September 7, 2020 | Michael M. Boone Elementary School
Enjoy today's School Holiday!
Are you Ready for In-Person School Tomorrow?
To help the first day of in-person learning go smoothly, please be sure your child:
Is ready for a great first day of in-person learning!
On the first day, students may arrive and go straight to their classrooms beginning at 7:30am. After the first day, students will wait in designated areas before being released to their classrooms at 7:50am.

Please reference last week's Special Editions for all the details about:
Information About Medication Drop Off
Hello! I’m Whitney Hornberger, the school nurse here at Boone. We are so excited for students to be returning to the school building! We have been working very hard to make sure it is a safe environment for everyone. If your child is returning to Boone’s campus on Sept. 8th and needs to take medication while at school, this information is for you!

Medication drop off will look different this year than in previous years. On the morning of Sept. 8th, I will have a table set up outside the front entrance of the school from 7:30-9:30am. Anyone dropping off a medication needs to have the attached Medication Administration Form printed and filled out upon arrival. 
  • Please place the packaged medication and any relevant forms in a gallon ziplock bag together, so I can quickly and easily intake the medications and keep everything organized.
  • All prescription medication must be in the original container with the pharmacy label in the student’s name on the medication. Medications in a baggie or in an unmarked container cannot be accepted. 
  • For over the counter medications, please bring a small, unopened bottle. No aspirin can be given unless accompanied by a physician’s order. Please avoid herbals or supplements at school. 
  • Check the expiration date to make sure the medication has not expired. 
  • If your student has an “emergency” medication, like an inhaler, epi pen, seizure medication, etc., please bring the student’s action plan along with the medication. If you do not have an action plan for your child’s emergency medication, there are blank forms on HPISD’s website that the child’s physician can fill out and sign. 
  • Students are allowed to carry emergency medication ONLY if their Action Plan states so and permission to carry has been signed by their physician. 
  • Feel free to bring any updated immunization records during this time as well. 
For additional information and for blank copies of forms, please visit Department Health Services. Feel free to contact me via phone or email with any questions or concerns. I’m looking forward to a healthy and happy school year! 

Whitney Hornberger
(214) 780-4120
First Day & Newcomers Guide and Student Handbook
Please see our First Day & Newcomers Guide for helpful resources, arrival and dismissal procedures, cafeteria information, and more!

You can also reference our Student Handbook for even more information about school policies and procedures.
Please remember to follow our carpool map!
Bulldog Library Student Services

Getting library books and resources to our Bulldogs is top priority for the library while also reopening in the safest manner possible. When we start in-person learning, students will not visit the library individually; instead the library will come to the Bulldogs!

The library is offering Concierge Service for our on-site learners and Curbside Pickup for our virtual-learners. We hope to move to less restrictive procedures as the year progresses, but for now, we look forward to providing these new, unique services to our readers!
available to our on-site learners

If you would like to checkout books and have them delivered to you, please complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Destiny Library Catalog to place books on hold. View this video for a refresher on how to place holds.
  2. Wait patiently for your books to arrive. Once your hold is received, the library staff will pull available books and prepare them for delivery. You may HOLD up to 6 books but will receive up to 3.
  3. A special delivery will arrive to your classroom.
  4. Read.
  5. Return.
  6. Repeat.
available to our remote learners

If you would like to checkout books and do a curbside pickup, please complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Destiny Library Catalog to place books on hold. View this video for a refresher on how to place holds.
  2. Please complete this form to alert the library staff that you have placed books on hold. You may HOLD up to 6 books.
  3. A member of the library staff will contact you to schedule a pickup time when your books are ready.
  4. Come to the front of the school at your scheduled time. A member of the library staff will place your books in your backseat or trunk.
  5. Read.
  6. Repeat. Books may be returned during the next pickup.
Book It for Boone!
It’s time for our fall fundraiser!  Book It For Boone kicks off this Friday, September 11th and runs until Thursday, September 24th.  Please join us for a sweet adventure in reading! More information will come home with your children on Friday. More information will also be on the PTO website later this week.

Please contact Kelley Curtin, Book It For Boone Chair, with any questions at
Celebrate our first Spirit Day on Friday!
Whether you are learning in-person or at home, wear light blue, gold, or a Boone shirt to celebrate our first Spirit Day this Friday!

Spirit wear from BSSU will be coming home on September 25th! We can't wait!
Announcing a New Social Emotional Learning Curriculum!
Hi! I am Annabelle Fleig, the Boone Counselor. We are excited to announce the adoption of a new SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) curriculum in the district! School-wide, we will focus on different character traits on a monthly basis with lessons and activities tailored to the different grade levels. Our first character trait for August and September is courage. Your student’s teacher will be using resources through Purposefull People to begin conversations and exploration of what courage is and how we can utilize it on a daily basis. I’ll also have on-going family conversation starters and home based activities I will share on my counselor corner website and through the weekly update. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Annabelle Bass Fleig
Introducing Boone's School Resource Officer
Dear Boone Elementary Families,
I just want to take a moment of your time to introduce myself and tell a you little about me. My name is Richard McCann. I am married with 4 children, and this will be my first year at HPISD and Boone Elementary. Prior to coming to HPISD, I was a Deputy Sheriff with the Dallas County Sheriff's Office for 30 years. I was assigned to the Patrol Division in 1996, and I worked in Sunnyvale as a Patrol Deputy from 2008 until I retired on August 31st, 2020. Sunnyvale is a close knit community as is Highland Park, and I was closely involved in town and school functions that included student and parent interaction.
As your Boone Elementary Officer, I will perform a variety of roles, including that of law enforcement, problem solving, being a positive role model, and most importantly, assisting in providing a safe environment so every child has the greatest opportunity to learn and grow. I am looking forward to working with your children, the school staff, and you.
With kind regards,
Richard McCann
Volunteer for Morning Drop Off!
We need 4 to 6 dads to volunteer as “Drop Off Directors” each morning to help direct traffic, students, and parents during school drop off. Social Distancing rules will be in effect, and there will not be door opening at this time, but help with the arrival process is greatly needed. Dads from each grade will be responsible for one week each month:
  • First Grade Dads will be responsible for the first week of the month (first Monday)
  • Second Grade Dads will be responsible for the second week of the month (second Monday)
  • Third Grade Dads will be responsible for the third week of the month (third Monday)
  • Fourth Grade Dads and Kindergarten Dads will share the fourth week (fourth Monday)
  • The Dad’s Club Board will cover any fifth weeks (November and March)

Sign up to volunteer here.
Attendance Information
If your child will be absent (whether virtual or in-person), please email both your teacher and our front office at and let us know the reason for the absence so we can mark it as excused or unexcused accordingly. If we do not hear from you, the absence will be marked as unexcused. Thank you for helping us keep accurate attendance records!
Check out the Boone 2020-21 Directory
All Boone families who purchased a PTO membership have been given access to DirectorySpot. If you do not have access and want to join the PTO, please join on the PTO website at

Please send any edits to so we can correct them promptly. If you do not have access and would like to review your data, email us and we will share the data we have for you.

If you are a new DirectorySpot user (or forgot your password), follow these instructions:
1.   Download the DirectorySpot App on your device*
2.   Click Reset Password at the bottom
3.   You will receive an email to update your password
4.   Return to the App and enter your email and password to gain access
5.   Email with any issues

*If you subscribe to more than one directory (e.g. MIS, HPHS, etc.), please be sure you have selected the correct directory once you have signed into the app.

Login on the DirectorySpot website using the same password as the app and click on Download PDF's to save or print a copy of the directory. Lists are also available by grade and by class.
Bulldog Creed
These words will serve as our school creed that we will recite each day:

I am a Boone Bulldog.  
I will persevere through challenges.  
I will be accountable for my choices.  
I will be willing to grow.  
I will serve those around me.
Bravo from the Boone Bulldogs!
Thank you to BSSU Chair, Paul Caraballo, for finishing up all of our BSSU reports! He did a great job sorting through tons of data and putting it in a helpful format for us.

Thank you to Room Parent Chairs, Jen Clifton and Julie Rado, for training our Room Parents, and thanks to all of our Room Parents for attending and hitting the ground running with September class newsletters!

Thank you to Yearbook Chairs, Carrie Hamilton and Emily Purcell, for attending the Room Parent Orientation meeting, and for getting started on the yearbook, especially in such a crazy year with so many variables up in the air!
Thank you to Cafeteria Volunteer Chair, Lyndal Greth, and Cafeteria Finance Officer, Mary Margaret Neff, for continuing to do so much work to get our cafeteria volunteers ready for our first week!
Thank you to VSP Chair, Cassie Carnahan, for doing so much research this summer on a new system for us and getting our cafeteria shifts ready to go in our new system. Stay tuned for more information about this new platform!

Thank you to Signage & Displays Chair, Lauren Henderson, for making signs for all of our teachers to use during dismissal.

Thank you to Website Chair, Meredith Turner, for continuing to make weekly updates to our PTO website to keep it up-to-date for all of us!

Thank you to the Boone PTO Board of Directors for attending our first (virtual) monthly meeting this week and keeping us all going!
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