July.

The 150 camp attendees, of which 125 were males and 25 females, were given a choice while there of what project they wanted to work on.  Ryan chose to engineer and build a working submarine.  The campers were divided into teams of four.  His team included one student each from Columbus, Chicago and China.  Together they used a PVC box, bilge pumps, pool noodles, weights and a car battery on their prototype.  Ryan pointed to the thrill of showing off their working sub in the Rose-Hulman pool to the other students. "We were successful," he stated "when we demonstrated we were able to make it sink, rise and go in every direction."

Each day camp included group work and large group lecturers from professors of the many engineering fields.  Ryan points out that at this stage, his intent is to pursue a chemical engineering degree with a minor in either chemistry or mechanical engineering.  

But the camp wasn't all work either.  There were field trips to laser tag, a large cat zoo, paintball and a day trip to Kings Island.  "That was kind of fun," he smiled, "the Ohio campers served as guides at Kings Island."  Another trip was to the GE Plant in Louisville, Kentucky.  Ryan noted that it was an excellent opportunity to see how engineering contributed in an actual work environment.  

In the end, this senior seemed to thoroughly enjoy his time at engineering camp.  It is yet another example of how summer opportunities can help students learn and grow.  We say congratulations Ryan.  You can build a submarine for us anyday!!    
New Staff
Brookville Schools added 8 new certified (teaching) personnel this year. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce 4 of those in this edition of the  Blue Connector with the remaining 4 in the next edition.  We welcome all of them to our schools and community.  They were each chosen from a field of candidates and have shown, throughout the interview process and through their references, they have much to offer our students.   

Mr. Zachary Amand
Englewood, OH
Where did you go to college?:  
Wright State University
What is your position in the school district?:  
Physical Science and Algebra
What is your first impression of Brookville Schools?: 
Brookville is a great community, with amazing students, staff and facilities.
How many years of teaching experience do you have?:  
This is my tenth year of teaching
Do you have any pets?:  
I have 2 cats and 1 dog
At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?:  
If you could be a superhero who would you be?:  

Ms. Katie Boyd
Brookville, OH
Where did you go to college?:  
Miami University
What is your position in the school district?:  
High School Math Teacher
What is your first impression of Brookville Schools?:  
The students are bright and hard-working.  The staff has been extremely welcoming and the community involvement is tremendous
How many years of teaching experience do you have?:  
4 years
Do you have any pets?:  
65 lb lap dog, Charlie (3 year old golden doodle)
At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?:  
Hobby Lobby
If you could be a superhero who would you be?:  
The mom from The Incredibles

Ms. Emma Chadd
Xenia, OH
Where did you go to college?:  
I went to Capital University for undergrad and University of Kentucky for grad school
What is your position in the school district?:  
School Psychologist
What is your first impression of Brookville Schools?:  
I love it!  The staff are so welcoming and available to help in any way.  Administrators are very accessible and willing to help or answer any questions I have
How many years of teaching experience do you have?:  
This is my first year in the schools full time as a school psychologist
Do you have any pets?:  
Yes, a dog named Phoebe
At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?:  
I am pretty frugal. The store I go most crazy is Costco
If you could be a superhero who would you be?:   Wonderwoman

Mrs. Holly Cultice
Pleasant Hill, OH
Where did you go to college?:  
Edison Community College and WSU
What is your position in the school district?:  
High School Counselor
What is your first impression of Brookville Schools?: 
Love the kids, staff and community!  Brookville is a great community, with amazing students, staff and facilities
How many years of teaching experience do you have?:  
6 Years
Do you have any pets?:   Yes, a Doberman
At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?:  
Rose and Remington
If you could be a superhero who would you be?:  Hulk
Legislation and Oversight Add Layers to Coaching Requirements
Signing up to coach, direct or lead a school extra-curricular activity has never been as cumbersome a process as it is today.  Between the Ohio High School Athletic Association and the State Legislators, there are multiple layers of certification and training an individual must go through.  If you will be working alone with students or leading any activity that involves physical exertion, there are requirements.  

These measures are put into place to protect students.  It may be a background check to assure safety from predators or a training certification to allow for proper medical response.  Regardless, the intent is student safety.  Without a doubt,  the world of litigation we live in has been a contributing factor.

This Fall and Winter, Brookville Schools have 49 individuals working under these guidelines.  That number will expand in the spring.  They are predominantly athletic coaches, cheerleading advisors and band or color guard directors.  Ultimately, the individual has to hold a Pupil Activity Permit that has been issued by the Ohio Department of Education.  Without this permit, they are not able to hold these positions.  There are six components that must be completed before the state will issue a Pupil Activity Permit.  

                 Requirement                          Fee to the Individual
  • FBI/BCI Background Check                         $65
  • Fundamentals of Coaching Course             $45
  • CPR Certification                                         $20
  • First Aid                                                        $45
  • Concussion Recognition                              Free
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training                   Free
  • Pupil Activity Permit                                      $75
                                                                      Total  $250

Most of these vary in the length of time they remain valid.  It is the responsibility of the coach and the school district to assure coaches have up to date  permits and training.  

It is good for parents, grandparents and spectators to be aware that those coaching our youth have met these obligations.  It is also beneficial to know that much training has gone in prior to an individual picking up a whistle to coach a team.  We appreciate the efforts of all who have gone through the process of being eligible to work with our student athletes and musicians.
Staff Spotlight
We would like to introduce you to Mrs. Heather Helmstetter, Seventh Grade Teacher. The Staff Spotlight is a regular feature in the Blue Connector and is designed to assist you in getting to know our teachers and staff. Please take a moment to learn a little bit about Mrs. Helmstetter. 

Where is your hometown?
St. Marys, Ohio
Where do you live now? 
I live in Englewood, Ohio with my husband Matt and son Jack.
How many years of teaching experience do you have?   I have been teaching for 13 years.

How many years have you worked at Brookville?
I have been in Brookville since the beginning.  All 13!
What is your position in the school district?  
I teach 7th grade Math and 7th grade Accelerated Math.

Tell us about your family and hobbies outside of teaching?
We are sports crazy! My family usually spends our time outdoors playing ball, at a game or inside watching the Reds, Buckeye football, or college basketball. If we aren't in Englewood, we are usually up visiting our family at the lake.
What is your favorite thing about working in Brookville?
I love the kids and the small town community. It's amazing how many past students I still see and talk to alot. Definitely a benefit of the small class sizes!
How do you spend June and July?
I love to spend time on or near the water. I try to make lots of trips up to Grand Lake, Put In Bay and down to Norris Lake. Jack and I take lots of bike rides and walks too. We spend most of the summer with family and friends!  
Where Are They Now?
Brookville Schools are proud of our series "Where Are They Now", which features profiles of past Brookville High School graduates. These graduates have responded to brief questions concerning their education or training after high school, their current occupation and their words of wisdom to the students in our buildings.

Our current profile is of Tyler Eaton, a 2010 graduate. Please take a moment to view this latest profile  here. You can also view our past profiles on our  website.                           
The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round
All too often, routines and services become so embedded in our day, that we don't think about what has to happen behind the scenes.  How many times a day do you flip a switch to turn on lights, rely on a cell phone to communicate or gather information or just stop at the gas station knowing it will be open.

Over 700 Brookville Schools students count on the big yellow school bus to pick them up and take them home everyday.  It is just an expected part of their day.  They count on the reliability of arriving at school at the same time each day and returning home every afternoon.  

The numbers behind this daily function are really quite staggering.
  • Our school buses transport 713 students daily.  This is just under 50% of our total students.
  • Our school buses travel 660 miles combined each day!
  • Last year (2016-2017) our school buses used 20,869 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • Our school buses make 879 stops daily for either pick up or drop off.
  • Last year (2016-2017) our bus drivers transported students on 468 trips , separate from taking kids to and from school.  This would include field trips, athletic trips, band trips, etc.
  This averages about 13 "extra" trips a week.  Some weeks have as      many as 20 and others as few as 3 or 4 depending on the time of            year.
  • The school district has 14 full or part time bus drivers .  The most experienced is Stephanie Edwards with 32 years and the least years of service is Dale Daugherty with 3 years.  
  • Our school district is 39 square miles in size.
  •  Wengerlawn Rd. is our most northern point           Little Richmond Rd. is our most southern point             Westbrook Rd.  and Shiloh Springs Rd. east of  Diamond Mill Rd. is  our most eastern point                     Preble County Line Rd. is our most western point

We appreciate the ownership, care and expertise our bus drivers and transportation department offer to this every day part of school life.  It is no small feat.  This will help you know the numbers behind the service next time you see a yellow school bus going down the road. 

High Five's
Chelsea Worly - Mrs. Worly, grades K-6 guidance counselor was recognized at opening staff meetings by the Pink Ribbon Girls for volunteering at multiple PRG events. Mrs. Worly has become a mainstay in providing volunteer efforts and recently spent hours helping to clean and organize the Pink Ribbon Girls offices.  We commend Mrs. Worly and thank her for this contribution!!

Blue Devil Cross Country - The Cross Country runners and families, under the direction of Head Coach Jon Bland just held the 53rd Annual Brookville Cross Country Invitational.  The event was at Golden Gate Park, Saturday, September 9.  It was a beautiful morning and 27 teams came to Brookville for the invitational.  Our boys team finished FIRST and the girl's team finished THIRD.  Most importantly the race was well organized, volunteers were plentiful and the event helped showcase our school and community.  Thanks to Coach Bland and all who helped!!  View additional photos here 

Around Town
- The OHSAA has designated this Friday night, September 15, #helpinghouston night.  Across the state schools are encouraged to initiate plans that can support the efforts of the Red Cross in Houston's recovery.  Donations will be accepted at the gate. Bellbrook's fans have been notified also.  As a bonus if you bring a case of canned goods, case of water or a case of diapers the Band Association has agreed to give you a voucher for a free hamburger or hot dog!!  

At the end of the first quarter we will hold a Miracle Minute passing containers down each stadium row to collect any donations to be given to the Red Cross. Please come to Friday night's game prepared to Help Houston!

Rotary Holds Raffle
- The Brookville Rotary Club is selling raffle tickets for a 1974 Sports Illustrated College Preview Edition.  This edition features Archie Griffin on the cover in what would be the year he won his first Heisman Trophy. The magazine has been autographed by Archie Griffin. Raffle tickets are being sold at home games and at Brookville Building & Savings and LCNB. They are $10 each and the drawing will be held October 13 at the last home game.  

Brookville 8th Annual Breast Cancer Walk
- If you live in Brookville what should you be doing on Saturday morning September 30?  Participating in the 8th Annual Breast Cancer Walk.  the walk begins at the high school at 9am.  It is a 5K Walk with all proceeds given to support the Pink Ribbon Girls. This organization uses the money from this walk to help LOCAL women and families who are dealing with breast cancer.  Over 1,200 walkers have already registered.  Registration is $25 and you can do so at the school administrative offices at 75 June Place or by contacting the event coordinator Mrs. Gale Colston at 833-5457 or 248-4694.

Pink Out Alert 
- This Fridays home football game will be a PINK OUT . Wear pink to the game in recognition of the upcoming Breast cancer walk. Need something pink to wear? The Athletic Booster Club will be selling  t-shirts to students at lunch this week. Community members can purchase a t-shirt from the spirit shop at Thursday night's  home soccer game.