Hello Dear Readers:

I'm finally reporting back after a rather long absence. I keep filing material into my newsletter folder that I want to share with you, but getting around to it gets harder and harder as we steer into the waves of uncertainty . Although we are not all exactly in the same boat, we are definitely all holding on as best as we can on every front: financially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Those in the hospitality industry are feeling as if the joke is on them. Their resilience and creativity is formidable. I am in this industry, but fortunately my shop is very small, I only have one employee, and getting creative to stay afloat has been my modus operandi for a long time. To get a better picture of how dire the situation is and what San Francisco restaurateurs and bar owners are enduring, I highly recommend that you read Marcia Gagliardi's e-column "This week's tablehopper: red alert". Marcia's assessments are intelligent, compassionate, fair, responsible and unbiased. Yes, we have to do everything in our power to control this pandemic, no question about it, but still, Dios mio what a price to pay.

Chile Lindo is still open, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm. But, like all of us, street traffic is all but gone. I keep busy taking care of lots of chores that were in the back burner (organizing storage), and my employee is beginning to experience "groundhog day" because I tell him to stay busy doing deep cleaning--the trays sparkle. Today I disconnected one of the freezers to save on the electric bill. January is around the corner and I'm staying hopeful that there will be lots to celebrate then.

One lamentable news is the closure of Sabores del Sur. There are not too many Chilean restaurants in the Bay Area and now we lost one of the few that was still around. Guisell Osorio, the owner, closed her restaurant in Walnut Creek to focus on catering. She is still in business, but her closing is a great loss to the Chilean community and to her customer base that will miss her. Every restaurant closure has a ripple effect that is becoming more and more evident. It really is astounding how many other industries restaurants and bars keep afloat; from linen service to farmers to artists--the list is long and diverse.

On a different note, I have good news! My weekly event "Off the Beaten Track at 16th & Capp" was nominated by The Bold Italic 2020 Awards under the category: "Most Creative Dining Experience in San Francisco". The nomination is shared with Slate Bar. This recognition would not be possible without the long list of talented musicians that performed, for the past twenty-two weeks, at this event. I will thank each one later in this newsletter for giving us all a little break from the gloom. My goal now is to find a sponsor and/or grant to finance this production and pay the musicians a stipend once we can get back to serving at the parklets. Following is the link to vote (no passwords): The Bold Italic's 2020 Awards. ¡Muchas gracias!

Please enjoy the holidays and valor y fuerza,
Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo

Announcing the Nominees for
The Bold Italic’s 2020 Awards

Voting is open! Make sure to choose your favorites by Monday, Dec 14

"Most Creative Outdoor Dining Experience in San Francisco"
Chile Lindo + Slate Bar

On Sept 18th, 2020 we celebrated Chile's Independence Day at "Off the Beaten Track." Banda Sin Nombre performed and a spontaneous Cueca (Chile's traditional folk dance), danced by Angelica Álvarez and a "huaso" (Chilean cowboy), was one of the highlights. ¡Viva Chile!
Thank you Amy Carr for the great video. amycarrphotography.com

Off the Beaten Track at 16th & Capp

You can checkout the fabulous bands at my YouTube channel


Over the past five months, 22 local bands have performed covering a wide spectrum of genres including flamenco, jazz, bossa, tango, afro-cuban, soul-funk, ragtime, and spoken word. Featured bands and musicians include:

The Pepe Jacobo, Eugene Pliner and Rob Bassinette; La Mandanga’s Alberto GutierrezJavi Jiménez,, Luis Jiménez and Jacob Savage; the Industrial Ragtime Band Parlor Tricks; Sunset Piano's Mauro Ffortissimo and Anthony Ty; Hipsteria's "Tender" Tim SheaDanny Brown and Caroline Chung; and Blonde Toledo's Connie Walkershaw, Joe Chavez, Andy Charmatz, Rick Kennan, Jesse Walkershaw. Renditions by Sharman Duran, Salvador Aguilera, Mike Brown, Liza Silva, Ray Scott, Paul Smith. Angela LaFlamme's show lineup featured her band MegaFlame and Banks Street Bohemian’s with guest artists Allison LovejoyMomos Cheeskos and Prince Exist & The Discordia Game Show. Caroline Chung featured C’asti, Andrew McKenzie and Jordan Davis. Ollie Dudek featured Danny Brown and Vincent De JesusRado Randriamamonjy Rado & Rufus Funk Trio featured Maurice Miles, John Bartlett and Brian Hill. Rado Randriamamonjy returned with John Villalobos and Fabio M Reis. Dos Bandoleros featured Alberto Gutierrez and Raul Vargas. The Mission’s All-Stars Ricky Aguilar's Quartet Afro Nativo Latin Jazz joined by Eduardo CorzoKai Lyons and Sergio Duran. Finally, last but not least, on Friday, September 18th, for Chilean Independence Day we celebrated the independence of numerous Central American countries, Mexico and Brazil with Banda Sin Nombre featuring Hannah GallagherKate GoldsteinEva Mas SilbersteinJ Ángel Rodriguez and Sean Fenton.

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