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September 26, 2017
58th Edition

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Our Mission
The Mission of Brookville Local Schools is to challenge, prepare, and support all students to realize their full potential.
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Board of Education
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Use of Chromebooks Growing
In the 7th edition of the Blue Connector we wrote about the then 150 Chromebooks that students were using in classrooms.  Since that April 2015 issue, 880 chromebooks are now connecting students to learning opportunities district wide.

If you aren't familiar with Chromebooks they look like laptops but they have some major benefits over laptops for K-12 students.  

Some of the benefits of chromebooks:
  • Half the cost (or less)
  • Battery power lasts all day
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to manage and update
  • Cloud storage
  • Security and safety easily monitored
  • Student work is saved in the cloud so they can go anywhere to access it.
Unlike laptops, Chromebooks don't actually store programs or files on them, so they do have limitations. However, for students and teachers, most day-to-day learning tools can be utilized on a chromebook. Sometimes things are even easier and faster.  When a student creates a presentation in Google Slides (Google's version of PowerPoint) on a chromebook, they can share it with other students in a group or a teacher who can edit that same presentation at the same time and the edits show up immediately.  This collaboration is part of the reason why, since November 2015 over 400,000 pieces of work have been shared internally by students and staff.

For the district there are added benefits as well. Chromebooks are reducing the need for the much more expensive traditional computers and monitors and they have less moving parts making them very durable for student use. This allows for more technology in student hands without increasing the load of break-fix issues for technology staff.  Over the past 6 years, only a handful of chromebooks have needed replacement parts.  In part, this is due to our deployment practices.  

You won't see students walking around with chromebooks, dropping them or throwing them around in a book bag that gets tossed around everywhere. The beauty of using Chrome is that Chromebooks can be stored in carts in classrooms and a student can walk to their next class, get out their assigned chromebook and start working in seconds.  This method, along with watchful eyes of teachers, has kept even our earliest set of chromebooks in good working order after 6 years of use.    
Getting A Kick Out of Boot Camp
Talented BHS Junior Experiences A Future Dream
Junior, Hannah May in her dress blues with her father Jeff

There is no doubt that junior, Hannah May is talented.  She is a clarinet player in the Marching Band and plays second singles on the women's tennis team.  Both are demanding responsibilities.  So it comes as no surprise, that rather than put her feet up to rest, this past June Cadet May signed up for the Civil Air Patrol Ohio Wing Encampment.

Once a student in Hawaii, when her family moved to Brookville, she missed the Navy ROTC program she had previously participated in.  Hannah began to develop an interest in opportunities presented by the Civil Air Patrol.

The Civil Air Patrol is a non-profit auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force.  The Cadet Program "transforms youth aged 12 to 20 into responsible citizens," according to their on-line description.  The program includes leadership conferences, encampments (boot camp), aerospace education, flight academies and more.  

During the week of June 24th, Hannah took advantage of the Boot Camp. From the arrival the tone was set. She smiled widely explaining that as the cadets arrived at the Wright St. dorms where they would stay, "sergeants rushed the van shouting instructions to unload our bags and get our room assignments!" From that moment on, the camp offered a precursor to what it must be like to attend an Air Force Boot Camp.  Some of the points of interest included proper wearing of the uniform and appearance, customs and courtesies, a lot of military drills and "oh yes, a ton of physical training!"  

Cadets toured a WPAFB fire station and heard lectures on career opportunities in the U.S. Air Force.  Cadets were given a taste of basic skills and knowledge about how and when to address an officer.  However, Cadet May made no bones about her favorite activity during the week.  She was given an opportunity to fly in a Cessna Plane orientation flight.  This included helping in moving the plane around with some turns.  

In what turned out to be a fate of good luck, Hannah also got to meet the Thunderbirds.  Her encampment fell during the same week as the Dayton Air Show.  She acknowledged that this was a special thrill.  Some day Hannah would like to attend the Air Force Academy and "serve my country in the Air Force."  Doing work in intelligence or supporting cargo planes, are examples of her future dreams.  

What a great experience for one of our own.  Being in the Civil Air Patrol Encampment is a great way to taste what the future may hold for Hannah. You can see You Tube video's of the encampment from days 0-7 here.

Upcoming Events At Brookville Local Schools
We invite you to take a moment to watch the video which highlights some of the exciting things that are coming up in the next fe w weeks at Brookville Local Schools.

September in Our Schools
Many exciting programs and activities have highlighted this first month of school.  In reflection, they show the opportunities given our students and the numerous ways they can learn and grow at school.  Sometimes these stories are overlooked while observing standardized test scores.  We want to share some of these experiences with you.  Please look through the many picture and video galleries in this section:

Intermediate School Student Council - Wednesday, September 13, the BIS student council, under the direction of Mrs. Linville, held a day long leadership retreat.  Mrs. Linville and Mrs. Gulley took the group through numerous leadership building activities and spent valuable time discussing what student leadership should look like.  At the end of the day the student council members put together a plan of action and activities for the 2017-18 school year. Those ideas were then shared with Principal Wheat for validation as programs to be carried out. You can see pictures from the retreat here.


Walk to School Day - Friday, September 15, was our Annual Walk to School
Day.  For elementary students,  this has become an early Fall favorite. Students and many parents gather at Westbrook park and walk to school together to encourage exercise and healthy activity.  Over the last couple of years this program has been enhanced by our high school student leaders joining the walk and giving high 5's to the students as they enter the building. This year was no exception to this being an enjoyable and inspiring kick off to a Friday at school.  You can see a gallery of pictures from Walk to School Day
here .

New Student Breakfast - Wednesday, September 20, BIS welcomed students and parents new to the district to a continental breakfast.  Key school personnel were introduced and members of the intermediate school student council attended to greet their new peers.  Representatives from the Brookville Police Dept. were on hand and several booster clubs and community businesses donated door prizes.  This breakfast serves to let our new students know we are glad they are here and want to help them feel that Brookville Intermediate is now home.  You can see a gallery of pictures from this breakfast here .   

Homecoming Festivities - The week of September 18, served as Homecoming week at BHS.  Highlights of the week included the parade on Wednesday.  Our local fire and police departments led the way along with the marching band, cheerleaders, many of our community youth programs, the homecoming court attendants and multiple high school teams, clubs and organizations.  The parade was followed with the pep rally and bonfire.  You can see pictures from the parade and pep rally in the gallery here .  On Friday night the homecoming court was introduced before the game and senior, Allora Hern was named 2017 Queen and Bailey Wallen was named King.  Pregame festivities were followed by a dominating 45-28 Blue Devil win.  You can see pictures from the game and halftime show here . You can also view videos on our YouTube page.  Finally, Saturday night the students enjoyed the homecoming dance. The high school student council did a great job of putting together an evening that all enjoyed!!

1st Grade Parent Curriculum Meeting -   On Thursday, September 21, the first grade teachers hosted their annual curriculum night.  This evening is very well attended and gives the parents an opportunity to see and understand the curriculum used with their children.  Teachers take the time to help parents understand the math and reading curriculum in particular. The importance of a strong learning foundation is very apparent.  Giving parents a clear picture of the curricular goals and objectives for the year has proven helpful.  You can see some pictures of the curriculum night here .


SWAP Day - Well over 200 parents were in attendance Friday, September 22, for the 27th annual SWAP Day. This event allows parents to attend school with their student.  After a brief kick off session, parents make their way to classes.  This year, the day included the FFA program providing a picnic lunch for those parents in attendance and their students.  The day ended with a pep rally that added parent participation.  This day is generally well liked and attended by parents. It was a great way to get the school year going!!  You can see a gallery of pictures from SWAP Day here .

As you can see the start of the school year has been busy.  Numerous other activities and meetings have been taking place. This overview and the galleries included give you a sample of what is happening in our schools this Fall.
New Staff
Brookville Schools added 8 new certified (teaching) personnel this year. We introduced 4 of them in the 57th edition of the Blue Connector, which you can view here.  We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the remaining 4 in this edition.  We welcome all of them to our schools and community.  They were each chosen from a field of candidates and have shown, throughout the interview process and through their references, they have much to offer our students.   

Ms. Kelsi Fannin 
Kettering, OH
Where did you go to college?:  
Bluffton University
What is your position in the school district?:  
7th grade Language Arts Blue
What is your first impression of Brookville Schools?: 
Amazing and compassionate community!
How many years of teaching experience do you have?:  
This is my first year
Do you have any pets?:  
Yes - one dog named Ellie
At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?:  
Any small boutique
If you could be a superhero who would you be?:  

Mr. Chad Fitzwater
Originally from West Alexandria, but mostly grew up in Englewood
Where did you go to college?:  
Undergrad-school = Ohio University
Grad-school = Bluffton University and University of Dayton
What is your position in the school district?:  
6th Grade Social Studies
What is your first impression of Brookville Schools?:  
Everyone is very welcoming and inviting
How many years of teaching experience do you have?:  
This will be my fourth year
Do you have any pets?:  
I have a dog named Chi Chi
At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?:  
Rocky Mountain ATV/MC
If you could be a superhero who would you be?:  

Mr. Logan Kindell
Brookville, OH
Where did you go to college?:  
Bowling Green State University
What is your position in the school district?:  
Kindergarten Teacher
What is your first impression of Brookville Schools?:  
A very welcoming community
How many years of teaching experience do you have?:  
One year
Do you have any pets?:  
At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?:  
Dick's Sporting Goods
If you could be a superhero who would you be?:  

Ms. Katelyn Sample
Franklin, OH
Where did you go to college?:  
University of Dayton
What is your position in the school district?:  
High School Teacher - English I
What is your first impression of Brookville Schools?: 
Brookville is wonderful!  Everyone is so welcoming and helpful.
How many years of teaching experience do you have?:  
This is my first year - woohoo!
Do you have any pets?:  
Yes, I have a dog named Barley and a cat named Hops
At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?:  
If you could be a superhero who would you be?:  
Batman, without a doubt
Women's Tennis
The good news is that the girls' tennis program has a record number of 24 players this year.  That level of participation is higher than ever!! This shows that the program continues to grow.  The bad news is that from a competitive stand point 14 of those players are freshmen.  In the always tough Southwestern Division of the SWBL that inexperience makes for some tough sledding.  

The varsity team started this season with only three returning starters.  Gone is Laura Bowen who led the team last year and advanced to the regional tournament.  Laura is now competing for Cedarville University.  But this lack of experience has not discouraged head coach Marianna Wright.  Coach Wright explained that "the positive aspect has been that each of the girls has accepted the challenge and has improved greatly."  The varsity team currently has a record of 5-9 with two matches left.  Later this week they will enter the league tournament at Thomas Cloud Park in Huber Heights and then in the first week of October the will compete in the Division II Sectionals at Troy Park.  

The varsity team for these tournaments will include:
1st singles - Senior Grace Rohrer
2nd singles - Junior Hannah May
3rd singles - Freshman Emma Burton
1st doubles - Senior Allison Winterbotham and Junior Gabby Wakefield
2nd Doubles - Senior Sierrah Howard and Sophomore Lindsey Hinds

Seventeen young ladies make up the JV roster under the direction of coach Chris Beck.  Coach Beck is a fourth grade teacher at BIS and according to Coach Wright "has met the challenge of working with 14 freshmen with little tennis background."  The JV schedule has been built in a way that has offered each player the opportunity to compete and improve their tennis skills.  

We congratulate the team for the successes they have enjoyed this year and wish them the very best as they venture into post season tournament play.    
Staff Spotlight
We would like to introduce you to Mrs. Mary Blakesly, Fifth Grade Teacher. The Staff Spotlight is a regular feature in the Blue Connector and is designed to assist you in getting to know our teachers and staff. Please take a moment to learn a little bit about Mrs. Blakesly. 

Where is your hometown?
Cincinnati, Ohio
Where do you live now? 
I live in Vandalia with my husband Mike.
How many years of teaching experience do you have?   I have been teaching for 20 years.

How many years have you worked at Brookville?
Brookville has been my teaching home for 19 years!
What is your position in the school district?  
I teach 5th grade math.

Tell us about your family and hobbies outside of teaching?
My husband Mike is a fire inspector for the city of Xenia.  We have two daughters.  Kristin and her husband Josh live in Englewood.  Kelly and her boyfriend Ryan just bought a house in Butler Township.  So, we are now empty nesters.  My hobby is music.  On Sunday mornings you can catch me at church singing and playing the piano.
What is your favorite thing about working in Brookville?
The students in Brookville are fun!  Their positive attitudes are contagious. The joy in teaching for me is seeing the look on students' faces when they "get it".
How do you spend June and July?
During the summer, I enjoy reading a book on my deck.  My husband and I often take motorcycle day trips around scenic Ohio. 
Where Are They Now?
Brookville Schools are proud of our series "Where Are They Now", which features profiles of past Brookville High School graduates. These graduates have responded to brief questions concerning their education or training after high school, their current occupation and their words of wisdom to the students in our buildings.

Our current profile is of Ashley (Christophersen) Dooley, a 2001 graduate. Please take a moment to view this latest profile  here. You can also view our past profiles on our  website.                           
Brookville's State Report Card - The Positives
 We would like to share with you a few of the many positives from our 2016-17 State Report Card:

  • Our Performance Index was   98.7 achieving a   B up from a C last year.  This was second highest of all Montgomery County districts.      
  • Our Indicators Achieved was   14 of 24 a D .  14 out of 24 is the second highest number of indicators earned in all 16 Montgomery County Schools.
  • Brookville Schools was one of only 3 districts in Montgomery County to achieve all A's in the four Value Added categories. Only 54 of 608 districts in the state met this accomplishment.
  • Brookville Schools were 1 of only 2 districts in Montgomery County to have a B grade in gap closing.
  • Our teacher attendance rate last year was 96.4%.
  • 100% of our teachers have appropriate certification to be considered 'Highly Qualified' to teach in the classes they have.
  • Our student attendance rate was 95% one of the critical indicators of student success!
High Five's
Mrs. Randall & Mrs. Beers - Two Brookville teachers, Mrs. Randall (1st grade) and Mrs. Beers (4th grade), have been selected to comment in an upcoming article featured in the KQED News publication Mind/Shift.  This online education magazine features regular articles about effective teaching strategies.  Their comments will be anchors to an article regarding student feedback in the elementary classroom.  This is a key component in our districts immersion into Project Based Learning.  The web site originates in northern California.

Boys' Jr. High Cross-Country -
The junior high cross country team recently finished 4th at the Graham Invitational.  This team continues to improve each and every week.  They are growing in ability as a feeder to what is already a strong high school program!

Bailey Wallen -
Congratulations to Wallen, a senior member of the Blue Devil football team. This past Friday, Bailey broke the school record for most career rushing yards.  Against Monroe he rushed for 212 yards and 5 touchdowns giving him 4,246 career yards.  This eclipses the previous record of 4,082 yards set by Randy Hubley.