Happy New Year and Happy 100th Birthday to The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design friends and supporters!
This year we celebrate a milestone at the Branch House--it's our 100th anniversary of the completion of this incredible building. 

Our celebration officially starts this Thursday, January 10th, when portraits of John Kerr Branch and Beulah Gould Branch by artist, Philip Alexius de László will be unveiled and begin their year long residency in the Branch House.

Also, our Centennial Lecture Series starts on the 10th with our first lecture from Caroline Rennolds Milbank, fashion historian and Branch Family descendant. H ave you purchased you Centennial Lecture Series tickets yet? If you become a subscriber, you get $20 in savings on individual ticket purchases.

We have so much more coming as well, stay tuned as we roll our our Centennial Events and Programs throughout 2019!
Penelope C. Fletcher
Executive Director
Bringing John and Beulah Home
Portrait of John K. Branch
Portrait of Beulah Branch
Two very special portraits are being unveiled next week at our first centennial lecture with Caroline Rennolds Milbank. Both portraits by artist, Philip Alexius de László of subjects, John Kerr Branch and Beulah Gould Branch will be on display throughout 2019 in our Library.

This year will be the first time these portraits will be on display together as they are graciously on loan from Branch Family descendants, Marjorie Greville a nd Margaret Chace.

Artist, Philip de László, following a meteoric rise to recognition in his native Hungary, settled in Britain in 1907 and became the leading portrait-painter in the country—taking over from John Singer Sargent. Marrying into the Guiness family, he painted members of almost every royal family in Europe and very many more of its Who’s Who. 

Philip de László wrote in 1936, “the picture must show us the spirit by which the human form is vitalised…it must provide the sitter with the surroundings and atmosphere which are suitable to his personality and consistent with his state of life”.

We hope you come see these wonderful portraits this year in person at The Branch House!
Our Centennial Lecture Series Begins next week
This lecture series revolves around the work of John Russell Pope, architect of the Branch House and the history of the Branch Family and their legacy. The series includes 5 incredible lectures by notable scholars that occur January-May this year.

Caroline Rennolds Milbank, January 10th, 6:30 p. m
A Grand Tour of the 1880s: Beulah’s Adventures in Art (and Romance)
Caroline Rennolds Milbank, a fashion historian and author, will speak about her ancestor Beulah Gould Branch as a young woman travelling abroad for the first time. From Beulah’s diaries and letters home come tales of adventure, danger, a growing passion for art, history and even flirtation.

James B. Garrison, February 21st, 6:30 p.m.
The Branch House and John Russell Pope’s Inspirations from England
James Garrison, an architect with over 35 years of experience in historic preservation will speak about the important role of The Branch House in Richmond’s history as well as its importance for the legacy of its architect John Russell Pope.  Garrison’s work has included research and restoration work on many National Historic Landmark structures including the National Gallery of Art and several state capitols. He is the author of “Mastering Tradition, The Residential Architecture of John Russell Pope.”

Robert Winthrop, March 14th, 6:30 p.m.
The Branch Family and the Meanings of Monument Avenue to Its Original Residents
Twenty-first century Richmonders struggle with Monument Avenue’s meaning. The street has always sent different signals to different communities. Early residents saw both the future and the past in its composition.

Susan Piedmont-Palladino, April 25th, 6:30 p.m.
Drawing toward the World:  Otto Eggers and the National Gallery of Art
Susan Piedmont-Palladino, Director of Virginia Tech’s Washington Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC), and a consulting curator and writer with the National Building Museum in Washington will speak about Otto Eggers—a partner of John Russell Pope. Eggers was another outstanding professional involved in the design and execution of The Branch House. Pope’s partner, Eggers completed the National Archives, the Jefferson Memorial and the West Building of the National Gallery of Art commissions after Pope’s death in 1937.

Susan J. Rawles, Ph.D., May 30th, 6:30 p.m.
Decadent Digs: Gilded Age Bedrooms, 1880-1920
From the 1880s Aestheticism of VMFA’s Worsham-Rockefeller bedroom to the 1910s neoclassicism of Beulah Branch’s boudoir, the Gilded Age was remarkable for an eclecticism reflective of both technological advances and socio-economic change. This talk considers the content and context of patronage and taste that shaped elite bedrooms of the era.

Join us for a Branch House Centennial Tour!
Join The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design for an architectural tour of its historic home, the Branch House. See rooms rarely opened to the public and discover the distinctive architectural features that make this Tudor-Revival home, designed by renowned architect John Russell Pope, an important historic and cultural landmark.

Centennial House Tours: $10 per person; free for members
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