4-Ways to Digitize Your Life and Save

Technology evolves and improves seemingly every time you blink. From apps to virtual reality and voice assistants to robots, technology affords us the ability to make life easier so we can enjoy what matters most to us. And when it comes to managing finances, digitizing your life can actually have a bonus effect on your wallet.

Here are a few ways modern technology can aide your bottom line;

#1. Make your home smarter. Enhancing your home life with smart products can save you time, energy and money. For example, by switching to a smart thermostat, which can turn on and off when you need to, you'll save up to $145 a year.

#2. Cut the cord. The average cable bill per household is around $99 per month, and most people only watch a handful of those channels. A one-time purchase of a media streaming device costs about the same as a single month of cable. Subscribe to your favorites and you can save around $1,000 a year.

#3. Trade in your old tech for cash . Have some old phones and tablets lying around? They could be worth a couple of hundred bucks. Many internet trade-in sites and retail stores will offer gift cards and even free shipping for your old tech.

#4. Take charge of your spending (and saving). Alive offers great digital tools and services like Home Banking, Online Bill Pay, Mobile Check Deposits, Mobile Apps- which work hard for you and your bottom line. 
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Building an Emergency Fund

Ben Franklin once declared, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Yet, equally enlightening are his thoughts on expenses: “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.”

And there are plenty of “leaks” that can scuttle an already-tight budget. For instance, a spouse idled by the sour economy, a fender bender with the family car, or an unexpected hospitalization. That’s why financial advisors recommend that you have a rainy-day fund—enough liquid assets to cover three to six months’ worth of emergency living expenses. In case of financial emergency, access to additional money will save you from relying on credit cards or loans that simply compound the problem.

When starting an emergency fund, here are a few tips to abide by:

1. Determine what amount is best for you. Most experts agree that you should keep between three and six months worth of your living expenses set aside in your emergency fund. Your specific situation – whether you have children, carry substantial debt and types of insurance coverage you have – will determine what amount is best for you. Examine your situation — your income and your needs — to decide how much you should save.

2. Start small. Starting an emergency fund can be as simple as depositing $100 into your savings account. But before you begin, be sure that you’re meeting your basic living expenses. And as you build your emergency fund, be sure you’re also reducing your spending and avoiding debt.

3. Stick to a schedule. Get into the habit of making regular deposits. Whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, create a schedule and stick to it. Once you make saving automatic, you won’t even have to think about it.

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