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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Worship is Essential!
Thanks to Dave Kurowski for making it possible for us to gather virtually in these days when we cannot gather large groups in person. We are evaluating next steps and receiving guidance later this week from the Metro Chicago Synod. As noted a few weeks back, large Sunday morning gatherings will not happen in this phase. Thanks to Dave’s hard work and the work of our musicians, we will still be able to be together!
St. Andrew's Food Drive
Thank you to all who helped with last week's emergency food drive to provide support to the overwhelmed pantries in West Chicago. We will continue to work with area pastors and Pastor Josh at St. Andrew to put a structure into place that streamlines the process for food drop-off and distribution. Hopefully, we will be able to continue to help meet the needs in West Chicago on a weekly basis. We will keep you posted.
Zoom meetings to find the body of Christ in Quarantine
Enneagram Part 2!
Tuesday, May 26 @ 7 pm - TONIGHT!
More about the types we lead with plus we’ll go a little deeper with subtypes and wings.  NOTE: earlier time!  Click on  link   to join!

Bible Study with Pastor Wende
Thursday, May 28 @ 9:30 am
Pastor Wende will lead this week's study. We'll look back at Sunday and ahead to next Sunday's reading.
Click on the  link   to join!

Tune in for some midweek refreshment
on Facebook LIVE
Wednesday, May 27 at 7:00 pm.
Pastor Trudy will lead us through a meditation.
T  une in to Facebook LIVE.
#WhereistheBodyofChrist Challenge
Send pictures of you and your family wearing red, orange, or yellow for this Sunday's Pentecost slide show! Please send your photos to Margo by 5 pm, Friday, May 29.
ZOOM update
ZOOM is getting a new version update this week!  It’s important that you update the software on your device by Saturday, May 30.  After that, the old version of ZOOM will not be supported. Download the update NOW via either the website  ( ) or the mobile app (available on the website)
Listen to past ZOOM classes led by Pastor Trudy
We've recorded these conversations for those who may have been interested but could not meet at that time. If that's you, please click on the buttons to watch/listen/learn!
Bible 102:
The Gospels
Take a deeper dive into the stories of Jesus and learn how each unique story adds up to one incredible witness to who Jesus is.

Copy this password for class: 1K&+0nK=

We surround with our prayers the family of Rev. Linda Kersten, following her death on Sunday, May 24. Plans are to livestream the service from GLC on Friday, May 29 @ 10 am. You can watch the service on GLC's YouTube channel. Contact Pastor Trudy if you have questions.
Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center
Family Getaways
LOMC is offering families a way to have a two-night, three-day adventure away from home this summer! More details here .
Worship Service - S unday, May 24
Watch and participate in our YouTube LIVE Worship service on Sundays at 9:00 am. If you missed service or just want to watch/listen again -- you can here! We also post the videos of our services on our website .
GLC life in pictures
Last Friday's PDO drive-by parade was full of sweet surprises as parents and their children drove by to wave goodbye to their teachers. So glad we could end the school year with this special event!

We've said it before, but it bears repeating "We miss seeing our GLC family!" If you have a picture(s) that you'd like to share of how you are living your #generouslifeinChrist please send to Margo . Thank you!