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The Bookies Picks 2019
Once again The Bookies have picked their favorite books of the year. Booksellers were allowed to choose from any book, no matter the section, no matter if we have it currently, so long as it came out in 2019. Click the picture below to see our full list on our website.  

White Elephants, Yankee Gifts, Under $20, whatever you call it, we've got you covered

It's the time of year again for office parties, friend exchanges, and family gatherings. Once more we've picked our favorite under $20 items that will be the hit of whatever gift exchange you're doing. The presents are elegant, adventurous, playable and sure to be the envy of your get together. For even more ideas, see our website or stop by the store today!
We are a bookstore,  so we're a bit biased when it comes to decorating with books and these ceramic vases are just up our alley. While we have all different sizes, this smaller one is perfect for that more adult, sophisticated, gift exchange.  
Mermaid Tail Mug
We aren't going to lie to you. This mug got picked by roughly 50% of the staff. It is, if we do say so ourselves, the most stylish mug we have ever carried in this store. Haven't you always wanted to drink from the tail of a mermaid? Now is your chance. Or, the chance of whomever wins it at your party.
What's better than bringing a game to a party? Bringing a unique one like EXIT THE GAME. Trust us, everyone will be trying to snatch this one-use game to enjoy with their friends and family as they work together to solve the mystery to escape. Not your speed? Come by our store to see all of our games that are less than $20.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's most stylish one of all? Whomever is wearing our sequin fanny packs of course.

You want to be the one who brings the gift everyone is fighting over, right? Then grab this. An official Bookies Bookstore Gift Card. $20 goes a long way in our independent bookstore and who says you can't end up with the gift you brought to the party? Click here to buy them online or come into our store today to get them!    

The Game Board

Puzzles in our game corner? Only very special ones like these! These unique puzzles, from Ravensburger, are actually much more than meets the eye. They are escape rooms in a box! You have to put the puzzle together, then solve the mystery! A great time to be had by the whole family during the holidays and as we get ready for winter. Click here to see the ones we have in stock or stop by our store to check them out!