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Tomorrow! 7:30 pm! BUY your tickets today!  

Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,

It's official, we are calling it our Silver Celebration.  It is our 25th anniversary year.  We will be celebrating from now until October 25, the 25th anniversary of our chartering.

Doug Mattingly was our first Director of Contemporary Music.  He led the band at our first contemporary service in March of 1998 and served Ark and dove until 2006.  Soon after he moved to California to pursue a career in acting and music.  Doug is going to be in town visiting family on the week on Sunday, February 12, and he will join Mark and the Band in music leadership on that Sunday.  I hope you all can be in worship to visit with Doug and to witness two awesome guitar players leading us in music.  Sunday, February 12, our next Silver Celebration Sunday.

Speaking of awesome musicians, tomorrow night is the Blue Brothers night at Ark and Dove to help raise funds for summer trips.  You can still buy tickets on line and at the door. Here is the link for online purchases.

This Sunday is Souper Bowl Sunday There is a tremendous amount of canned soup in the sanctuary.  Thank you very much.  Let's keep it coming.  All proceeds will go to the Christian Assistance Program of West County, (CAP)  an ecumenical ministry that serves hungry people in our community. Along with over a dozen other churches, we have supported CAP for many years.  Thank you Ark and Dove for your support of local mission.

Peace of Christ, 
Pastor Tim 


Ark and Dove will be hosting the 874th Gathering of the Presbytery of Baltimore on Thursday February 9 from 9:00 until about 3:00.

We need hosts: coffee makers, greeters, parking advisors, table movers, chair movers, and people to hang around smile and point to restrooms and other rooms.  Please sign up in the lobby or send an e-mail to admin@arkanddove.org.  We will take you for two hours, three hours or all day.


You are the salt of the earth.  You are the light of the world. 
- Mathew 5:13a,14a

Reveal, O Lord, to my heart your love. Expose, O Lord, to my heart your love. Disperse, O Lord, from my mind the darkness. Fill, O Lord, my life with your light. Protect, O Lord, from thoughts without action. Guard, O Lord, from words without feelings. Defend, O Lord, form ideas without results. And surround me with your Presence. Open my eyes, my heart, my mind, my will, my soul, to the blowing of your Spirit.

Grant to me, Lord, joy in giving, joy in receiving. Love in-coming, Love out-flowing, peace instilling, peace distilling. Wisdom infilling, wisdom outpouring. Grant to me, Lord, a rhythm of life. God who my life sanctified, Jesus Christ who death defied, Spirit ever at my side, from inflowing to ebb tide, from ebbing to inflowing tide, ever with me abide.

- Tides and Seasons by David Adam 


The Six Great Ends of the Church are the Mission Statement of our denomination, and they have been a part of our church constitution since 1910:
1. The Proclamation of the Gospel for the Salvation of Humankind

2. The Shelter Nurture and Spiritual Fellowship of the Children of God

3. The Maintenance of Divine Worship

4.The Preservation of the Truth

5. The Exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the World

6. The Promotion of Social Righteousness   


Please join us for worship this Sunday, for beautiful music at both services. If you haven't received your evite to Christina and Jon Nelson's baby shower, please let me know so that I can make sure we have your email on file!    


Saturday is the day!  I am so proud to be part of a fantastic group of Washington D.C.'s best musicians to present the music of the Blues Brothers!  So much work has gone into presenting this show at Ark & Dove, from hours and hours of practice and rehearsal to the youth and adults at Ark & Dove supporting the ticket sales and hospitality to present such an ambitious show.  

Now it is time for the final push -- I can say without a doubt that this will be one of the BEST musical events at Ark & Dove, which is quite a claim, considering the wealth of talent and guests that we have had over the years.  Don't miss the opportunity to see this show, or to invite your friend whom you have been considering introducing to Ark & Dove, but haven't had the chance just yet.

God Bless,


and Per Capita. Many opportunities await you!

Youth Fundraiser

THE BLUES BROTHERS SOUNDTRACK Ark and Dove's upcoming fundraising event -- in support of our youth mission and ministry summer programming -- is on
Saturday, February 4 at 7:30 pm. Bring a neighbor and a friend to this professional production, which was recently showcased on the DC news. BUY your tickets today!  

Can't wait? Here's a sneak preview of our own Mark Edwards getting into the groove at rehearsal. 
The Adam Levowitz Orchestra 
The Blues Brothers Soundtrack
A Live Music Rhythm and Blues Review
All the hit songs
from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Tickets are $20/person and profits from ticket sales will support our youth as they participate in mission trips and the GenOn Summit this summer. Come out and enjoy great music in support of a great cause--our youth! Tickets are available at church or onlineBUY NOW!
URGENT: Blues Brothers' After Concert Help Needed! Help is needed to clean-up following the Blues Brothers' Concert. There is a lot of equipment that needs to be torn down and the sanctuary put back in order for Sunday services. We need at least FOUR people to help with clean-up.If you can help even for just 30 mins, please sign up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4caeae2ea4fd0-blues or contact Amy Stavely (amy@stavely.org). Thank you! 
PARENTS NIGHT OUT! YOUTH FUNDRAISER Parents, the next Parents Night Out (PNO) event is this coming Saturday, February 18, 2017. It's only $20 per child ($10 per additional child) for 4hrs of childcare!!! The PNO will be from 5pm-9pm and includes dinner, movies, and activities. Bring a snack to share.  If you'd like to sign up, check out the sign-up sheets on the board in the lobby. Or you can sign up online: https://form.jotform.com/70254096612958.  All proceeds from these PNO will go to send our youth to the GenOn Conference and the Youth Mission Trips.  Questions? Please contact Laura Talbert, lauramay77@aol.com.      

Outreach and Connections

PUBLISH IT! The Friendly Seniors are sponsoring a tea time event on 'Tell and PUBLISH Your Story' for ALL age groups interested in publishing.  Three of our local authors will recount their experiences publishing their stories and answer your questions.  Their books will be available for sale and signing.  So come and meet our authors--Amy Benson, Briah Ryan, and Irene Kucholick--and learn about their stories and publishing options open to you.  The place: Riconcito Mexicano; date and time: Sunday, February 19, 3-5 pm.  It should be an informative  time for all.  Please sign up in the lobby of Ark and Dove or contact Joan Berry (berry962@verizon.net, 410-672-5237) or Frances Keyes (frkeyes1005@gmail.com, 410-874-7253).  


SOUPER BOWL OF CARING! Be a champion and tackle hunger with your donations to the Souper Bowl of Caring, a nationwide mission project that we have supported for 17 years. This Sunday, February 5th, bring in cans of soup and place them on the platform steps in the sanctuary. Help us to reach our goal of 1,000 cans of soup!  All proceeds support the Christian Assistance Program's food pantry in Odenton. Thank you! Christine Caufield-Noll, Mission Elder, ccnmission@outlook.com.         
The Migde Lucas, pastor of Comunidad Presbiteriana la Trinidad (Presbyterian Community of the Trinity) mission, visited Ark and Dove on January 29 to provide an update on the mission's first four months in operation. The mission is a joint project of the six Presbyterian churches in Anne Arundel County, created to serve the growing Hispanic population in the county.

To learn more about how you can help, please visit Comunidad Presbiteriana la Trinidad on the Ark and Dove website.

For other questions on how the Hispanic mission works and what's taking place, please contact Laura Willoughby Perry at church, via phone at 410-507-7129, or via email at ljwilloughby@gmail.com 


PRAYING THROUGH MEDITATIVE SERVICES DURING LENT The worship team invites you to help plan our meditative services on Wednesdays during Lent to help deepen your prayer life. In the past our worship leaders have created a variety of ways to worship, including a candle lit atmosphere, guided meditation, and a variety of worship music, some from Taize, and some not. Please join us Tuesday, February 7 at 8pm to plan this year's services. Ryan Stavely, Worship Elder, ryan@stavely.org and Paul Doughty, sing2gether@verizon.net. 
To the Deacons and the entire congregation of Ark and Dove,

I wish to convey a very great and heartfelt thank you from myself and the entire Beckwith family for all your care and concern for us during our bereavement of our dear husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, Donald Beckwith.  Your pastors Tim and Jon welcomed us warmly and it seemed the entire congregation pitched in to feed our extended family, help to prepare the church for the memorial service and set up the Marshall room for the reception.  The music provided was heartwarming.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Mary Beckwith (Laurie Barrow's mother)

THE WAY-WORDS STORYTELLERS are looking for new members. Meetings are bimonthly, occurring every other Saturday, starting February 4th, 9:30 am (this is not a cut-off date.) Please sign up if you would like to join this ministry, or contact Anthony Saylor, anthonys1111@aol.com, for more information. Come spread the word of God by sharing the stories of the Bible with the congregation, bringing the people and miracles of Scripture to life.
Adult Ed Small Groups


What does it mean to call yourself a Christian? Christianity is a widely diverse religion. So, what are the essentials? In a four week course, we are discussing the basics: Bible, baptism, communion, and prayer. Following Rowan Williams' short book Being Christian, we will discuss some of the essentials of Christianity. This is a class for those of us wondering what Christian faith is about and for those who want to get back to the basics. The course will be led by Betsy Baer, beginning this Sunday at 11 am. Please see Pastor Betsy (bbaer1216@aol.com) or Pastor Jon (jgnelson19852gmail.com). Books will be available soon for $6. 

Prayer Concerns

PRAYERS OF HEALING AND SUPPORT for Kim Schroen; Zach Murray; Ray Mosella; Lance Bergersen; Ann Hirschy; Rob Yeager's mother, Rebekah Jennings; Dot Bruno; Christy Yeager's mother, Linda Jordan; Barbara Reynolds mother, Ruth Campbell; Chip Burnett; Laura Talbert; Fred Barrow's nephew, Sam Jackson; David Chidlow's mother, Betty Jayne Chidlow; Dot Forloines; Henry Duncan; Helene Marchand-Stancil's parents, Paul and Mimi Marchand; Judy Cooper's sister, Barb Eardley; Mary Benson; Mary Benson's nephew, Peter; Mary Stum's sister, Barbara Kendig; Pat Stanton's aunt, Evelyn, and uncle, Hallie Hawn; Ellen Makar's father, Don Erickson; Janet Dabbs' sister, Diane Maloy; Paul Doughty's mother, Ruth; Scott Howe's father, Ron; Laura Willoughby's father, Norman; Laurie Barrrow's sister-in-law Cathy; Josh Ederheimer's father, Stanley; Laura Doughty's cousin; and Dick and Carol Baily.

THE LOVE AND PRAYERS OF THE CONGREGATION go out to the Devers family on the death of Pat's father, Joe.   

If you have prayer concerns or blessings that you would like to share, please contact Deacon Sue Hanburger at avongypsygal@gmail.com, and she will add your concern to the prayer partners email chain.    
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