The Brain is the
 YOUR Brain - ALL Brains 

The only place this information is typically being taught and disclosed is in the war colleges and training for special operations. Most people have no idea or clue about brain control, and would label this information "conspiracy theory" if told about it.
Right now there is a major international war being fought in the human brain, and the human brain is the new battleground. Using this new highly technical and secret brain tech for waging warfare - entire nations can be “captured". The masses can be adequately mind-controlled without them being able to know of this weapon system or even mount any mass resistance. 

Resistance is controlled, remotely. 

The mind control tech will create assassins among the populations.

The goal is to neutralize, and even, if possible, remove the human soul and any conscience that will prevent an elite set of rulers from attaining “their” goals. Their goal is to take over the world and create a one-world New World Order Globalist system. 

The Great RESET we are hearing about is much more then controlling resources, economies, currencies, and bringing in sustainable development to reduce green house gas emissions - the real agendas are not entirely UN Agendas 2020 2021 2030 or 2050. While the UN Agendas are secret genocide policies, to con the people while the real agenda's goal is to take over our minds. At least to take over the few minds left after the purge.

The Dealt cults or Cabal rulers are thinning the herd - depopulation!

This new war involves spraying chemicals in the atmosphere (aka "Chemtrails") - ionization and plasmatization of the atmosphere as a new high tech radar system that can stop flying objects (missiles, aircraft, etc.) but can also be used (and is presently being used) to shape public expectations. That is why folks see the sky glow sometimes and see a glare never before noticed. This ionization is done by orbital satellites as well as ground means (such as HAARP and other ionosphere "heaters").
Brain warfare uses sophisticated bioweapons and remote psychotronic weapons. Typically, the remote inductive psychotronic weapons are not being discussed, in detail, nor the use of nano-biological weapons because they are being deployed in current operations inside the USA and other nations.

Then there is Weather Weapons - Cern - Starlink - A.I. 
and Digital Control of Everything 
James Giordano has been called "Dr. Evil" by some researchers who have followed his career and teachings. 

See for yourselves the evil that lurks within Brain Warfare.
Dr James Giordano, Targeted Individuals Surveillance Neuroweapons, Directed Energy Weapons (short video 5:57)
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Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities and Risks - of Neuro weapons (1 hour 11 minutes)  
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